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Shola the Farmer: from the backyard to a full-blown farm

PHILIPSBURG - Farm today or die tomorrow. That was the in-your-face text on a billboard in front of the agricultural ministry in Anguilla several years ago. Agriculture in St. Maarten has always been a bit of a sideshow with a few locals - like...

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Deadline for registration new political parties: October 9th

PHILIPSBURG - The Electoral Council hereby wishes to inform prospective political parties desirous of participating in the upcoming elections on 9 January 2020 that: In view of the fact that postulation date has been set by National Decree...

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Observations by Edwin James

Elections or snap elections on St. Maarten are nothing else than a replay of a horror movie and often with the same actors on the same mission with the same messages to the same masses.


These are all hollow and hilarious phrases that were never fulfilled and chances are they won't again.

Mostly the very same politicians who did not fulfill their promises in the last election they made to you are coming back to the very same voters asking them to elect them into public office again.

1) people wake up and smell the roses and coffee and don't be fooled over and over again.
2) people, history reveals and reminds you if politicians were never for you in the past they won't be this time for you either again.
3) people, many politicians were not there for you in your need and they never heard your pleas and plights so why should you give them your vote?

Be forewarned and foretold:
People should not promote politicians on their poor performances by giving them more pork, power, perks, privileges and positions in government.

To politicians who have been there and did nothing:  NOT MY VOTE!

Observations by Mr. Edwin James News Review
Minister Geerlings: "I don't need publicity stunts."

POND ISLAND - The Minister of Finance Perry Geerlings on Monday took note of an article attributed to the Sint Maarten Consumers Coalition with respect to the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) between Social and Health Insurances (USZV) Chief...

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A Political News
Brison: Wescot-Williams failed SXM on electoral reform

PHILIPBURG - MP Sarah Wescot-Williams has failed St. Maarten in her capacity of Chairlady of the Electoral Reform Committee and is now making disingenuous statements about the subject of electoral reform to cover her failures and shift blame. So...

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MHF presents Happiness Event on October 10th

The Mental Health Foundation is proud to present the first edition of the Happiness Event! On Thursday, October 10th from 4.30 PM to 8 PM you're welcome at the Cultural Center in town to join us for an evening filled with performances, sharing of ...

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A Publication Cartoon Satire Poll
With which party will Sarah Wescot-Williams run with?
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An Elected Prime Minister for Sint Maarten

Legal opinion piece titled "An Elected Prime Minister for Sint Maarten" by attorney at law and member of our legal review committee, Mr. Reynold Groeneveldt. Introduction: In our current Governmental system the Prime Minister is chosen and...

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