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A questionable motion

By Hilbert Haar ~ Fake news will become the most popular game in town in the run-up to the November 25 elections. National Alliance parliamentarian Jurendy Doran provided an example of fake news during a meeting of parliament on Wednesday,...

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Dear Editor,

The last few years have seen on Sint Maarten the rise of substantial anti “Dutch” rhetoric and many will be asking why this has arisen so suddenly and strongly .
The “Dutch” that are targeted are typically not individual Dutch metropolitan people nor specific Dutch institutions as much as the Kingdom and Netherlands government as a whole.

It would appear to me that the sentiment is particularly strong in the political class and particularly amongst the younger and politically aspirant groups . It would appear that conditions placed on aid and support are what angers this group the most. It is often used as an explanation in relation to the failure in Sint Maarten of good governance and political stability .The man in the street and particularly the large part of the population that originate from economic migration in recent years are less concerned with Dutch administration impositions.

On the other side of the ocean the ex-colonial power claims the intention of the limitations on aid being for the purpose of improving this governance particularly insofar as it is caused by corruption .There are suggestions by parties on both sides of the ocean that considerable political decision making is driven by forces operating in the shadows whose interests are in conflict with good administration and integrity .

Whilst on the face of the opposing claims and intentions there ought to be some common purpose between the extremes in the discussion on the relation between the Netherlands and Kingdom partner, in the conversation that is ongoing in Sint Maarten it cannot be found presently. It appears that there are few political groups that find it strategic to support “the Dutch”.

The complex Kingdom arrangement that Sint Maarten is part of, has not changed much in recent years and there has not been any recent loss of autonomy. The major issues in the Sint Maarten society like cost of living, waste management, deficit management and infrastructure investment do not directly relate to the limitations that the Kingdom arrangements impose. What has changed is a large growth in social media use and the expression of views that were previously not facilitated. What has also changed is an increase in prosecution of financial crimes by the Dutch managed prosecution services.

The Dutch government does not meet the charges in the media where they are made so the conversation on island is one sided. But many residents of the island would be pleased to understand the phenomenon and be assured that they are hearing all the views and nuances of these issues.

Robbie Ferron Headline News
MP Brison to present amendments to FATF financial laws

Says previous coalition put country at risk ~ PHILIPSBURG - Vice President of Parliament and USP Faction Leader MP Rolando Brison on Sunday said amendments to the FATF laws which have been prepared for months will be presented soon and that the...

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A News Review
Lynch wins case outright against housing foundation

Happy to be moving on with life ~ PHILIPBURG - Former Managing Director of the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF) Henry Lynch on September 27, 2019, was finally able to close a challenging chapter in his life when the SMHDF failed ...

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The nuts and bolts of US Pre-clearance - Part 2

Part 2 in a multi-part series about US Pre-Clearance for St. Maarten and the SXM Airport. Read what exactly is pre-clearance and what it involves in this second installment. A review. LOGIN TO READ MORE... THIS IS A PREMIUM ARTICLE. ... Some...

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Smith: MP Frans Richardson the only one who apologized

PHILIPSBURG - During last Thursday's public meeting of Parliament, the Chair of Parliament, William Marlin, requested Deputy Prime Minister, Wycliffe Smith, to leave and get the written answers to the questions posed by Members of Parliament...

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All set for 2nd Edition of the NAGICO Health & Fitness Fair

PHILIPBURG - The 2nd edition of the Free NAGICO Health & Fitness Fair will be held on Saturday October 5th, at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex. NAGICO has announced that with over 20 vendors participating, the event will be twice the size of...

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CIBC FirstCaribbean hosts eighth Walk for the Cure Oct. 5th

CUPECOY - For the eighth consecutive year CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank will host the Walk for the Cure. The proceeds of the event - to be held on Saturday October 5 - will go to the Positive Foundation. Last year the fundraiser netted...

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MHF presents Happiness Event on October 10th

The Mental Health Foundation is proud to present the first edition of the Happiness Event! On Thursday, October 10th from 4.30 PM to 8 PM you're welcome at the Cultural Center in town to join us for an evening filled with performances, sharing of ...

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A Publication Cartoon Poll
Should the election date be changed to January 25?
Let's get it over and done on November 25
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Sarah says St. Maarten can not afford financial blacklisting

PHILIPSBURG - "Crunch time for the Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism legislation," writes Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams in a press release. "St. Maarten can not afford financial 'blacklisting'." It should be emphasized that ...

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Sarah: Financing reconstruction PJIA Airport can not stop

PHILIPSBURG - "World Bank/EIB financing for the reconstruction of the Princess Juliana International Airport can not be revoked - despite attempts to thwart the process and put our livelihood at risk." says MP Sarah Wescot-Williams in a statement ...

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