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No good explanation for forgiving My Lucky Day debt...

PHILIPSBURG - Prime Minister Rafael Boasman initially did not have an answer to a question by about the justification for forgiving Randall Friday's lottery company My Lucky Day a 2.1 million debt in license fee arrears. "I...

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Dear Reader

Another successful cruise visit is behind us again.

We gladly celebrate each small achievement we can celebrate each day. Micro-achievements will make the big goal seem not so daunting and overwhelming if we continue to focus on small steps every day. They may be baby steps, but as long as they are steps forward, then we are heading in the right direction and we can celebrate and be happy.

Another reason to be happy is right around the corner. Christmas. Granted, not everyone may feel like it is Christmas. But it is that time of the year when families can come together and celebrate life. Fathers can sit with their sons. Mothers can sit with their daughters. Husbands can sit with their wives. Parents can sit with their children. Sit and just talk to each other. Real talk. Put away the smartphones. Turn off the television. Forget about Facebook, Whatsapp and what's not. Just be together as human beings and connect with one another, no matter the circumstances, not matter whether you have a roof over your heads or not, no matter how bleak the situation may seem, as long as you all have each other, you will prevail. All it takes is real communication to make real things happen in life.


Before we wrap up, Parliament is in full swing these days straight. Today, Thursday, December 7th, Parliament has a full day of sessions scheduled again. Here is the line up:

We will be enjoying the parliamentary sessions while you enjoy the newsletter and we will be eagerly looking forward to what's cooking in that big pot of potato soup the Worldbank has stewing for us. We hope there is meat in the pot.

The Publisher,

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Integrity Chamber draft law on its way to Parliament

PHILIPSBURG - The Council of Ministers sent the draft law Integrity Chamber on Tuesday to the office of Governor Holiday for forwarding to Parliament. Prime Minister, Rafael Boasman, said at Wednesday's Council of Ministers press briefing. "I...

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Minister Jacobs: "Government remains committed to USM"

PHILIPSBURG - "The government remains committed to the University of St. martin as the only line of higher education," caretaker Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs said on Wednesday. "This remains key; but the Council of Ministers also holds...

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Cruise ship Marella Discovery visit a success

PORT ST. MAARTEN - Marella Discovery of Marella Cruises, formerly Thomson Cruises, and part of the TUI Group, the world's leading travel company, was the second commercial cruise ship to visit Port St. Maarten. The vessel docked along the cruise...

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University woes
The financial quagmire the University of St. Martin finds itself in should not come as a surprise to anyone, especially not to politicians and decision makers.
Under its previous president, Annelies Oliver-Van den Assem, the institution teetered already on the brink of financial disaster and under her successor, Francio Guadeloupe, things apparently went from bad to worse. Is this a surprise? Poll

Yes - 35.7%
No - 14.3%
Just a campaign ploy - 50%

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Do you feel like Christmas is coming on St. Maarten?
Let's wait and see Cartoon
Where's the beef?

Political satirical cartoon

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Agriculture on St. Maarten - The Case of the Illusive Nut
Part 4 – How agriculture can boost tourism

Imagine a scenario where after the hurricane, the public could have still had direct access to fresh vegetables, fruits and fish instead of depending on imported canned goods and expired products. If there is to be about talk about rebuilding St. Maarten post-Irma, integrating food security as a means of survival after any disaster, should be the main topic in such a discussion. It is technically possible to set up indoor farming systems on the island. Even well-built houses can be equipped with indoor agriculture systems to grow food. With land available for agriculture limited on the island, creative and innovative systems should be considered and implemented in a post-hurricane re-development phase. Existing farmers should be encouraged to pool their resources and work together on land government can allot for agricultural development. Better yet, these farmers can be stimulated with government support and subsidies to use their agricultural knowledge to help design, build and promote indoor agriculture. Together with government, these farmers can set up an infrastructure to supply these home-grown produce to supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. Government assistance will be necessary because it is a fact that small-scale agriculture is expensive, but it is also the most productive form of agriculture that can exist on a small tourism-based island like St. Maarten. This form of agriculture can have a positive effect on tourism with freshly grown produce coming immediately from the agricultural stations direct to the tables of tourists at hotels and restaurants. In part 5 we will discuss how government's plans should include agriculture. News Stories
Book launch Thriller Chella and the Weird Woman

Philipsburg - The latest book by author Loekie Morales, beautifully illustrated by the realistic artist-painter Penka Petkova, named 'Chella and the Weird Woman/'Chella en het Vreemde Vrouwtje', is being baptized on Friday coming, December 8th...

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SXM Airport Appoints First CFO

SIMPSON BAY - The Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company (PJIAE NV), has appointed Mr. Ravi Daryanani as its first Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Daryanani who was until then Head of Finance in the island government, took office...

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Christmas is coming to Walter Plantz Square on Friday

PORT ST. MAARTEN - Christmas is coming to Walter Plantz Square (WPS) at Down Street on Friday afternoon, December 8 at Happy Hour. Come out and join the Lighting of the Annual Christmas tree at WPS at 7.00pm. End your week by kicking-off the...

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Pavilions officially handed over to schools

POND ISLAND - Two of the three pavilions which were received by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sport, via the Karel Doorman from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) in the Netherlands were officially handed over...

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Sint Maarten Nature Foundation's Bervoets Attends UN Program

Philipsburg - Managing Director of the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation Tadzio Bervoets this week attended the United Nations Environment Program/Caribbean Environment Program's meeting on Ecosystem Based Management in Panama City, Panama. The...

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POND ISLAND - The post-Irma Art Auction project is spear-headed by the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports which is a part of the #sxmstrong campaign facilitated by Lucinda Audain along with Education on the Move Project leader Angelique Roumou- ...

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TSA Gives SXM Airport Thumbs Up Post-Irma

SIMPSON BAY - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States has given the Princess Juliana International...

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PHILIPSBURG - Leader of the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) Gracita Arrindell states: "The Holiday season has arrived quietly. For thousands of local house -holds this means little or no Season at all.

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COCI Election for Small Business Sector Seats is December 15

PHILIPSBURG - The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) would like to inform the members on the results of the postulation of candidates for the Election for the Board of Directors of COCI, concluded on Monday December 4th, 2017 at...

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Library registration is open for Christmas Market

PHILIPSBURG -The Philipsburg Jubilee Library (PJL) will be hosting her annual Christmas Market on Thursday, December 21st, from 10 am to 8pm at the library's parking lot. The Library's annual Christmas Market festivities will be hosting crafters...

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The Netherlands Red Cross: helping thousands of people...

SIMPSON BAY - In the first three months after the devastating Hurricane Irma, the Red Cross has distributed relief supplies to more than 26,700 people on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. However, the heavily damaged island still needs support ...

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Postponing elections is unconstitutional

Dear Editor, Many people are saying they are fed up and tired of elections and that they are not going out to vote. Since 2010 Sint Maarten has had three elections. In September 2010, August 2014, and September 2016. And on February 26, 2018 the...

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