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Patios in trouble; MP Buncamper wants cleanup

PHILIPSBURG - A few hundred meters away from the Government Building on Pond Island, on government land next to the dump, a human drama unfolds. Residents are starving, and some had no running water or electricity for more than a week. Illegal...

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Stranded couples fly home to USA with Delta Airlines flight

Exclusive interview with two American couples about their bittersweet departure ~ PHILIPSBURG - US citizens who had been vacationing in St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius, were able to fly home on a humanitarian flight from St. Maarten to...

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Feature Article: Is Online Shopping and Delivery Finally Coming to St. Maarten?

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NAGICO Insurances Cannegieter Branch Office Reopened For Business; Encourages Customers to Use Online Services
INSIDE St. Maarten news magazine - The Zero Edition

INSIDE is a new news magazine for St. Maarten INSIDERS with news from INSIDE St. Maarten, including INdepth articles, INteresting INterviews, INtertaining stories and INspiring columns. See one of our articles below here: an INdepth look at ...

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In this article we went INSIDE St. Maarten to see how people experienced the island under the threat of the coronavirus and hunger as a result of the lockdown. Hundreds were without jobs and some even stranded on the island. Read their story here...

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PM Jacobs: "Unions should be more reasonable"

PHILIPSBURG - The government's decision to accept the kingdom's conditions for liquidity support is not going down well with civil servant and their unions. That much is clear from the meeting the unions organized at the Little League Ball Park...

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No protection for civil servants against lower salaries

PHILIPSBURG - Now that the government has accepted the Kingdom's conditions for liquidity support, the salaries of civil servants and politicians are up for review: a 25 percent cut in the remuneration of politicians and a 12.5 percent cut for...

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COM dialogue on Dutch loan conditions with Unions

Late Friday afternoon into evening, May 22, 2020, the Council of Ministers met with the unified unions of St. Maarten in order to clarify the proposal made by the Dutch Government and approved by the Kingdom Council on May 15, 2020, related to...

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Dutch Parliament backs up conditions for liquidity support

THE HAGUE - Members of the Dutch parliament support the conditions State secretary Drs. Raymond Knops has imposed on Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten for the provision of liquidity support, but some parliamentarians doubt that the countries will be ...

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What is reasonable?

By Hilbert Haar ~ Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs has appealed to labor unions to be more reasonable in their approach to the government since it has become clear that said unions are squarely opposed to the looming 12.5 percent salary cut for civil..

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Under duress

By Hilbert Haar ~ Motions are the political banana peel of the political arena. In St. Maarten they seldom result in the desired action expressed in a motion and only in extreme cases (like with a motion of no confidence) do they result in the fall..

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MP Wescot Poses Questions on Negotiations and Conditions

PHILIPSBURG - It is interesting to see how the Government is managing its negotiations with the unions representing government workers. While on May 19th, the Government presented to Parliament a so-called take it or leave it deal from the...

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Prosecution settles with accountants in card-swipe fraud

WILLEMSTAD - KPMG Meijburg & Co Caribbean has accepted a settlement of 140,000 guilders ($78,212) from the Public Prosecutor's Office to prevent criminal prosecution. A manager of the company pays 65,000 guilders ($36,313). The settlements follow ...

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Central Bank postponed 40-million bond issue

PHILIPSBURG - The Ministry of Finance has sent a reminder to the Netherlands about a 40 million-guilders loan financial supervisor Cft approved in August of last year. While the Netherlands has a "current subscription" to these loan requests, so...

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NRPB negotiates extension of Trust Fund deadline

PHILIPSBURG - "A high-level overview of the Trust Fund, applicable procedures, ongoing projects and challenges." This is how the National Reconstruction Program Bureau (NRPB) describes the Focus Audit on the Reconstruction Funds for St. Maarten...

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Holland hasn't subscribed to the bond sent in 2019 The Country of Sint Maarten has made preparations in the past year to finance part of its capital expenditure by issuing a public bond for an amount of NAF 40 million. The Kingdom Act Financial...

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St. Maarten Weather Updates & Forecasts

St. Maarten Weather Forecast: Wednesday to Thursday DATE ISSUED: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 @ 18:00 LST (22:00 UTC) VALID UNTIL: Thursday evening (18:00 LST) May 28, 2020 WEATHER: Tonight through Thursday evening: Partly cloudy, becoming cloudy at times

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Office of DM calls for Hurricane Season Preparations

An above-normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has been forecasted by the U.S. National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center with up to 19-named storms, of which 10 could become hurricanes, and of those, six...

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99 primary school teachers test positive for COVID-19

The Dutch official coronavirus death toll rose by 15 to 5,871 on Wednesday, the public health institute RIVM said. The number of hospitalisations rose by seven to 11,697 while a further 190 people tested positive for the virus, taking that total...

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Time needed for EU COVID-19 plan: Rutte

The Netherlands is involved in 'intensive and constructive' contact with other EU countries and members of the European Commission about plans to set up a multi billion euro coronavirus recovery fund, prime minister Mark Rutte told reporters on...

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Companies that get help to pay wages now fined for sacking

Firms which get government support to help pay wages and then go on to sack at least 20 members of staff will have to pay a fine after all, sources have told broadcaster NOS.

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Are the unions doing the right thing for their members?
I don't know
Poll sponsored by  StMaartenFlowers.comwhere you order online and we deliver offline. Promotional Ads News in Dutch
Orkaan COVID-19

door John Leerdam ~ Er zijn orkanen en er zijn orkanen. Er zijn orkanen zoals Irma, en er is een orkaan zoals COVID-19 die wereldwijd economieën heeft verwoest. Kwetsbare economieën zoals die op Curaçao worden extra zwaar getroffen.

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Nieuwe regels op Aruba duwen ongedocumenteerden armoede in

ORANJESTAD - "De nieuwe vergunningsregels voor de bouw zijn onzinnig. Ik wil werken en niet mijn hand ophouden." Venezolaan Luis* zit al zes jaar zonder papieren op Aruba en nu ook zonder baan. Dat komt niet alleen door de coronacrisis, vertelt hij.

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Honderden Curaçaose families door geldgebrek afgesloten...

WILLEMSTAD - "Al vier jaar is deze alleenstaande moeder afgesloten van water", vertelt Alejandro van Putten, van de Verenigde Dominicanen op Curaçao. De vrouw is niet de enige: Honderden families op Curaçao zijn door financiële problemen van...

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Curaçaose vissers sceptisch over post-coronaplannen van...

WILLEMSTAD - De eigen economie versterken en verbreden en minder afhankelijk worden van toerisme of steun uit Nederland, zo wil Curaçao verder na de coronacrisis. Eén van de sectoren waarin de regering hoopt te groeien is de visserij. Of dat in...

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