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Hurricane recovery: St. Maarten in the driver's seat

PHILIPSBURG - "Because St. Maarten is in the driver's seat it is important that the government organizes itself well to be able to carry that responsibility." Nico Schoof, head of the civil mission that coordinates recovery efforts after...

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Dear Reader

After what NA candidate #5, Anna Rabess-Richardson, revealed last night during the launch of her campaign platform for Parliament, we expect to see some fireworks coming from the USP camp as we know they are quick to flair up in response to accusations leveled at the USP.

Nonetheless, we see a trend of 'pending prosecutorial investigations' being used to sideline ministerial candidates from being appointed or - as now is the case - from even being nominated for the post of minister.

Hence, the need to bring the pre-screening process of candidate ministers in to the law, as Formateur/MP Sarah Wescot-Williams rightfully pointed out in her latest press briefing about the formation process as clarity on this process is highly needed.

The Legal Review Committee also weighs in on the screening process with their article titled " Formation, Screening, Appointment and Dismissal of Ministers".

With the ongoing formation process of an interim cabinet still pending and election underway, we thought it high time to remind our readers again about our Legal Review Committee columns to be found on our website online at reviews under the main menu category " Legal Reviews".

As minister of VROMI and candidate #2 for the National Alliance, Christophe Emmanuel, after taking a shot at trying to disqualify minister Emil Lee from a future return as minister in an interim-cabinet with a complaint letter that was not actually an official complaint to the Prosecutor's Office, is now taking potshots at the only printed newspaper on Dutch Sint Maarten, we continue to report on this saga to show our solidarity with our colleagues in the media.

Entertaining as this may be, there are unfortunately more pressing issues to publish articles about and one such issue is the landfill and the toxic emissions emanating from the dump as it continues to smolder for over a month now. We agree with our other media colleague, Roddy Heyliger, that urgent short term measures need to be taken as we can not wait another 18 months for a possible waste to energy solution. A 100 facemasks - and that is practically nothing - can only do so much. Time for pro-active measures to be taken.

The Publisher

PS: Please email your press releases, public announcements and bulletin board notices to We urge to always include a photo as often as possible. Real Estate Listing
Office Space available in Simpson Bay Yacht Club

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Emmanuel attacks newspaper again

PHILIPSBURG - Vromi-Minister Christophe Emmanuel continued his relentless attack on the media - the Daily Herald in particular - during Wednesday's Council of Ministers press briefing. "If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed, but if...

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By Hilbert Haar ~ Vromi-Minister Christophe Emmanuel has made a curious turn in his battle with his fellow-Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Emil Lee. In December there was an interesting publication in the Daily Herald about...

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Anna Rabess-Richardson clears the air as to why she left USP

Philipsburg - During an official launching event held at the Coffee Lounge on Front Street in Philipsburg, candidate #5 on the National Alliance slate, Anna Rabess-Richardson, explained the reasons why she ended up leaving the USP party....

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Loekie Morales: "Housing and jobs first!"

Philipsburg - "Building back better with good governance is key for progress," writes Loekie Morales in a press release issued yesterday. The author and politician describes how "Sint Maarten has been hit by the devastating hurricane Irma and...

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Court takes looters to task

PHILIPSBURG - The Court in First Instance handled several looting-trials on Wednesday. The heaviest sentence was for a man who had made his truck available to transport stolen goods for a neighbor. The court sentenced the man to 4 months of...

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Police searching for armed robber

Philipsburg - Police is still on the lookout for the suspect that robbed Union Caribe on December 8th 2017. Anyone with information that can lead to arrest of the culprit is asked to contact the detective department immediately. In the meantime...

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There are significant differences between countries in the way in which the Legislative and the Executive Branches are elected and structured. There are three main groups of democratic systems. A Presidential system A Semi-Presidential system A...

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Delegation to provide destination update to FCCA PAMAC

PORT ST. MAARTEN - Representatives from Port St. Maarten will leave the island on Friday to attend the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Platinum Associate Membership Advisory Council Cruise Summit (PAMAC) that will take place from...

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Urgent short term measures needed to address situation with landfill. Agree?
No Dutch Caribbean News
Oil seizure aggravates Venezuela-Curaçao tensions

WILLEMSTAD - The seizure of a crude cargo in Curacao's Bullen Bay terminal has further aggravated tensions between Venezuela and Dutch Caribbean islands that have long provided refining and logistical support to Venezuela's beleaguered state oil...

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Border closure means no deportation Venezuelans possible

WILLEMSTAD - The decision of the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to keep the borders for air traffic out of Curacao closed has as a consequence that Venezuelans who are staying illegally on the island cannot be returned. Undocumented people...

