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F. Meyers withdraws as formateur

Harbour View - On Wednesday, December 20th, 2017, the Governor of Sint Maarten, His Excellency drs. E.B. Holiday, met with from formateur Mr. Franklin Meyers. The formateur based on a progress review of the formation process has decided to...

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Dear Reader

With the news that life sentences are now possible in The Netherlands - and also in St. Maarten - we took a poll yesterday and 100% of the respondents (9) voted Yes on the question whether they agree that a life sentence should be a life sentence, meaning with no chance for a parole or pardon.

We see a hardening of criminals in our society. Those leaving jail usually end up back in prison in no time. Police report an increase in the level of violence perpetrated during crime sprees. Convicts usually see no other way for them to earn an income except through a life of crime. Just read the police and judicial news in our newsletter today.

With that in mind, an emphasis on rehabilitation of prisoners serving both short and long sentences should be the focus of the St. Maarten prison system and the authorities in the Justice chain. To bring awareness for this topic of criminal recidivism and what to do to avoid it, we will be requesting contributions from writers on this topic, both from stakeholders and from interested parties in the professional and private sectors. We hope to publish these articles in 2018.

Recidivism is the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend. But what do you call the tendency of political parties to put forward candidates who continue to fail integrity screenings by our secret service?

Wycliffe Smith gives good advice about the formation process in his political commentary, which we gladly highlighted below in this newsletter and we urge you the reader - especially if you have political or appointment aspirations in 2018 - to read carefully and thoroughly and then read over once more to let it sink in.

For the rest, please enjoy our newsletter as usual and do have a great day as you do your Christmas shopping today. And be careful out there. Do not give robbers an opportunity to commit any crimes these days. Opportunity makes a thief. Be aware of what is happening around you and be cognizant of your surroundings.

The Publisher, Headline Story
Meyers fails screening and steps down as formateur

PHILIPSBURG - Formateur Franklin Meyers has given back his assignment to form an interim-government to Governor Holiday because he has failed the screening for the post of interim prime minister. Read the full story below in this newsletter...

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PHILIPSBURG – Formateur Franklin Meyers has given back his assignment to form an interim-government to Governor Drs. Eugène Holiday because he has failed the integrity screening for the post of interim prime minister by the national security service VDSM.

The cabinet of the governor sent out a brief press release, stating that Meyers gave back his commission “based on a progress review of the formation process” and that the governor has taken his decision under consideration.

Meyers did not further inform local media, but to the Dutch newspaper NRC he confirmed that the VDSM found objections against his appointment as interim prime minister.

Meyers’ brother Etienne is the subject of a criminal investigation into human trafficking with women who worked in his Sucker Garden based brothel El Capitan. The VDSM also considered the business contacts between Meyers and Francesco Corallo an issue.

Corallo was earlier this year extradited to Italy where he is facing charges of tax fraud and bribery. Corallo had however denied the bribery charges and said that he is current with all his tax payments.

According to the VDSM, the NRC reports, Meyers also did several unusual financial transactions and in 2009 an unknown person allegedly filed a complaint against him for threats.

According to the NRC, Meyers had planned to present the interim-government on Friday. He told the newspaper that he does not know when this is going to happen now and who will lead the interim-cabinet.

Meyers said that he never done anything suspicious and that his business contacts with Corallo go back to 1998. Meyers and his brother are both shareholders in the Starz Casino in Cupecoy; the place closed down after the hurricane.

Meyers told NRC that it is impossible to separate himself from his brother. “I have no appetite for a personal fight. St. Maarten has bigger problems at the moment. That is why I withdrew.” Case Study

Rehabilitation (penology) Rehabilitation is the re-integration into society of a convicted person and the main objective of modern penal policy, to counter habitual offending, also known as criminal recidivism. will be bringing you a series of articles on this topic in 2018. Poll

Yes - 100%
No - 0%                     

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No Police News
Police news; man seriously stabbed; four arrests reported

Man seriously stabbed The Detective Department is presently investigating a stabbing incident of a man. The incident took place on Tuesday December 19th shortly before 09.00 p.m. The police patrol was sent to the Sint Maarten Medical Center to...

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Young robbers face up to twelve years in jail

PHILIPSBURG - The Public Prosecutor demanded prison sentences varying from 3 to 12 years for five defendants in the Court in First Instance on Wednesday. The men are charged with five armed robberies and one home invasion whereby they...

