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Gordon-Carty objects to liquidity support conditions

PHILIPSBURG - In a statement issued à titre personnel, former Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor has spoken out against the acceptance of the Dutch conditions for liquidity support, saying that she is "deeply baffled" by the...

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The Way Moving Forward for St. Maarten

We are doing a series of articles starting today, Monday, May 25, about the way moving forward for St. Maarten in this corona crisis period and in a post-pandemic era. We asked columnists, letter writers and contributors for their ideas, recommendations and advice.

In this edition, we start with a number of contributions. The first is from our former minister of VSA, who as an accountant and tax auditor, shares some insights with us via her contribution wherein she adamantly says no to the conditions of the Dutch liquidity support. Read her contribution here.

We asked columnist Karel Frielink permission to republish his 2015 advice to Curacao. It is a column called ' Vision'. The vision he describes in his column for Curacao is equally relevant and applicable today to St. Maarten. Read his column online here.

As if he sensed our intentions, businessman and political commentator, Mike Ferrier, sent us a letter to the editor asking " We are all in this together, right?". Therein he also referenced another column wherein we can substitute the word 'Aruba' for 'St. Maarten' and the situation described in that story is equally relevant and applicable to St. Maarten as well. Read his letter online here.


INSIDE St. Maarten Magazine
Feature Article: Is Online Shopping and Delivery Finally Coming to St. Maarten?

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NAGICO Insurances Cannegieter Branch Office Reopened For Business; Encourages Customers to Use Online Services
INSIDE St. Maarten news magazine - The Zero Edition

INSIDE is a new news magazine for St. Maarten INSIDERS with news from INSIDE St. Maarten, including INdepth articles, INteresting INterviews, INtertaining stories and INspiring columns. See one of our articles below here: an INdepth look at ...

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In this article we went INSIDE St. Maarten to see how people experienced the island under the threat of the coronavirus and hunger as a result of the lockdown. Hundreds were without jobs and some even stranded on the island. Read their story here...

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Political storm brewing over "unconditional" letter

PHILIPSBURG - There is a political storm brewing over a letter Minister Plenipotentiary René Violenus sent to State Secretary Raymond Knops on May 20, informing him that St. Maarten has accepted the requirements for liquidity support unconditionally.

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No protection for civil servants against lower salaries

PHILIPSBURG - Now that the government has accepted the Kingdom's conditions for liquidity support, the salaries of civil servants and politicians are up for review: a 25 percent cut in the remuneration of politicians and a 12.5 percent cut for...

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COM dialogue on Dutch loan conditions with Unions

Late Friday afternoon into evening, May 22, 2020, the Council of Ministers met with the unified unions of St. Maarten in order to clarify the proposal made by the Dutch Government and approved by the Kingdom Council on May 15, 2020, related to...

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Collective lowering of salaries is not that simple

By Hilbert Haar ~ PHILIPSBURG - The kingdom's demand that the government lowers the salaries of civil servants by 12.5 percent (as a condition for providing liquidity support) promises to result in a heated debate. The unions have objected and...

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30 May 2015 * Column by Karel Frielink ~ It's a complaint often heard: the government lacks vision. What really is a vision? If it is about a country, in our case the Country of Curacao, a vision is an inspiring picture of the future. It's an...

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We are all in this together, right?

Dear Editor, The spirit of compromise seems to be in short supply these days. A pity really and also a bit baffling. The Coronavirus does not discriminate. With few exceptions, every country, creed or color, must accept that they/we are not safe...

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Pamela Gordon-Carty: No to unconditional proposal

Dear Editor, As former Minister of VSA of the recent interim cabinet, I'm deeply baffled and at the same time saddened at the direction my country Sint Maarten is being driven into. International human rights are to be respected and adhered to by ...

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St. Maarten Weather Updates & Forecasts

St. Maarten Weather Forecast: Sunday to Monday DATE ISSUED: Sunday, May 24, 2020 @ 18:00 LST (22:00 UTC) VALID UNTIL: Monday evening (18:00 LST) May 25, 2020 WEATHER: Tonight through Monday evening: Fair to partly cloudy with a few local showers...