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Update: Search halted for missing Venezuelans

WILLEMSTAD - A new search by the Curaçao Coast Guard for Venezuelan migrants has not yielded anything. A search was held at sea because there were probably more than six illegal migrants on board the boat that broke into pieces the yesterday...

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Dutch, Venezuelan officials to meet in Aruba

ORANJESTAD - The Dutch government has scheduled a high-level meeting with Venezuelan officials in Aruba tomorrow to discuss ongoing tensions between Caracas and the Caribbean islands that have significant refining and logistical ties to...

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Dutch State Secretary visit Curacao Ports Authority

WILLEMSTAD - As part of his introductory visit to Curaçao, the Dutch State Secretary of Internal affairs and Kingdom relations, Mr. Knops visited the Curaçao Ports Authority today, whereby CPA firstly gave a presentation to the State Secretary...

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Netherlands Parliament delegation makes port tour

WILLEMSTAD - As part of the work visit of the Presidents of the Parliament of the Netherlands, there was a program of the delegation members today which included a courtesy visit to the Curaçao Ports Authority N.V. (CPA) on a harbor tour. During...

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Nature Foundation Makes 100 Facemasks Available to CBA

Philipsburg - The Sint Maarten Nature Foundation has made 100 facemasks available to the Charlotte Brookson Academy this week. The facemasks were donated on two separate occasions by Nature Foundation Project Manager Melanie Meijer ze Schlochtern ...

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Short-term measures needed for Pond Island Landfill

Dear Editor, This week the Nature Foundation announced that due to the landfill on Pond Island which has been burning for over a month, the non-governmental organization (NGO) has called on nearby communities to start wearing facemasks in order...

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National Day of Prayer on Sunday

PHILIPSBURG - The National Day of Prayer will take place this Sunday at 4 p.m. in front of the new government building on Pond Island, Minister Silveria Jacobs (Educations, Culture, Youth and Sport) announced on Wednesday. The annual event is a...

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CPS calls on community to be observant for chicken pox

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) - The Collective Prevention Services (CPS), a public health agency of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, has observed based on its communicable diseases surveillance system during the...

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Unicef sends child protection expert

PHILIPSBURG - Unicef Netherlands will make a child protection specialist and an education specialist available to St. Maarten for a period of six months, Minister Silveria Jacobs (education) said at Wednesday's Council of Ministers press...

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Let's Cruise - Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean... is offering cruise vacations on the best and biggest cruise ships in the world with brand name cruises and destinations in the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean, ...

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Walmart Market 109 gives gifts to Sister Borgia School

Philipsburg - Walmart Market 109 Associates and management south Florida pull together during the busy Christmas Holidays and purchased toys/games for children at the Sister Borgia School in St. Maarten. The children were surprised after getting...

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Fewer bankruptcies in 2017 as business failures reach low

A total of 3,290 companies and institutions in the Netherlands were declared bankrupt in 2017, the lowest number since 2000, the national statistics office CBS said on Thursday . The figure does not include freelancers or private individuals. The ...

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Saba's Island Governor attends Fire Chiefs meeting

SABA - On Thursday the Island Governor, Jonathan Johnson met members from the National, Regional and Local Fire Departments. The discussion revolved around the islands response to the hurricanes and what can be learnt.

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ZVK makes provisions for efficient air transport insured

SABA/ST. EUSTATIUS - ZVK insured persons from Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius who are referred abroad for medical treatment or consultation do not travel to or through Venezuela. This has been announced by the Zorgverzekeringskantoor Caribisch...

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Demand of 22 years imprisonment for murder of crewmate

8 Kralendijk- The prosecutor for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba has demanded a prison sentence of 22 years against the man R.E.G.S. for the violation and murder of Adriana Morales de Florencio, 23, in the month of April 2017. The investigation...

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The implications of the legal relationship of GZE and gov...

WILLEMSTAD - In the recently concluded treaty of Paris on the climate changes, elaborate discussions were conducted as well as negotiations on how to reduce (or at least try to mitigate) the disadvantages of those climate changes. Resolutions...

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Reality, what a concept!

In view of the ongoing (and undoubtedly soon to be intensified) discussions and predicament regarding GZE, MDPT and the 'peculiar' happenings with regard to the Isla Refinery issues, with now also a Venezuelan twist as subtle as a guillotine at a ...

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Is Mount Pelee, Martinique about to erupt again?

( Reports from Martinique, Mount Pele or Pelee has been acting up recently. Some say the dome has sank over 25 feet in less than 3 days. As trees are now dying, a crater has emerged on the northern side of the mountain....

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SXM Daily News - 11 Jan 2018
SXM Daily News January 11, 2018

SXM Daily News January 11, 2018

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