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Reforming politicians

By Hilbert Haar ~ The amendments to election-related ordinances proposed by Sint Maarten Christian Party leader Wycliffe Smith seamlessly solve the existing conflicts between these ordinances and the constitution. Article 59 of the constitution...

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Amendments sync election ordinances with Constitution

PHILIPSBURG - Rather than come up with a comprehensive package for electoral reform, MP Wycliffe Smith, in his role as caretaker prime minister, already suggested amendments to the Election Ordinance and the National Ordinance Registration and...

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Tax inspectorate issues hundreds of warrants

PHILIPSBURG - During the last three months of the year, bailiffs of the tax inspectorate issued more than 1,400 warrants to private citizens and businesses whose fiscal obligations apparently are not current. The warrants all have one line in...

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Tax fugitives

By Hilbert Haar ~ The National Gazette reads these days as a manual for tax payers on the run. Hundreds of pages in the government's official publication are dedicated to the listing of companies and private citizens that have outstanding taxes and..

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Terrance Rey Talking Politics with Arun Jagtiani

PHILIPSBURG - On Thursday, December 19, 2019, well-known celebrity real estate agent, Arun Jagtiani, announced that he had partnered with Cani TV, owned by French television producer, Joel Ayuk, to produce season 2 of "Talking Politics with Arun...

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"Vote against ship jumpers and those who join them!"

PHILIPSBURG - During the Ad Hoc Committee meeting on Electoral Reform on November 7, 2019, the former SMCP Faction Leader, MP Claude 'Chacho' Peterson first proposed that "No coalition should be formed with ship jumpers". During his speech former ...

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Sint Maarten is fertile ground for ship jumping

Dear Editor, We all agree that ship jumping is a major problem in Sint Maarten . It seems to me that it is worthwhile to find out why ship jumping does not occur to the same extent in other jurisdictions in which multi party options are available ...

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Why (Which) Language of Instruction is Critical ...

Dear Editor, I have always argued that a sound education policy should be based on "a triad of effective teachers, involved parents, and committed students working from a curriculum explicitly designed to mold the whole child (physically,...

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Kenepa Garden Estate completes infrastructural milestones

To hold open house December 30th ~ CUL DE SAC - Kenepa Garden Estate, a new private residential development by M&M Development N.V., marks a milestone this month with the completion of its infrastructural targets, including the installation of...

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Governor's Christmas Message 2019

BUILDING OUR FUTURE BY THE LIGHT OF THE LOVE OF CHRISTMAS By H.E. drs. Eugene B. Holiday Governor of Sint Maarten My Fellow Sint Maarteners, I bring you warm greetings for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite Holiday. It is as the carol tells us:...

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Prime Minister Jacobs Christmas Holiday Message

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs Hon. Silveria Jacobs issued her Christmas Holiday Message to the nation on Sunday. The message reads as follows: "My fellow St. Maarteners and visitors to our beautiful...

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A Publication Series
A lousy day in Downtown Philipsburg

GREAT BAY - The decrease in cruise ship arrivals in St. Maarten is clearly felt by businesses in Philipsburg. Since November 1st, the start of the tourist high season, fewer of the mega-sized cruise ships have docked in St. Maarten. Relatively...

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Businesses in Philipsburg struggle to survive

GREAT BAY - After a slow start of the tourist high season, several stores and restaurants in Philipsburg have trouble paying this month's rent. Earlier this year Port St. Maarten and the tourism authorities announced that St. Maarten is seeing 'a ...

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Hustled and harassed in Philipsburg

GREAT BAY - To visit Philipsburg today is to see how the declining benefits of cruise tourism and lack of government support have turned the city into a hustlers' arena. Hundreds of street advertisers and vendors, many of them illegal immigrants, ...

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Police reports of incidents over the Christmas holidays

PHILIPSBURG - The St. Maarten Police Force (KPSM) issued a press release on Thursday, December 27, 2019, with reports on several incidents that took place over the Christmas holidays. Man showed up at the Medical Center with a gunshot wound A man ...

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Former PM Wycliffe Smith feels St. Maarten needs stability

PHILIPSBURG: --- Former Prime Minister Wycliffe Smith also the leader of St. Maarten Christian Party (SMCP) feels that St. Maarten needs stability now more than ever since the coalition government he was part of did almost all the groundwork for...

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Tien jaar geen toezicht op notarissen Sint-Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - Burgers die klachten over notarissen willen indienen als zij vinden dat deze zich niet aan de regels hebben gehouden, kunnen niet bij de Kamer van Toezicht op het Notariaat terecht. Deze is namelijk niet actief want sinds 2010 heeft ...

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