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'Government needs to ensure that forensic care is available'

PHILIPSBURG - An urgent letter to the Prime Minister has resulted in the establishment of the Taskforce Forensic Care. In the letter, the Public Prosecution Service, Point Blanche Prison, Turning Point and the Mental Health Foundation raise the...

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Restrictions to hire foreign workers
Labour Minister talks about work permit policy and abuse

"We don't need data for it because we can see it." says Minister Pamela Gordon-Carty on the issue of work permit policy and abuse. PHILIPSBURG - Members of parliament agreed about one thing during Monday afternoon's debate about Labor Minister...

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Former Minister Emil: New policies should be based on facts

PHILIPSBURG - "New policies should be based on facts on consultation with stakeholders such as the labor tripartite and higher councils such as the Social Economic Council (SER)," former Minister of Public Health, Social Affairs and Labor (VSA)...

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IMF: "Remove restrictions to hire foreign workers"

Obscure Labor Tripartite Consensus Document from 2016 surfaces in new work permit policy debate ~ PHILIPSBURG - When representatives of employers, unions and government signed the Labor Tripartite Consensus Document on August 30, 2016, St....

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SHTA Calls for Immediate Revocation of New Permit Policy

PHILIPBURG - The Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) calls for an immediate revocation of the new "Policy on issuance of Labor Permits", as was published last Friday February 7th in the National Gazette. The policy change is...

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MP Wescot-Williams: Where does NESC fit in?

MP Sarah Wescot-Williams: VSA Minister's Decision Regarding Work Permits is Haphazard and Uncoordinated. PHILIPSBURG - MP Wescot: "Where does this National Employment Service Center fit in the legal organization of the country? The announcement...

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Will Minister Gordon's new work permit policy do any good?

By Hilbert Haar ~ Minister Pamela Gordon-Carty is not the first one to come up with measures to protect the local labor market. Her work permit policy that went into effect on February 7 has met with instant resistance from employers organizations...

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Following procedures the new norm?

It is very interesting to hear members of parliament rail against the new work permit policy imposed by Minister Pamela Gordon-Cary, citing lack of following procedures and lack of consultations with other government entities and stakeholders....

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The Public Prosecutor's Office makes early releases public

PHILIPSBURG - Chief Public Prosecutor Mirjam Mol intends to provide explanations on the Public Prosecutor's website whenever a prisoner is allowed to leave Pointe Blanche prison early. "Why this prisoner and not another? I want to show the public ...

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Holland releases and sends back TBR convicted prisoner

PHILIPSBURG - The Dutch government has sent a prisoner from St. Maarten who was put at the disposal of the government and was detained in the Netherlands back to St. Maarten without having received treatment under the measure of jeugd-TBR. 'This...

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Taskforce Forensic Care send urgent letter to Prime Minister

Read the urgent letter from the Public Prosecutor's Office, Point Blanche Prison, Turning Point and the Mental Health Foundation that raises the alarm about the lack of forensic psychiatric expertise, treatment and housing of forensic patients.

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Press Release about formation Taskforce Forensic Care

The urgent letter to the Prime Minister and Justice Minister has resulted in the establishment of a Taskforce Forensic Care. Read the official press release here.

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SZV wins million-dollar court case in appeal, or did it?

PHILIPSBURG - The court of appeals has ordered E's Solutions, a company owned and managed by Eunicio Martina, to repay Social and Health Insurances SZV an amount of 1,757,550 guilders. The implications are that Martina, a former Chef de Cabinet...

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TBO raided Sherrif Security headquarters in RUBY case

PHILIPSBURG - On the morning of Tuesday, February 18, 2020, the Sherrif Security building headquarters was raided and searched by members of the TBO, the Anti-Corruption Taskforce and other law enforcement agencies. According to a press release...

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What's going on?

by Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ Isn't amazing that hardly anyone in a business or office environment really dares to say loudly and openly "Hey, what's going on?" What does that have to do with business or an office? Nothing! What does it have to do with...

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Oddballs are leading entrepreneurs!

by Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ Many executives and managers are like chicken picking around for worms in a chicken coop. However, fat worms are found by the early birds. And those early birds don't pick around in a corral with a fence around it and a roof..

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A reason for flying on a private charter

by Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ One of the reasons why people prefer to fly on a private charter are the typical inconveniences of flying scheduled commercially. A good longtime friend of mine, Prissy, prefers to fly private. But, when her son is flying...

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Parliament at SZV for informative orientation meeting

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - On Friday, February 21, 2020 Members of Parliament participated in an informative meeting with SZV at the offices of SZV at Harbour View, as part of the Orientation for (new) Members of Parliament. The goal of this...

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Complaints about probation office, director promises survey

KRALENDIJK - Stichting Reclassering Caribisch Nederland (SRCN) wants to play in important role in the prevention of criminality on the BES islands, but the clients of the foundation have complaints. "I'm being intimidated by the probation...

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Do you agree with IMF that St. Maarten should “Remove restrictions to hire foreign workers”?
No, I don't know where IMF gets its data from.
No. What or who is IMF to St. Maarten?
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Overheid belooft aan rechter: in 3 maanden overlast weg

ORANJESTAD - In drie maanden is de overlast van de vuilnisbelten Parkietenbos en Ser'i Teishi aangepakt. Die belofte maakte de Arubaanse overheid vanmorgen aan de rechter in de spoedzaak die buurtbewoner Anouk Balentina heeft aangespannen. De...

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