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Prison director Rohan and MP Matser to court on Wednesday

PHILIPSBURG - Prison director Edward Rohan - currently on paid leave - and parliamentarian Silvio Matser will be in court on Wednesday, January 31, to defend themselves against charges of election fraud, committed in the run-up to the 2014...

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Dear Reader

There is a commonly used word here on St. Maarten that, when used, aptly describes a funny but ironical situation in just one five-letter word: "jokey".

We had a 'jokey' situation yesterday that promptly forced both Telem and UTS to issue public statements denying any culpability in this jokey situation.

We know of one well-known politician on St. Maarten who, after elections, in order to avoid being engaged in conversations with people on the street, often acts like he is on the phone talking. In this situation the phone is used as a tool to avoid contact.

Now it is election time, the phone is used a tool to reach out to people. We assume no one in that campaign team expected the resulting public outrage. On social media, words like "telephone terror", "telemarketing harassment", "invasion of privacy" and even "theft" were used.

But dial this alternative situation in for good measure.... What if this telemarketing campaign had taken place outside of election time? Imagine how pleasantly surprised you would be that you got a phone call from the President of Parliament wishing you a nice day and that she hopes you visit Parliament during one of the many meetings that are being held weekly doing the people's business and that when you do, don't hesitate to come up to her and say hello.

Imagine that situation. We bet you would be saying " Eh, eh, I didn't know Sarah had my number? Wow! I gone pass in by her next week to say hello."

Jokey, right?

Have a great weekend. Feel free to send us an email to just say 'hi' too. We would love to hear from you.

The Publisher

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A newcomer's view of St Maarten/St Martin ~ By Chris Morvan ~ The island where I find myself has a split personality. It can't make up his mind if its name is Martin or Maarten. Nor is it consistent about what language it speaks. Look it up on the...

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Court declares hospital's appeal inadmissible

PHILIPSBURG - The Court in First Instance declared an appeal by the St. Maarten Medical Center about a decision by the inspector-general to release a report about a medical referral back in 2016 inadmissible. ... Some articles are restricted...

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Parliament seeks advice on dissolution decree

PHILIPSBURG - The Parliament will ask the Council of Advice for a legal opinion about the constitutionality of the November 10 decree to dissolve the Parliament, to call elections for February 26, and to install the new Parliament on April 2....

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MP Brownbill's attempt to evade prosecution fails

PHILIPSBURG -Member of Parliament Chanel Brownbill has made an attempt to prevent that he would be dragged into court for tax fraud, but a ruling from the Common Court of Justice of December 20 of last year, published on January 15, shows that...

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Prison director Rohan and MP Matser to court on Wednesday

PHILIPSBURG - Prison director Edward Rohan - currently on paid leave - and parliamentarian Silvio Matser will be in court on Wednesday, January 31, to defend themselves against charges of election fraud, committed in the run-up to the 2014...

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Trampling the Constitution

By Hilbert Haar ~ The erection of those blue party flags of Frans Richardson's United St. Maarten party on the Harold Jack Hill are not the only indication that there are elections around the corner. There was also an interesting Central Committee...

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Parliament seeks advice on dissolution decree

PHILIPSBURG - The Parliament will ask the Council of Advice for a legal opinion about the constitutionality of the November 10 decree to dissolve the Parliament, to call elections for February 26, and to install the new Parliament on April 2....

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Robo-calls prompt privacy concerns

Unsolicited campaign calls irk phone users Philipsburg - UTS received a string of complaints from customers today regarding unsolicited calls and messages received on their mobile phones. The calls and messages originated from campaigns vying for ...

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TelCell not responsible for random political messages

POND ISLAND - TelEm Group mobile provider, TelCell, is investigating use of its telecommunication network by a third party to send political messages to random TelCell customers, prompting the following message: "On Friday January 26 th TelCell...

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Ombudsman: no reason to challenge new Integrity Chamber law

Philipsburg - On January 29th the period provided to the Ombudsman by the Constitution to possibly present the new National Ordinance Integrity Chamber, ratified on 18 December 2017, to the Constitutional Court for review, expires. After all that ...

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Integrity Chamber: Protection fundamental rights persons

Philipsburg - Having established that the concerns presented to the Constitutional Court, which led to the first Ordinance on the Integrity Chamber being squashed, and the contours offered by the Court for consideration in drafting a new law,...

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The Motion of No Confidence

In general a Motion is a question or issue put to a vote in Parliament expressing its position on a particular topic or issue, its feelings or view, a desire or an instruction of Parliament on any particular subject. A Motion must be submitted in ...

