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How Holland House built back better on its own after Irma

PHILIPSBURG - When Hurricane Irma hit on September 6, 2017, Holland House lost its entire fourth floor to the monster storm. At the time, there were 57 guests staying at the iconic hotel that faces Great Bay Beach, and some of them were able to...

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Marlin questions travel plans former PM Leona Romeo

PHILIPSBURG - Parliament Chairman, William Marlin, said on Monday evening, following the celebrations of Constitution Day, that he is seriously concerned about information reaching him. He said he will either send questions to caretaker Prime...

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Question to Minister Wever about Act. Head stripped of duty

PHILIPSBURG -- Sarah: Assuming that it is a legitimate letter seen on social media, the immediate question would be: why has this action taken against a young local professional? Given the ministry that is involved; the department in question ...

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Constitution Day Message of the Chairman of Parliament

People of Sint Maarten, today we celebrate Constitution Day amid ironically a constitutional crisis caused by a political upheaval created by and within the ranks of the now-former ruling coalition of 8. I am certain that not one of us envisaged...

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Sarah: Government smartly secures unanimous support for...

PHILIPSBURG - The changes to the Criminal Code as submitted by former Minister of Justice, Cornelius de Weever, were passed on Friday, October 11th, unanimously in Parliament. The Civil, Criminal and Criminal Procedure ordinances/amendments were...

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Minister Wever: No civil servant dismissed, false narrative

PHILIPSBURG - Minister of VOMI Christopher Wever on Tuesday said the private and confidential circumstance of a civil servant is being used to create a false narrative in the general public for political gain. The Minister stressed that no civil...

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SHTA: Objective financial evaluation required

Over the past months we have seen on the printed local and social media debates, comments, opinions and partial information on 3 major topics: Financing of the airport, U.S. Pre-clearance and lately the potential privatization of the Ports...

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Bervoets: Let Our Environment Not be an Afterthought ....

Dear Editor, I am no longer a resident of Sint Maarten; I now live on Bonaire. But I am a born and bred St. Maarten man and although I am not physically there, my spirit and my navel string still are. So seeing the cloud that now hangs over my...

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Detective Department investigates second killing in 2 weeks

The detective department is investigating its second killing in the last 2 weeks. The police dispatch received several calls concerning shots being fired on the block in Dutch Quarter around 00.55 am on Saturday morning. Several police patrols,...

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A Tourism News
Statement by CTO Chairman on Organization Restructuring

Over the past two decades, there has been much discussion surrounding the promotion and development of tourism in the Caribbean, the world's most tourism-dependent region. While there have been many visions, plans, papers written and philosophies ...

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Voters asked to update their information at civil registry

PHILIPSBURG - The Civil Registry Department would hereby like to invite all eligible voters in connection with the upcoming parliamentary elections to update their voter information. Citizens are invited to visit the office between Tuesday,...

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Changes to Accepted Payment Methods Have Negative Cons

The business community on St. Maarten is very much concerned with the decision by Management of The Receiver to eliminate the use of all checks as a means of payment. Like it or not, St. Maarten's predominant tool for financial exchange is still ....

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Not going solar: how St. Maarten ignored own energy policy

PHILIPSBURG - On April 24, 2014, the Council of Ministers approved a rather unique document: the National Energy Policy for Country Sint Maarten. The document has an ambitious subtitle: Towards a sustainable development. It looked like the era of ...

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Gov't stonewalls questions about responsibility for looting

PHILIPSBURG - The White and Yellow Cross Foundation's attempts to get answers from the government about who is to blame for the large-scale looting that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Irma in September 2017 have been stonewalled by the...

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