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With schools reopening on Monday, October 2nd, some parents are faced with a new dilemma: how to get their children who left the island before or after hurricane Irma back to St. Maarten with no commercial flights possible into SXM Airport until further notice. Hopefully, during the soft openings of schools today Thursday and tomorrow Friday, insight can be gotten as to exactly how many school children are off-island.

Besides the issue of schooling for children, many people are wondering whether they will have a job or not. Despite many businesses like the Yacht Club of Port De Plaisance announcing that they will be re-opening soon, the news that a court ruling confirms that reaching retirement age is sufficient grounds for termination will not sit well with many people in these times of uncertainty where jobs are concerned on the island.

Even entrepreneurs like Tim Dowling, an animation illustrator who was supposed to open a new business called Art House St. Maarten, which is now delayed by the storm, is uncertain about the future but is trying to be helpful to his family and hoping things start to pick up soon again. Read his account online here about his experiences during the passing of hurricane Irma and the aftermath and damage he witnessed.

Finally, we can report the following good news on the recovery front:

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In the meantime, read our assessment of the economic impact of Hurricane Irma for St. Maarten below in our Editorial section.
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Down but not out: Businesses reopening - TODAY - The...

GREAT BAY -Things are not what they used to be, but we see the island slowly but surely recovering from the devastation Hurricane Irma created. Some readers have asked us not to sugarcoat the situation. And while we don't intend to do that, we...

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Economic impact
It is impossible to estimate the economic impact of Hurricane Irma on St. Maarten right now. That the impact will be severe is obvious, but how bad is it going to be?... Read the rest online...
VROMI Announcements
The Ministry of VROMI has issued two very important announcements...
  1. They will be inspecting all damaged structures. All structures that are deemed a danger and damaged beyond repair will be marked for demolition.
  2. You need a building permit to reconstruct, repair or rebuild.
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In his official capacity as Guyana’s first Honorary Consul on St. Maarten, Cleveland Beresford said that now is the time for fathers to make some hard decisions if they want to help in the rebuilding of the country they now call their homes. Read the full story online.
The Philipsburg Jubilee Library has been hit by more than one disaster. First Hurricane Irma ripped through the building and then the looters came – not for books but for the computers from the computer lab. On Wednesday staff was busy listing the books that have to be discarded because they have been damaged by the rain. Read more online.
Government Info Page

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

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PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (Sunday September 24th, 2017) - Social & Health Insurances SZV will re-open Monday thru Friday as of Monday September 25th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm permitting stable electricity, water and internet connections. SZV will...

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Lexwell Attorneys at Law re-open for business

Our office has broad experience in advising on legal matters that are related to post-hurricane situations and can therefore assist clients with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in a number of specific areas.

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