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Van den Heuvel relieved by acquittal of trafficking charges

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We are happy to announce the set up of a new category called " Legal Reviews" on our website at This initiative was inspired by the wish of The Legal Review Committee to publish articles relating to legal matters on our website.

The Legal Review Committee is a group of five lawyers who will be providing you the reader with objective, non-partisan and informative articles concerning legal matters. The information is based on the law and legal research and of a legal academic nature for the purpose of informing the public.

This Committee aims to educate and enlighten the general population on the legal system governing the current issues and in so doing equip the public with the information needed to be able to discuss topics in a well-informed manner.

The lawyers who will be writing these articles on a regular basis are: Dr. Nilda Arduin, Mr. Reynold Groeneveldt LLM, Mrs. Mavis Brooks-Salmon LLM, Mrs. Patricia Phillips BLL and Mr. Gaston Bell LLM.

The following are some of the topics the group will be publishing:

  • Democracy and Trias Politica
  • Challenges in our Democratic Constitutional System
  • Screening, Appointment and Dismissal of Ministers
  • Motion of Non-Confidence
  • Dissolution of Parliament

Each article will be concluded with a few questions or statements to trigger open discussion among friends, colleagues and families. The first article published by The Legal Review Committee is entitled " Democracy and Trias Politica".

We have opened the comments section on these articles to encourage discussions amongst our readers and to allow you the reader to post answers to the questions posed by The Legal Review Committee.

Comments will be highly moderated to allow only for a high level of discussion on the questions posed and on the topics in general. No profanity, insulting or derogatory comments will be allowed. We encourage discussions and debates on the merits of the arguments posed. No posts or attacks of a personal nature nor any off-topic postings will be allowed.

Click here to read the first article by The Legal Review Committee titled " Democracy and Trias Politica".

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of this newsletter and do have a great weekend.

The Publisher,
Events promoter "Mr. Rude" Fleming elected to COCI board

PHILIPSBURG - "So they called me into the building and said 'Mr. Fleming, welcome to the Board Of Directors of the Chamber Of Commerce'. WHAT??" wrote an incredulous Bertaux Fleming aka "Mr. Rude", promoter of such events as Night of the Hitmakers.

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"Van den Heuvel relieved with acquittal of trafficking in women"
PHILIPSBURG – What bothered Bada Bing owner Jaap van den Heuvel most about his conviction in the Court in First Instance was the charge of trafficking in women. The appeals court acquitted Van den Heuvel, Lunteren NV, and Bada Bing manager Krijn van den Brug this week of trafficking in women. The relief for Van den Heuvel is enormous. “This has been hanging over my head for five years; I have children and this blemish of trafficking in women hurts very much,” he informed .

The conviction for other charges – forgery, tax fraud and bribery - still stand, but Van den Heuvel’s attorney Cor Merx filed for cassation at the Supreme Court on Friday. In this sense, the case is not over yet.

Merx notes that it is ironic that the solicitor-general asked Van den Heuvel after the trial whether he is prepared to testify about the video footage that showed how he paid former parliamentarian Patrick Illidge an amount of money. Van den Heuvel has said in the past that he made the video at the request of United People’s party leader Theo Heyliger. The idea was to blackmail Patrick Illidge into leaving the coalition and helping the UP return to a position in government.

Reportedly, the prosecutor’s office wants to hear Van den Heuvel in the context of an investigation into construction fraud for which the former director of the Standard Trust Company, Corinne de Tullio was arrested last week Sunday. This investigation focuses on possible irregularities with the construction of the causeway bridge. Merx and Van den Heuvel are considering the solicitor-general’s request but have not taken a decision yet.

Merx says that he is unable to explain the Bada Bing court ruling. In terms of the sentence – for Van den Heuvel 32 months with 12 months suspended – does not make a lot of sense compared to verdicts in other cases with similar charges of bribery, forgery and tax fraud. It is also remarkable that the appeals court opted to present an elaborate motivation for its decision to acquit Van den Heuvel, Van den Brug and Lunteren NV – the legal entity that operated Bada Bing ( the club closed down after Hurrcane Irma) - of trafficking in women.

The ruling should also have an impact on the role of the government as the facilitator for work permits and the affiliated residence permits for prostitutes. In 2015, the government abruptly stopped issuing work permits after a ruling in the Casa Blanca case suggested that the government facilitated trafficking in women by granting these work permits. The government decided to issue only work permits for ‘exotic dancers’ and to close its eyes to prostitution activities. With the Bada Bing ruling from the appeals court in hand, the government does not have to stick to that policy anymore.

The appeals court says in its motivation of the acquittal, contrary to the opinion of the Court in First Instance, that exploitation is a requirement for proving trafficking in woman. The lower court had no evidence that the prostitutes at Bada Bing were being exploited, but it still concluded that Van den Heuvel and Van den Brug were guilty of trafficking. Not so, the appeals court ruled.

The ruling also disagrees with the Court in First Instance about using the definition from the Treaty of May 4, 1910, as the foundation for its conclusions. The International Treaty of Geneva of 1933 gave the term trafficking in women a wider scope, because it narrowed the definition of the term recruitment. The Paris Treaty took out the phrase “through deceit of with the assistance of violence, threatening with violence, abuse of power or any other means of coercion” and replaced it with “even with her approval.”

Based on this change, the Supreme Court ruled in 2000 that the term recruitment applies to every action undertaken to recruit someone for prostitution in another country; moreover, there does not have to be evidence that the means of recruitment limited the freedom of choice.

