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PHILIPSBURG - MP Franklin Meyers has announced in Parliament that he withdrew his support from the government. "I hereby withdraw my support from the present government!" he said in ending his speech this morning during the closing of the...

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Minister Johnson spinned the Vidanova airport-funding story

PHILIPSBURG - Financing a US pre-clearance facility at the airport is not part of a refinancing proposal by Curacao-based pension fund Vidanova, as Minister Stuart Johnson (Tourism and Economic Affairs) claimed in an announcement published on...

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A very bad idea

An Exposé by Hilbert Haar who exposes for the second time the moves of the 'shadow government' on St. Maarten and their spies within the Leona Romeo-Marlin II cabinet. Hilbert Haar also exposes and debunks their latest move to control the airport ...

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Johnson links MP Frans Richardson to BTP-investigation

PHILIPSBURG - Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs Stuart Johnson admits in veiled terms in a letter to attorney Sjamira Roseburg that Member of Parliament Frans Richardson is in some way involved with the Bureau Telecommunication and Post...

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Emergency measure imposed for Banco del Orinoco N.V.

WILLEMSTAD, PHILIPSBURG - The Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (CBCS) was forced, in view of deficiencies at Banco del Orinoco N.V., to petition the Court of First Instance of Curaçao to adopt an emergency measure with respect to Banco...

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Chaos at Banco del Orinoco

Central Bank CBCS intervenes with the application of the emergency regulation ~ WILLEMSTAD/PHILIPSBURG - Banco Del Orinoco N.V., established in Curaçao since 1987 as as international bank of Venezuelan origin, is in chaos. The financial figures...

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A Mullet Bay News
Timeshare owners at the Towers of Mullet Bay revolt

PHILIPSBURG - More than two hundred timeshare owners at The Towers at Mullet Bay have appealed to Member of Parliament Rolando Brison to investigate the "misappropriation of the property of timeshare owners and their maintenance fees."...

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Towers timeshare owners have MP Brison's attention

PHILIPSBURG - Member of Parliament Rolando Brison has invited Leona Peterson Naude, the spokeswoman for the disgruntled timeshare owners at The Towers at Mullet Bay to testify to the parliamentary inquiry committee about her experiences - should...

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Johnson links MP Frans Richardson to BTP-investigation

PHILIPSBURG - Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs Stuart Johnson admits in veiled terms in a letter to attorney Sjamira Roseburg that Member of Parliament Frans Richardson is in some way involved with the Bureau Telecommunication and Post...

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MP Frans Richardson issues statement

PHILIPSBURG - Member of Parliament Frans Richardson, through his attorney Sjamira Roseburg on Wednesday said that he definitely feels targeted and fully intends to fight for his freedom and innocence. Richardson is in restrictive custody and...

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How politics failed in the BTP-case

By Hilbert Haar ~ When I read that the anti-corruption taskforce (TBO) has started an investigation into the shenanigans at the Bureau Telecommunication and Post (BTP) I was not in the least surprised. Finally, I thought, somebody is taking action...

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BTP under serious investigation by TBO team

Multiple house searches ~ PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - An investigating team consisting of detectives of the Anti-corruption Watch TBO/RST led by the Prosecutor's Office of Sint Maarten, started an investigation of the Bureau Telecommunication and ...

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TBO searches in various locations on Sint Maarten

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - As part of an ongoing criminal investigation of the TBO, the Anti-corruption Taskforce, a home and various office buildings were searched this week The investigations of the TBO focus primarily on corruption and fraud. ...

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A Publication Poll
Should there be a recruitment process for candidates for supervisory boards?
The Corporate Governance Council (CGC) is adequate enough
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Ask Sjamira

Op-Ed about the merits of recruitment in the selection process for supervisory board member candidates by Hilbert Haar ~ I recently had to have a document certified by the Dutch consulate in Cambodia to prove that I am still alive. Pension funds...

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Screening: a step in the right direction

By Hilbert Haar ~ Is screening candidates for positions on supervisory boards of government-owned companies a good idea? Definitely. In fact, I am almost taken aback by Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin's decision to amend the national decree that...

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Decision to screen supervisory board members commendable

Dear Editor, The decision by the Prime Minister to screen appointed members to the Supervisory Board of Directors of government-owned companies is commendable and should be welcomed by all. In executing this decree the Prime Minister should also...

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What can we learn from the Dorian experience in Abacos?

Dear Editor, Super hurricanes are likely to be a regular feature of island life in the Caribbean in the future. The Irma experience and the Dorian experience in the Abacos and Grand Bahama are going to be repeated and the territories who are...

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Rotten to the core

By Hilbert Haar ~ Suppose I wrote that St. Maarten's political system is rotten to the core. What would the predictable reaction be? Here are some ideas: I am a Dutchman, I don't even live in St. Maarten, the Dutch have an agenda ... And of course...

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