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Fire department issues fire warning due to dry spell

The Fire Department which falls under the Ministry of General Affairs, is calling on the community to be very conscious by not throwing out lighted cigarettes or matches that could result in bush fires in fire-prone areas due to the dry spell...

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Minister of Education: Back To School Advice Exam Students

PHILIPSBURG - The Minister of Education drs. Rodolphe Samuel issued a public statement with words of advice and encouragement for parents and children who will be going back to school on Monday, May 25th, 2020. The minister encourages the parents ...

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CPS strengthens COVID-19 Community Campaign ...

The Collective Prevention Services (CPS), has strengthened its cadre of Community Awareness Volunteers (CAV) with representatives from AMI, the Red Cross, WIEMS, students from AUC, the fire departments from the Airport and the Government as it...

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CPS gives COVID-19 Safety Preventive Measures to workers

The construction sector is one area that could restart works in the week of May 11 phase 1 based on the four-phased de-escalation Economic Re-opening Plan. This was enacted as local COVID-19 transmission numbers came down. Every workplace must...

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State of emergency continues but businesses gradually reopen

PHILIPSBURG - Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs has extended the state of emergency by six weeks by ministerial decree. The six week period ends on June 21. Citizens are allowed to go shopping only on weekdays between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. the curfew...

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Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten have to do what the...

THE HAGUE - The debate on Wednesday is a historic one when it comes to the relationship between the autonomous islands and the Netherlands. Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten will only receive help during the corona crisis, if they accept all of...

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'Frugal four', including the Netherlands, present EU plans

The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden have submitted their own Covid-19 recovery plan to the European Commission as debate over the EU's strategy for offsetting the impact of coronavirus continues. The Netherlands and its partners, known...

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First coronavirus fraud cases in spotlight

Government officials have begun the process of clawing back coronavirus subsidies which were wrongly paid to at least one company, broadcaster NOS said on Saturday. The RVO, the government charged with administering the various schemes, did not...

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Positive coronavirus tests in the Netherlands top 45,000

The number of people testing positive for coronavirus in the Netherlands topped 45,000 on Saturday, as a further 176 people were added to the list kept by the public health insitute RIVM. The official death toll, which only includes people who...

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Again fewer Covid-19 patients in IC wards

The number of people being treated in intensive care wards for coronavirus has fallen to 223, the coordinating agency said on Sunday. At the height of the epidemic the number of coronavirus patients in ICU neared 1,400. A further 499 patients are ...

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Do you have any ideas, proposals or recommendations for St. Maarten?
I can't think if anything right now. But when I do, I will submit them.
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Protesterende ambtenaren op Aruba: 'we willen gehoord...

ORANJESTAD - "We willen gehoord worden, we willen respect", zingen de ambtenaren, leraren en politieagenten in een gezamenlijke demonstratie tegen de bezuinigingen van het Arubaanse kabinet die vooral door de Nederlandse eisen voor hulp, zijn...

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Opinie Aruba: Stel je eens voor...

Stel je eens voor dat je hard gestudeerd hebt, als gevolg daarvan een goed salaris verdient, daarmee een bescheiden cunucuhuisje en een zuinige auto hebt gekocht en zelfs geld overhoudt om te sparen voor leuke dingen of moeilijke tijden.

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Aruba, Curaçao en Sint-Maarten moeten voor hulp doen wat ...

DEN HAAG - Voor de verhoudingen tussen de autonome eilanden en Nederland, is het debat van woensdag historisch te noemen. Aruba, Curaçao en Sint-Maarten worden in de coronacrisis alléén geholpen, als ze steeds alle Nederlandse voorwaarden...

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'Curaçao kan meer uit landbouw halen als de overheid...

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao importeert jaarlijks voor miljoenen aan groenten en fruit uit het buitenland terwijl veel volgens de lokale agrarische sector ook gewoon op het eiland kan worden verbouwd. Alleen moet de overheid dan wel investeren zegt...

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