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Bribery probe against Windward Roads

PHILIPSBURG - Officers of the anti-corruption task force (TBO) raided the offices of construction company Windward Roads on Wednesday morning based on suspicions of bribing civil servants, politicians and people in the construction sector. A...

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Dear Reader

We would like to share with you an email message from one of our readers:

" I agree 100 percent with your commentary yesterday about firemen's salaries. They deserve to get a yearly evaluation adjustment on their salaries. Same thing goes for the men and women of SMMC, school teachers, etc. They all ought to be highly compensated for all of the good work that they perform on a daily basis with limited resources. So I must add my two cents and say that I agree with the border control, and I also agree to do away with the redundancy pay for MP/Ministers. In my opinion they are not doing anything for we the people of St. Maarten." - MvdM

We believe this is a sentiment that is shared by many people in the population.

Today again, we were asked by a lady who she should vote for. She said, as things stood right now, she wasn't even sure if she was going to come out and vote in the upcoming elections. Another sentiment shared by many in the populace.

If these people need more time to think things over, they may get lucky and hear that the elections have been postponed as the dissolution decree calling for snap elections has been sent to the Kingdom Council of Ministers for annulment. As Hilbert Haar points out in his opinion piece entitled Trampling the Constitution, we highly doubt that will happen. However, we do sympathize with our doubting and unsure voters.

With the Anti-Corruption Taskforce (TBO) looking to make a clean-up in the construction sector before the reconstruction projects commence, Kwikfix Cleaning Services is offering pre- and post-construction clean-up services. Contact for a quotation for clean-up services your next construction project. Cleaning services are also offered for commercial properties and office buildings. Email for more information.

That wraps up our edition for today. We had more news to report, but we felt the email newsletter would be just too long if we published more news items. Time to bring back the printed version of the newspaper? Email us if you agree.

The Publisher

PS: Please email your press releases, public announcements and bulletin board notices to We urge you to include a photo as often as possible. Feature Article

A newcomer's view of St Maarten/St Martin ~ By Chris Morvan ~ The island where I find myself has a split personality. It can't make up his mind if its name is Martin or Maarten. Nor is it consistent about what language it speaks. Look it up on the...

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"Dissolution decree could be annulled"

PHILIPSBURG - A letter regarding the dissolution decree has gone out to the Kingdom Council of Ministers citing "constitutional infringements that have been going on since 2016," Prime Minister Leona Marlin-Romeo said at Wednesday's Council of...

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Saving money: lights out at the government building

PHILIPSBURG - "We still don't know how much of the €550 million Dutch recovery fund will be a grant and how much will be a loan," Finance Minister Mike Ferrier said at Wednesday's Council of Ministers press briefing. The more we get as a grant,...

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World Bank Team starts work with Government Civil Servants

PHILIPSBURG - Over the next two weeks a World Bank team will work with Government civil servants to identify priorities for the recovery and reconstruction of Sint Maarten. The team was welcomed by Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin on Friday and...

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Postal Services Sint Maarten has the attention of the PM

PHILIPSBURG - On Tuesday afternoon following an introductory meeting to assess the current state of the Postal Services Sint Maarten (PSS) a delegation including the Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever and Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin...

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Political Cartoon

Political satirical cartoon

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House search at construction company on Sint Maarten

Philipsburg - On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, the special anti-corruption taskforce TBO (Team Bestrijding Ondermijning) searched the office building of a construction company in Sint Maarten. No people have been arrested at the moment. The...

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Fatal stabbing suspect stays behind bars

PHILIPSBURG - Is Akil Amaru L. guilty of stabbing Gary Zorilla to death on July 20 of last year? The answer to that question will become clearer during the trial on April 18. Until that time, the 20-year old defendant will remain behind bars. ...

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Belligerent armed robber remains detained

PHILIPSBURG - A man charged with three armed robberies, allegedly committed only a couple of months after having served a lengthy prison sentence, gave the judge, the public prosecutor and his own attorney a mouthful on Wednesday morning when he...

