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Cost Support Relief Plan ANG 254 million for first 3 months

PHILIPSBURG - Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion and his team, with the information and recommendations gathered by the ESFs and their relevant teams and task forces, prepared a Support Relief Plan (SRP) costing ANG 254 million for the first 3 months.

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State of Emergency: Island on 24/7 lockdown for 2 weeks

PHILIPSBURG - Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs declared the state of emergency for St. Maarten on Saturday. The measure goes into force on Sunday, April 5, for a period of two weeks. Nobody will be allowed to be on the road, or even near a public...

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The far-reaching consequences of the state of emergency

PHILIPSBURG - The state of emergency has far-reaching consequences for the civil rights of St. Maarten's inhabitants. The national decree that declared the state of emergency refers rather casually to article 112 of the Constitution, but that...

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What about testing? Like St. Barths

With the declaration of a state of emergency Saturdaynight during the Prime Minister's online press briefing the island is on lockdown 24/7, effectively a police state for two weeks. While the purpose of this shutdown is clearly understood,...

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New York Times foresees "months of duress and uncertainty”

Photo caption: Holland House Beach Hotel also completely shutdown as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. See the photo reportage and read the New York Times article about the impact on the Caribbean hospitality sector and the tourism industry.

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The unmeasurable tradeoffs

Dear Editor, Decision makers in our islands are going to be challenged with tradeoffs that have better medical assurances on the one hand and quicker economic recovery on the other hand. Both sides of this tradeoff are currently unpredictable...

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The Golden Guilder

By Terrance Rey ~ On St. Maarten, banks and the government are advising the general population to use guilders as much as possible, as a way to save dollars. I agree wholeheartedly with this advice. Here is why. When the dollars stop flowing into ...

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THE economy opportunity of the moment

By Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ In these difficult times when we know that economic hardships have to be countered and solutions need to be found, there are realistic opportunities. There is one development model that may be the solution to contribute to...

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Update from the Prime Minister: SMMC receives medical aid

Update Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs & SMMC Receives Medical Equipment from the Netherlands for St. Maarten Philipsburg-St. Maarten is now the recipient of the much-needed medical equipment sent this morning on the Military C 17 aircraft, from...

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Dutch fly in medical assistance

PHILIPSBURG - A C-17 transport plane has arrived in St. Maarten with emergency aid and equipment to treat corona-patients in the Caribbean part of the kingdom. The supplies and the equipment are not exclusively for patients in St. Maarten, but...

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NAGICO encourages clients to use their online services

GREAT BAY - Given the rapid spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 in our region, the health and safety of the population is of paramount importance. With this in mind, NAGICO Insurances is encouraging our clients to make use of our online services...

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Ministers and MPs agree to salary reduction

MINISTERS & PARLIAMENTARIANS AGREE TO SALARY REDUCTION IN SOLIDARITY INITIATIVE ~ Liquidity support 2019 becoming a reality ~ PHILIPSBURG - Current and previous Ministers back initiative to support island recovery with a ten percent salary cut....

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Doran takes back authority to issue certificates of conduct

PHILIPSBURG - Shortly before he left office Minister of Justice Jurendy Doran, currently minister of public housing, urban planning, environment and infrastructure (VROMI) issued a decree that revokes the mandate of the Chief Prosecutor for...

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Detainees in the Netherlands transferred back to St. Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - St. Maarten was made aware that the Netherlands would be returning three of the detainees on March 28, 2020, who were transferred to the Netherlands due to the state that the Pointe Blanche prison was in after Hurricane Irma. During ...

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Senior diabetics complain about SZV and Medicosmetics

PHILIPSBURG - Medicosmetics provides faulty testers for people suffering from diabetes, the Antipoverty Platform and the Consumers Coalition said through their spokesman Drs. Raymond Jessurun at a press conference last week Thursday. SZV...

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Pandemic drives up food prices on St. Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - Price increases in supermarkets trigger a storm of complaints on social media. Food shoppers post pictures of items that cost a lot less two weeks ago than they do now. "They are killing us with these prices," one customer writes....

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Jessurun: Important to boost people's immune system

PHILIPSBURG - Poor people in St. Maarten run a high risk of contracting severe symptoms of the corona-virus (COVID-19) according to Drs. Raymond Jessurun of the St. Maarten Anti-Poverty Platform and the St. Maarten Consumers Coalition. Jessurun...

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Hospital admissions continue to flatten as tests ramped up

The Netherlands has again reported a flattening rate of hospital admissions for coronavirus, the public health institute RIVM said on Monday in its latest update. A further 260 people have been admitted to hospital, taking the total number of...

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Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know

We've collected our main articles about coronavirus in the Netherlands into one place, to make it easier for you to find the information you need. And do please feel free to share your questions, comments and ideas with us so we can continue to...

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Six new intensive care beds on SXM to be operational by...

The six intensive care beds that were delivered with a Dutch military C-17 aircraft on Sunday afternoon will be operational as of Monday, April 6, said Head of the Public Health Department Fenna Arnell during a press conference on Sunday. This...

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French side COVID-19 active cases rise to 19 as army arrives

Two more coronavirus COVID-19 cases were reported Sunday by the Préfecture and regional health agency ARS bringing total active cases on the French side to 19. The two new cases are confined to their homes bringing the total cases isolated at...

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Koos Sneek: Law for return to Democracy on Statia should ...

8SharesOranjestad, St. Eustatius- DP party prominent and former Commissioner Koos Sneek feels that the law for the grandual return to Democracy on St. Eustatius should not be adopted by parliament. Sneek expresses his opinion in a lengthy letter, ...

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Sint-Maarten op totale lockdown: Medische hulp onderweg

PHILIPSBURG - Het eiland Sint-Maarten is vanwege het coronavirus sinds zondag officieel in lockdown. Dat betekent dat de 'avondklok' 24 uur per dag geldt, twee weken lang. Ook de supermarkten zijn voor in ieder geval de komende week dicht. De...

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Totale shutdown op Sint Maarten

Van een onzer verslaggeefsters Philipsburg - In een reactie op de razendsnelle verspreiding van het coronavirus op Sint Maarten heeft de premier van het land, Silveria Jacobs, afgelopen zaterdag een totale shutdown afgekondigd. Alles op Sint...

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Pandemie drijft de prijzen van voedsel op op Sint Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - Prijsstijgingen in de supermarkten zorgen voor een storm van klachten op social media. Food shoppers plaatsen foto's van items die twee weken geleden een stuk minder kostten dan nu. 'Ze nekken ons met deze prijzen', schrijft een...

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Veel militairen voor grensbewaking

Rhuggenaath: Geen militaire acties tegen Venezuela vanaf Curaçao Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - De opvallende aanwezigheid van Nederlandse militairen op Curaçao heeft niets te maken met de anti-drugsoperatie in de regio die de Verenigde ...

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Zorgen over toename huiselijk geweld

Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Koepelorganisatie Aliansa maakt zich grote zorgen over een toename van huiselijk geweld nu iedereen gedwongen wordt binnen te blijven. Jeanne Henriquez van Aliansa stelt dat het mogelijk is toch hulp te...

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