Jurisprudence furthermore defined that actions can only be labeled as trafficking in women if they have been committed ‘under circumstances whereby exploitation can be assumed.” In other words, the appeals court pointed out, exploitation is an implicit component of trafficking.

The women who worked at Bada Bing were earlier working in prostitution in the Dominican Republic and they took the initiative to get in touch with Bada Bing for a job in St. Maarten.

The appeals court ruled that the women had been recruited, because manager Van den Brug asked the applicants to provide relevant documents, requested work permits, paid administrative fees, had them sign an IOU, booked plane tickets and arranged medical insurance. But Van den Brug did not transport the women, the court ruled: there is no evidence that the women were transported under supervision after their arrival at the airport.

Van den Heuvel and Van den Brug successfully denied that they had exploited the women. The court ruled that there is no evidence to prove this or that there were circumstances whereby exploitation could be assumed.

The court ruled that the women were not forced to work at Bada Bing, that they had come voluntarily to St. Maarten and that their freedom had not been limited.

The women were in a vulnerable position; two of them declared that they were indebted in the Dominican Republic; a third women said she wanted to earn money to buy an apartment in her own country. Says Merx: “They do not come here to repay a debt to Bada Bing, they come here because they make more money and that way, they are able to pay off their debts at home faster.”

The sole fact that the women lived in poverty in the Dominican Republic is insufficient to assume exploitation, the court ruled. According to manager Van den Brug, the women earned on average $1,500 per week.

That the women had to pay the cost of their ticket and an amount for housing and food is not unreasonable, the court ruled, noting that the women realized “a significant economic benefit” form their work at Bada Bing. The club did not confiscate their passports and the women were all positive about the quality of their housing.

The appeals court concludes that the women were recruited for a job in the prostitution, but that there is no evidence that they were exploited. For these reason, the court acquitted the defendants of the charge of trafficking in women. Feature News
Governor Holiday received update on formation

Harbour View - On Friday, December 15, 2017, the Governor of Sint Maarten, His Excellency drs. E.B. Holiday, met with and received an update from formateur Mr. Franklin Meyers on the progress regarding the pending points of the formation....

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Again stalemate between Government and GEBE

Philipsburg - The statement by the VROMI Minister, Honorable Christopher Emmanuel, regarding the landfill and his solution for this public hazard, has done nothing to convince the public that all is well with the umpteen plan for a Waste to...

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Ombudsman to investigate procedures Dismissal Committee

PHILIPSBURG - In the aftermath of the devastating hurricane season, Ombudsman Dr. Nilda Arduin starts a systemic investigation in the procedures applied by the Dismissal Advisory Committee and the decision making process by the Secretary General...

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Court in recess

PHILIPSBURG - The Common Court of Justice is in recess during the holiday season from December 18 to January 5. There will be no court sessions in the Court in first Instance and in the appeals court during this period, with the exCeption of...

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Evacuated RST members are at work in Curaçao

THE HAGUE - Sixteen members of the Kingdom Detective Cooperation Team ("Recherche Samenwerkings Team" (RST)) stationed in St. Maarten were evacuated from St. Maarten after Hurricane Irma early September. They continue their work from Curaçao...

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First RCI Cruise Ship Grandeur of the Seas in Port on...

PORT ST. MAARTEN - Royal Caribbean International (RCI) Grandeur of the Seas will be RCI's first ship to return to the destination on a commercial cruise visit on Sunday. A hosts of welcome activities have been planned by stakeholders to welcome...

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Foreign employees UTS first to go

UTS plans to dismiss almost 300 of the 500 employees WILLEMSTAD - Foreign employees of the telecommunication company UTS threaten to become victims of the discussions between the company, the government and the SITKOM trade union. The union has...

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Super Yacht Season Begins at Port of Galisbay

GALISBAY, St. Martin - The Port of Galisbay and Delta Petroleum celebrated a milestone this week, servicing their first super yacht of the season. The Nahlin, a 300-foot luxury yacht was launched in 1930. It was one of the last steam-powered...

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Deadline Extended for 2017 Heritage Photo Contest

GRAND CASE, St. Martin-There's more time to share your interpretation of Rebirth. The deadline for the 2017 Heritage Photo Contest has been extended to December 31st to allow more people to share their photography and ideas about the island.

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Small businesses should work better together

"If 89% of the economy are small businesses then the only way to survive is to work together", Nikhil Kukreja. Great Bay, St. Maarten - According the Chamber of Commerce, small businesses account for 89% of St. Maarten economy. This indicates...

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Jiffy Service Center Organizes a Customer Appreciation Day

PHILIPSBURG - "Our Island has been shaken by disaster and over the last few months, our community has been busy with the rebuilding process. With the holidays at our doorsteps, many businesses are striving to maintain their drive and also give...

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CPS: Advises persons at risk to get their flu vaccine

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) - Influenza, better known as the flu, is a highly contagious viral infection. Unlike the common cold, influenza can cause severe illness and life-threatening complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis, which often require...

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Being indoors too much is bad for eyesight

Dutch children have an increased risk of becoming short-sighted because they spend more time on computer screens and less time playing outdoors, ophthalmic professor Caroline Klaver says in Wednesday's NRC. Half of the people in Europe in their...

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The concept of a Democratic system of government and the Trias Politica philosophy is quite old. The term "Trias Politica" or "Separation of powers" is widely acknowledged to be linked to Montesquieu, author of the popular work "The Spirit of...

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