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Drugs mule gets 18 months

PHILIPSBURG - The Court in First Instance sentenced Juan Eugenio Martis to 18 months of imprisonment with 9 months suspended and 3 years of probation for smuggling 83 bolitas containing a kilo of cocaine from Curacao into St. Maarten on May 17 of ...

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Trampling the Constitution

By Hilbert Haar ~ The erection of those blue party flags of Frans Richardson's United St. Maarten party on the Harold Jack Hill are not the only indication that there are elections around the corner. There was also an interesting Central Committee...

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Market vendors strike back

PHILIPSBURG - The Central Committee meeting about the griefs of the market vendors against their removal from the Market Place behind the Courthouse turned into a public lashing for former Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs Melissa...

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Minister TEATT accepts Ombudsman's recommendations

Philipsburg - The Minister of TEATT informed the Ombudsman that the recommendations provided in the Final report regarding the complaint of the Market Vendors are accepted as issued. On Monday 22 of January 2018 the Ombudsman received a response...

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"Dissolution decree could be annulled"

PHILIPSBURG - A letter regarding the dissolution decree has gone out to the Kingdom Council of Ministers citing "constitutional infringements that have been going on since 2016," Prime Minister Leona Marlin-Romeo said at Wednesday's Council of...

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USp-flags hit the road

PHILIPSBURG - In November Frans Richardson, leader of the united St. Maarten party said that the USp would not erect billboards in the run-up to the parliamentary elections. The work the party has put in during its nine months in office,...

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The Motion of No Confidence

In general a Motion is a question or issue put to a vote in Parliament expressing its position on a particular topic or issue, its feelings or view, a desire or an instruction of Parliament on any particular subject. A Motion must be submitted in ...

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Corporate Governance & The Role of the Supervisory Board of Directors (Part 4)
For our upcoming feature length article about the Supervisory Board of Directors (SBD), we posed the following questions to several experts on Corporate Governance:

  1. What are the specific roles of the SBD?
  2. Can the SBD give the CEO instructions? Can the SBD only advise? Or give guidelines?
  3. Is it normal for SBD members to be in a company on a daily basis, sitting in the CEO's office and giving the staff instructions?
  4. When or under what circumstances can a SBD take over the management of a company?
  5. Politics being what it is on a small island like St. Maarten, how do you view the role of the members of the SBD who has to ultimately answer to their political masters who appointed them to the SBD?
  6. When or under what circumstances can the SBD be held liable for the results of the company?

In answer to question 4 when or under what circumstances can a SBD take over the management of a company, Miguel Goede of the University of Governance wrote " There must be strong and clear indications that the CEO is not reaching for the approved destination and is an unskilled driver for the SBD to intervene. Even so the structure of periodic meetings should be enough to guide the CEO and the organization. In my opinion, only after two or three annual cycles there is enough indication that a CEO is not performing well enough."

This is part 5 of this 6-part series on Corporate Governance and the Role of the Supervisory Board of Directors (SBD). In our next part tomorrow, we will answer the question how the role of the members of the SBD is viewed if they have to ultimately answer to their political masters who appointed them to the SBD? Dutch Caribbean News
Restoring coral reefs Saba Bank continues post-Hurricane

THE BOTTOM - The Saba Conservation Foundation continues to bring life to the coral reefs on the island of Saba, post-Hurricane Irma. Artificial habitats are projects now taking place to allow the restoring of reefs. "Eighty percent coverage is...

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Airport Saba closed for renovation during hurricane season

THE BOTTOM - A team from the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat and the Public Entity Saba decided to plan the renovating of the Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport during the hurricane season from September 10 to October 9....

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Children's Ombudsman must stand for the Caribbean...

KRALENDIJK - Children's ombudswoman Margrite Kalverboer thinks she can do a lot for children on Bonaire, even though her office is not located on the island. A previously proposed information center on Bonaire likely will be differently shaped....

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Consumer prices increasing faster on Saba

The Bottom, Saba- In the fourth quarter of 2017, consumer prices on Saba were 2.5 percent up over one year previously. In the previous quarter, Saban consumers still paid 1.3 percent less for goods and services year-on-year. The annual price...