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Gun possession suspect remains in jail

PHILIPSBURG - The Court in First Instance moved the trial against Kevin Chris February 28 of next year. The 28-year old defendant is accused of firearm possession. The public prosecutor said that police had found a Glock in the hands of...

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22,559 eligible voters for February elections

PHILIPSBURG - The voters registry for the February 26 elections closed on December 6; it contains the names of 22,559 eligible voters. If the turnout for the elections is similar to that of the 2016 elections (63.7 percent), there would be 14,370 ...

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Sint Maarten Deserves a Stable Coalition Government

After the new interim UP/DP/Brownbill government is sworn in, Sint Maarten would have had seven coalition governments in seven years. This is an average of one government per year. If we also count the number of elections since 2010, including...

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Mechanical Failure cause of island wide blackout

Facebook Update 2 December 20, 2017 Mechanical Failure cause of island wide blackout Technicians at the power plant have been working since 3:50am to rectify the island wide outage. NV GEBE stated...

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Nerissa releases In Plain Sight, a Romantic suspense novel

Author Nerissa Golden has released the second book in the Return to Love series, In Plain Sight. Friends and business women Roxie, Bella, and Monique are back in book two of the Return to Love Series. In Plain Sight features two of the minor...

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Dutch economic growth to continue, joblessness will fall ...

The Dutch economy will grow by some 3.1% next year, the second year in a row of plus 3% growth, the government's macro-economic forecasting agency CPB said on Wednesday. All forms of spending will contribute to the continued growth, the CPB said...

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Venezuelan President threatens to break ties with Curacao...

WILLEMSTAD - During a televised meeting with governors and mayors of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro lashed out against Curaçao and Aruba. Maduro even threatened to break ties with the two islands. He said that he is seriously considering...

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Premier Rhuggenaath's reaction to Maduro's declarations

WILLEMSTAD - In a first reaction of the Prime Minister of Curaçao Eugene Rhuggenaath on the declaration of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro about breaking all commercial ties with the ABC Islands, the Premier stated that he immediately...

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Aruba government concerned with Maduro statements

ORANJESTAD/CARACAS/THE HAGUE - The Aruba government expressed concerns Wednesday morning on statements made Tuesday night by Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro on 'breaking all comercial ties with the ABC islands". Aruba prime minister Evelyn...

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Venezuela's PDVSA at risk of losing Bonaire terminal...

HOUSTON - Venezuela's PDVSA could lose its license to operate an oil storage terminal it owns on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire if it does not soon fulfill maintenance demands by regulators, a government spokeswoman said on Tuesday. The...

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Venezuela's oil industry falling apart

CARACAS - Corruption in the Venezuelan state oil industry, denounced by the government itself, and with former ministers and senior managers behind bars, is the latest evidence that, in the country with the largest oil reserves on the planet, the ...

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Showdown between union leader and Prime Minister

The showdown between an old union leader and the 7th Prime Minister of Curacao finished up in a strike and a draw. The strike will hurt the already ailing economy of Curacao even more, and the union leader showed the world that he is antiquated...

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Tzu Chi donates 65,105 loaves of bread after Irma

Philipsburg - The St. Maarten Tzu Chi Foundation played an important role in feeding the community immediately after Hurricane Irma battered St. Maarten with powerful winds on September 6, when many families lost their homes and food and water...

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Rotary Spreading Christmas Cheer

Philipsburg - With a joint effort between the St. Dominic High School Interact Club and The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle we were able to put together two joint projects. Mid Isle headed the project to donate thirty care packages for the...

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Tzu Chi Foundation continues to bring aid to residents

Philipsburg - The St. Maarten Tzu Chi Foundation continued its relief efforts to bring aid to residents in need by holding additional "three goods" relief distribution in four districts recently. Relief efforts were done at the Good Samaritan...

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Captain D's Rib Shack distribute goodie bags to MAC...

Betty' s Estate- The Methodist Aggogic Center experienced some Christmas cheer on Monday 18th December 2017. Dino Arrundell and his wife Brenda Arrundell, of Captain D's Rib Shack, surprised 94 Cycle 1 Year 2 students of the Rev. John A. Gumbs...

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It is going to be a busy Holiday Season

Ladies and Gentlemen, This week no column from me. I doubt that anyone would be interested in reading the serious issues that I bring up, during a festive season. I could have waited another 3-4 days with this, but then everybody get stacks of...

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