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'Prosecution Service on St. Maarten has known for years...'

PHILIPSBURG - "Those who end up in the mill can be ground through it." That is the view of lawyer Robbert de Bree, who points out that his client JanHendrik Boekaar, dismissed director of Windward Roads is involved in bribery, but did not start it.

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Request for double acquittal in LARIMAR case

PHILIPSBURG - The ten days he spent in the police cell were "horrible," said Ron Elferink, CFO of shipping company Intermar. Along with Intermar owner and CEO George Pelgrim, he is suspected of helping with money laundering. Both should have...

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"Rights Theo Heyliger trampled on by Public Prosecutor"

PHILIPSBURG - Theo Heyliger is prosecuted on the basis of statements by a suspect who is protected by the Public Prosecution and who receives benefits as a crown witness while the legislation of St Maarten does not provide for a crown witness scheme.

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TBO releases press statement and video about LARIMAR case

Prosecutor demands prison time in 'LARIMAR' investigation ~ PHILIPSBURG - The Anti-Corruption Team (TBO, Team Bestrijding Ondermijning) has issued a public statement via the office of the Public Prosecution Service in Bonaire outlining the...

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Prosecutor demands Heyliger be immediately imprisoned

Six years and six months in prison demanded against Theo Heyliger ~ PHILIPSBURG - The Public Prosecutor in the Larimar case demands six years and six months in prison against Theo Heyliger for taking over 3 million dollars in bribes and money...

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Theo Heyliger: 'I never accepted money from Maasdam'

PHILIPSBURG - Defendant in the Larimar case Theo Heyliger remembers that building consultant Ronald Maasdam brought stroopwafels for him from the Netherlands. But envelopes with banknotes, no, he never received them, according to Heyliger....

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Heyliger denies everything

PHILIPSBURG - Bribery-suspect Theo Heyliger denied any wrongdoing during the second day of the Larimar-trial at the Belair Community Center. The denials of the former politician and founder of the United People's party are diametrically opposed...

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"Don't pay Theo? That question did not arise." - UPDATED

PHILIPSBURG - "A deal was a deal," says Ronald Maasdam, crown witness in the Larimar case, about paying bribes to Theo Heyliger and the late Roy Marlin. For years, the Dutch building consultant delivered a newspaper several times a month, with an ...

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UP Board: Prosecutor presents no physical evidence ...

PHILIPSBURG - The board of the United People (UP) party on Monday said that despite months of creating negative and false impressions about its founder Theo Heyliger, the prosecutor's office did not present any physical evidence of wrong-doing by ...

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Larimar-trial: 3 years demand against Maasdam ...

PHILIPSBURG - The public prosecutor demanded a 3-year prison sentence on Monday against Ronald Maasdam, the 66-year old crown witness in the LARIMAR corruption trial. Maasdam implicated the late Roy Marlin and the founder of the United People's...

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Heyliger and four others stand trial in large bribery-case

PHILIPSBURG -- Starting today, Monday, March 9, five defendants are in court for one of the largest bribery scandals in St. Maarten's history. While the charges have yet to be proven, the names of the defendants have inspired the court to handle...

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The crown witness

By Hilbert Haar ~ Did Theo Heyliger get a fair trial? Not according to his attorney Eldon Sulvaran and certainly not according to the United People's party-founder's diehard supporters either. For the defense, crown witness Ronald Maasdam is the...

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Reporting error?

Dear Editor, In your reporting of the Larimar case, in which Mr. Theo Heyliger is accused of corruption by accepting bribes pertaining to various government projects on Sint Maarten. These bribes netted an amount in excess of 3 million USD. The...

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EOC UPDATE: Travel Restrictions to St. Maarten

EOC UPDATE: Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs on Travel Restrictions to St. Maarten (March 15th, 2020) The travel restrictions announced in Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs's second National Address on March 14th, 2020, are hereby further clarified....

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RIVM: 'Don't board a plane to or from the Netherlands' - ...

PHILIPSBURG - Those who have no compelling reason to travel from the Netherlands to one of the islands in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom are advised not to board a plane. The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment ...

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Travel restrictions to St Maarten up from 14 to 21 days

Travel restrictions to the destination stepped-up from 14 to 21 days. EOC to Meet Thursday and MPs to be informed ~ GREAT BAY - The travel restrictions which were issued by the Government of Sint Maarten have now been increased from 14 to...

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Guyana new Consular Offices to be opened

PHILIPSBURG - The Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana will be opening its Consular Offices at the D&B suite of offices (below the law firm) on Cannegieter Street in Philipsburg as of April 1. This was disclosed by the newly-appointed ...

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Kim Lucas appointed as Guyana Honorary Consul to St. Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - The Cooperative Republic of Guyana has appointed Mrs. Kim Lucas as the Honorary Consul to St. Maarten. Guyana is a South American country that forms part of the Caribbean nations. Lucas is the deputy principal for the St. Maarten...

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Pointe Blanche prison remains a major headache

PHILIPSBURG - Inmates at the Pointe Blanche prison have finally had enough. A group of 37 inmates is going to court on Friday, March 20, in an attempt to force the authorities to relocate them to prison facilities in the Netherlands or on...

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'Het Openbaar Ministerie op St. Maarten wist al jaren...'

PHILIPSBURG - "Wie in de molen terecht komt, kan erdoor vermalen worden." Dat stelt advocaat Robbert de Bree, die erop wijst dat zijn client JanHendrik Boekaar, ontslagen directeur van Windward Roads wel betrokken is bij omkoping, maar hier niet...

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Verzoek om dubbele vrijspraak in Larimar case

PHILIPSBURG - De tien dagen die hij in de politiecel doorbracht waren 'verschrikkelijk', zegt Ron Elferink, CFO van shipping company Intermar. Samen met de eigenaar en CEO van Intermar George Pelgrim wordt hij verdacht van hulp bij het witwassen...

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De openbaar aanklager heeft de rechten van Heyliger vertrapt

PHILIPSBURG - Theo Heyliger wordt vervolgd op grond van verklaringen van een verdachte die door het Openbaar Ministerie beschermd wordt en voordeel geniet als kroongetuige terwijl de wetgeving van St. Maarten niet voorziet in een...

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OM eist gevangenisstraffen in zaak "LARIMAR"

PHILIPSBURG - De zaak Larimar gaat over corruptie in Sint Maarten. Het gaat over betalingen van steekpenningen rondom een aantal grote bouwprojecten en het witwassen daarvan. Er zijn verschillende personen bij betrokken. Uitleg over de zaak en de ...

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