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Corporate Governance & The Role of the Supervisory Board of Directors (Part 6)
For our upcoming feature length article about the Supervisory Board of Directors (SBD), we posed the following questions to several experts on Corporate Governance:

  1. What are the specific roles of the SBD?
  2. Can the SBD give the CEO instructions? Can the SBD only advise? Or give guidelines?
  3. Is it normal for SBD members to be in a company on a daily basis, sitting in the CEO's office and giving the staff instructions?
  4. When or under what circumstances can a SBD take over the management of a company?
  5. Politics being what it is on a small island like St. Maarten, how do you view the role of the members of the SBD who has to ultimately answer to their political masters who appointed them to the SBD?
  6. When or under what circumstances can the SBD be held liable for the results of the company?

In answer to question 6 when or under what circumstances can a SBD be held liable for the results of the company, Miguel Goede of the University of Governance answers: " By law, ultimately the members of the SBD can be held accountable. What the judge will look at is if the SBD has kept the governance cycle going (the minutes of the six meetings per year). If the annual reports are in order and audited by the accountant. And if in these meetings the risks for the continuity of the business were timely and well addressed."

With this part 6 of this 6-part series on Corporate Governance and the Role of the Supervisory Board of Directors (SBD). We publish a full-fledge article on this topic in our upcoming editions and online on the website. The latest news about the GEBE Supervisory Board of Directors show that there is a strong need for information about the role of the SBD in general as it is quite clear that members do not know exactly what their roles are and how they should act accordingly. A future seminar or workshop on this subject matter may be needed here on St. Maarten. Community News
Wuite encourages strong ECYS participation in SXM Doet

Philipsburg - Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (ECYS) Jorien Wuite strongly encourages all organizations, especially all schools, sport and cultural organizations to register with the SXM Doet campaign and make use of the up to...

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Several local businesses partner with SXM DOET

PHILIPSBURG - Several local businesses have jumped on board to partner with the SXM DOET volunteer event slated for Friday March 9 th and Saturday March 10 th. Headline sponsors provide SXM DOET participants with free and/or discounted items such ...

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NIA and Art Saves Lives Foundation collaborate

PHILIPSBURG - On Wednesday January 24, some 110 visitors from Princess Cruise and Fathom Travel arrived on St. Maarten to participate in a community outreach effort to offer support to those affected by Hurricane Irma.

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Princess, Fathom team on cruises to support the Caribbean

PHILIPSBURG - In an effort to support communities affected by the 2017 hurricanes in the Caribbean, and after a sold-out inaugural group on the upcoming Jan. 20 Crown Princess sailing, Princess Cruises and Fathom Travel are adding two spring...

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Turning Point and Mental Health Foundation receive donations

PHILIPSBURG:---The two organizations for mental health on St. Maarten, Mental Health Foundation and Turning Point Foundation for Drug Rehabilitation, each have received a 2,250 dollar donation from The Quill Foundation yesterday.

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Poll Responses (4): " Dissolution decree could be annuled. "

Yes - 75%
No - 25%
Too late - 0%

Poll sponsored by, when you need a kwik fixer upper.
Does the Prosecution have a case against Matser with buying votes of prisoners?
No Column
Open letter to parliamentarian 'Menki' Rojer

There are times when I am very deeply ashamed of the heavily polluted level that certain politicians here on Curacao show in the exercise of their profession as a representative of the people. This was also the case, among other things, when you...

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Food prices increase on Saba after hurricane Irma

THE BOTTOM - "After the hurricane the grocery prices continue to go up. I am in shock", says grocery shopper Xiomara Coffie on Saba. In October, November and December 2017 (Q4), many goods and services went up in price, especially food products.

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Let's Cruise - Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean... is offering cruise vacations on the best and biggest cruise ships in the world with brand name cruises and destinations in the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean, ...

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Mosquito control intensifies on Saba

THE BOTTOM- In the aftermath of the hurricanes many areas have experienced more mosquitoes than 'normal'. "To fight against mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, we gave pregnant women free mosquito nets", says Head of The ...

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Masters Tax Consulting: Tax Reform in Sint Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - Masters Tax Consulting (MTC) and Benjamin & Parker combined forces to present an article as a wakeup call for the Sint Maarten community to observe previous Government attempts to generate funds to meet the CFT (Ed Committee of...

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Second seminar on Business Recovery after Irma calamity

PHILIPSBURG - The management of Masters Tax Consulting (MTC) in the week of February 12 through 16, 2018, will host a seminar emphasizing business recovery after Irma, MTC said a in a press release. "The main topics are focused on measurement of...

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CBS launches App

WILLEMSTAD - Those interested in statistical data from Statistics Netherlands can now download an app on their mobile. This is more up-to-date than the website of the Central Bureau for Statistics. Search in the Google Play Store or Apple Store...

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SXM Daily News - 26 Jan 2018
SXM Daily News January 26, 2018

SXM Daily News January 26, 2018

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