MP Theo Heyliger addresses open letter to Dutch...

GREAT BAY - Member of Parliament and leader of the United People's (UP) Party, Theodore E. Heyliger sent an open letter by way of the Dutch Representative's office in Philipsburg to the Dutch Government in The Hague. We hereby publish this letter ...

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Dear Reader

Via our Facebook page we received a message from a reader asking where to send his donation to help with the recovery and rebuilding of St. Maarten. That was before the Ministry of Finance published their international bank wire instructions for accepting donations on the Government Info Page on September 28th, 2017. So we wrote back that the best way to help St. Maarten recover was to visit the island when the flights resumed and to spend his money in the economy on the island.

That is in our opinion the best way for anyone to help boost the island's economy after the crippling effects of hurricane Irma. Following the principle of give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and he feeds himself every day, we believe that reviving an economy by pumping money into that economy by buying goods and services locally, is the best way to create a lasting and vibrant economy on any island.

So buying 20 cars for the police department from a local car dealership is preferred over shipping those cars down from Holland. At the very least, we hope that a local garage will get the contract to maintain these imported cars, thereby creating jobs for locals to apply their mechanic skills and earn an income. It would totally defeat the purpose of rebuilding an economy if even the repair work to damage cars was done with overseas help as well and letting the money flow back out of the country.

St. Maarten is a tourism island and the great advantage for our local economy is that tourists bring and spend their US Dollars here on the island. We don't need to buy that foreign currency. It is given to us freely in exchange for our sea, sun and sand. The one thing we have here in abundance. That is why we must care and treasure our natural resources. We take for granted what others are willing to pay hard-earn dollars to enjoy.

That is why we commend the good work of the Nature Foundation in assessing our beaches, marine parks and dive sites. Also the lagoon is scheduled to be cleaned up soon as well. According to Tadzio Bervoets in a radio interview yesterday, the clean up work is being done with the assistance of many volunteers. That is how you suck salt: roll up your sleeves and rebuild your island. With everyone pitching in, we can do it on our own. Volunteerism will be the conditio sine qua non for success in the recovery and rebuilding process here on St. Maarten. Nothing else! Take our poll below if you agree....

With that thought in mind, we advise the Minister of TEATT when meeting with cruise line executives to discuss ways to attract cruise tourists to our island, to offer up the concept of Volunteerism. Let cruise tourists who visit our island on the cruise ships for the day, join and participate in volunteer projects to help rebuild the island. From beach and hillside clean ups, to fixing school roofs, to planting crops at an agricultural station. That is how you rebuild the island's economy by being creative in rebuilding the island's tourism product. Stimulate Volunteer Tourism as an integral part of their cruise vacation. That is our advice to the minister when she travels to Miami for the upcoming FCCA cruise line conference.
The Newspaper for Country St. Maarten
Suck salt
If the St. Maarten government refuses to accept the Dutch recovery and rebuilding aid that the Dutch Kingdom government is willing to offer, provided that St. Maarten accepts the conditions of implementing the Integrity Chamber and allowing Holland to take over control of Immigration and Border Patrol, would we be willing to suck salt and forego financial aid from The Netherlands?
Are you willing to suck salt if we choose to rebuild St. Maarten on our own without any aid?
Press no longer allowed to use Press Room in Parliament
Due the passing of hurricane Irma, The House of Parliament was damaged severely. As a result of these damages, several offices on the top level floors have become inaccessible or have been deemed unsafe. 

Despite this, Parliament was still able to hold a few public meetings. In an aim to ensure continuity of the functioning of the Secretariat and for the safety of our staff, arrangements have been made to temporarily relocate the Secretariat of Parliament to the Press room on the 2nd floor.

We regretfully wish to inform you that effective Thursday, October 12, 2017; the Press room at the house of Parliament will be off limits to all members of the press until further notice. 

During this time, you are encouraged to access our website:  or our Facebook page: Parliament of Sint Maarten for live coverage of Public meetings. Should you still prefer to be present at the House of Parliament when Public meetings are held, you will then be required to sit in the public tribune in the meeting hall.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to your cooperation in this regards.
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Government Info Page

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

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WIB Branches & ATM Opening Hours


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Book AirSXM
With the resuming of flights on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, we are also open to take your flight bookings to and from St. Maarten via SXM Airport.
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