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Jetair now serving St. Maarten and Curacao twice weekly

PHILIPSBURG - From Princess Juliana International Airport to Hato Airport in Curaçao in an hour and twenty minutes. This is now possible twice a week with Jetair Caribbean. Jetair flies a Fokker 70 between Curaçao and St. Maarten on Wednesdays...

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Civil Servants Right to Freedom of Speech
Does a Facebook-rant justify disciplinary measures?

PHILIPSBURG - Peggy Ann Dros-Richardson, since time immemorial head of the Labor Department is in some serious trouble after she ranted about her job in a Facebook-video. The government has issued a warning letter and demands a public apology by...

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The right to freedom of expression for civil servants

PHILIPSBURG - Where does the right to freedom of expression of civil servants begin and where does it stop? That question becomes relevant in the wake of the Facebook-rant by the head of the labor department, Peggy Ann Dros-Richardson....

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Jacobs unaware of freedom of speech rules for civil servants

PHILIPSBURG - Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said during Wednesday's Council of Ministers press briefing in a reaction to the row over a Facebook-video published by the head of the labor department, Peggy Ann Dros-Richardson that she had not yet...

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Tempest in a teapot

By Hilbert Haar ~ Towards the end of January a Facebook-video published by labor department head Peggy Ann Dros-Richardson upset the government so much that it issued her a warning letter and demanded a public apology. She refused - and rightly so...

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Plan for deposit guarantee regulation: too little, too late

PHILIPSBURG - The Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) has presented the governments of both countries with a draft national ordinance aimed to establish a deposit guarantee regulation. Such a measure would protect the deposits of...

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Protect Your Money

By Hilbert Haar ~ When Girobank accountholders in Curacao panicked and started a run on the bank, the Central Bank was quick to point out that all deposits up to 10,000 guilders (just over $5,500) were safe and that this meant that more than 90%...

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Lion's share of Central Bank profits stays in Curacao

PHILIPSBURG - The Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten is doing well but most of the profits from its healthy bottom line stay in Curacao. Between 2011 and 2018 - the last year of which audited data are available - accumulated profits amounted ...

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MP Re-elect Drs. Rodolphe Samuel wishes to thank all who voted him back into Parliament.
Rodolphe Samuel is Committed to Serve - Court News & Opinion
Prison time looms for parliamentarian Frans Richardson

PHILIPSBURG - The Court in First Instance sentenced Member of Parliament Frans Richardson, leader of the United St. Maarten party (USp) on Wednesday to 36 months of imprisonment for accepting $370,000 in bribes in return for his political support ...

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Nothing is going to stop the carnival

By Hilbert Haar ~ The court rulings in the Emerald-case against USp-leader Frans Richardson, former port-director Mark Mingo and Checkmate Security director O'Neal Arrindell mark a turning point in the history of St. Maarten-made corruption.

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Use of drones prohibited from No Fly Zones

PHILIPSBURG - The Department of Civil Aviation informs the public that with the implementation of the Ministerial Regulation limiting the use of RPAS/UAS or drones, there are zones now established where drone flights are prohibited, so-called No...

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A reason for flying on a private charter

by Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ One of the reasons why people prefer to fly on a private charter are the typical inconveniences of flying scheduled commercially. A good longtime friend of mine, Prissy, prefers to fly private. But, when her son is flying...

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Valya Pantophlet new Head of Economy, Transport & Telecom

Philipsburg-After having served as the Head of the Department of Economic Licenses for the last 6 years, Valya Pantophlet has now moved on to head the division of Economy, Transport & Telecommunication (ETT). The division of ETT is tasked with...

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What will we learn from the cruise townhall meeting?

PHILIPSBURG - Port St. Maarten hosted a town hall meeting on Tuesday at its home-porting terminal in Pointe Blanche with experts from the cruise industry. The meeting aimed to share knowledge and stimulate greater awareness about the industry....

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Impress for success

By Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ Customers are opinion multipliers, both in a positive and a negative sense. They pass on positive and negative perceptions to others by word of mouth. When negative, it can be destructive. When positive, it is preciously...

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Lions and Asses

by Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I had to it read again. Then I looked at his picture and gave it another inspection. Almost everyone knows the portrait that I'm referring to. ...

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Jetair bedient nu St. Maarten en Curaçao...

met vluchten twee keer per week op de zondag en de woensdag. PHILIPSBURG/WILLEMSTAD - In een uur en twintig minuten van Princess Juliana International Airport naar luchthaven Hato op Curaçao. Dat kan nu twee keer per week met Jetair Caribbean. Op ...

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Gevangenisstraffen in Emerald II

Philipsburg - Het Gerecht in Eerste Aanleg van Sint Maarten heeft woensdag 29 januari 2020 de voormalige CEO van het Havenbedrijf Sint Maarten veroordeeld tot een gevangenisstraf van 46 maanden wegens valsheid in geschrift en oplichting van het...

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Caribbean Business Hub ondernemers: "Samen sterk"

DEN HAAG - Vrijdag 31 januari vond de nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst van Caribbean Business Hub plaats bij Het Kabinet van de gevolmachtigde Minister R. Violenus van Sint Maarten in Den Haag. De bijeenkomst stond in het teken van het bevorderen van...

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Depositogarantieregeling komt voor velen te laat

PHILIPSBURG - De Centrale Bank van Curacao en Sint Maarten (CBCS) heeft de regeringen van beide landen een ontwerp verordening voorgelegd voor de vaststelling van een depositogarantieregeling. Deze maatregel beschermt de tegoeden van...

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Bescherm Uw Geld

Door Hilbert Haar ~ Toen door paniek bevangen Girobank rekeninghouders in Curacao een stormloop op de bank ontketenden was de Centrale Bank er als de kippen bij om duidelijk te maken dat alle tegoeden tot een bedrag van 10,000 gulden (iets meer dan..

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Verdachten te lang in politiecellen: geen plek voor ....

PHILIPSBURG - Het Europese Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens (EHRM) geeft het koninkrijk opnieuw een tik op de vingers vanwege detentieomstandigheden op Sint-Maarten. Er is weer een verdachte langer dan de toegestane tien dagen vastgezet in een...

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