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Saba featured in Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine

The Bottom, Saba - The Caribbean Tourism Marketing Agency has featured Saba in the 2018 first quarter edition of its digital magazine Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine. The magazine is distributed globally and published in January, April, July, ...

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Oil supply Venezuela to refinery will continue

WILLEMSTAD - The supply of crude oil from Venezuela to the refinery on Curaçao continues normally despite the closure of the border with Venezuela. That was what Prime Minister Rhuggenaath stated during the public meeting of parliament about the...

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"Dissolution decree could be annuled".
Too late Column
The real reasons for sanctions imposed from Venezuela

As you may have noticed the illustrious president of Venezuela mr. Maduro has ordered a freeze on commercial activity between the ABC islands and Venezuela. Reason for this is the supposedly big contraband there is between Venezuela and the ABC...

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'Pure Reggae' Kicks off Sunday

Featuring Remo & Barbwire Band ~ MIDDLE REGION - 'Pure Reggae', slated to bring good vibes that the entire family can enjoy, will kick off on Sunday, January 28, at Buccaneer Beach Bar with Remo and the Barbwire Band. An Xtratight production, in...

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Let's Cruise - Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean... is offering cruise vacations on the best and biggest cruise ships in the world with brand name cruises and destinations in the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean, ...

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Minister Wuite hands out certificates to students

PHILIPSBURG - On Thursday, January 18th more than one hundred students from nine participating primary schools and afternoon care organizations received certificates of appreciation from Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Jorien...

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COCI Board Members appoint new President

Philipsburg - The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry will like to inform the general public that on January 17th, 2018, where the newest members of the COCI's Board of Directors were sworn in after all of their credentials were...

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Minister Cornelius De Weever tours Port St. Maarten

PORT ST. MAARTEN - Minister of TEATT (Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications), the Honorable Cornelius de Weever, toured the Dr. A. C. Wathey Cruise & Cargo Facility on Monday June 22nd, accompanied by members of his...

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ANTEK/Lenovo donate Chromebooks to DigiTeenz schools MPC ...

CUL DE SAC - In 2017 both St. Maarten Academy and Milton Peters College started with the implementation of the DigiTeenz project. Next to the installation of a wired fiberoptic and wireless network, Foresee Foundation was able to also support...

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Political Panel about the Impact on and Future of the Arts

GREAT BAY - The Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performing Arts (CBA) will be hosting a Political Panel Discussion on Wednesday, February 7 th, 2018 at the Philipsburg Community and Cultural Centre on Backstreet from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The ...

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The Way I See it....

SINT MAARTEN/COMMENTARY - As I ponder over the latest campaign rhetoric, coming out of the USP camp, I wonder about the use of some words and terms by the USP's political leader.

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Masters Tax Consulting: Tax Reform in Sint Maarten is needed

PHILIPSBURG - Masters Tax Consulting (MTC) and Benjamin & Parker combined forces to present an article as a wakeup call for the Sint Maarten community to observe previous Government attempts to generate funds to meet the CFT (Ed Committee of...

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Sint Maarten Youth Parliament Resumes Programming

ST. PETERS - The Sint Maarten Youth Parliament resumes its full programming this week with a General Meeting on Friday January 26, 2018. With the disruptions caused by Hurricane Irma, the recruitment drive and training scheduled for September and ...

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Nature Foundation Teams up With Princess Cruise Lines

PHILIPSBURG - The St Maarten Nature Foundation teamed up with Cruise Passengers from Princess Cruise Lines, Fathom Travel and Carib Resorts in cleaning garbage and hurricane debris from Guana Bay Beach, St Maarten’s most critical turtle nesting beach

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VROMI Inspectors trying to stop work on basketball court

PHILIPSBURG: --- Inspectors from the department of VROMI showed up at the Great Bay Basket Ball Court that is currently under construction to issue a stop order. On the scene was former Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel who spoke to the...

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SXM Daily News - 24 Jan 2018
Carib TV Informer

Carib TV Informer news from Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

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