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World Bank focuses on risk reduction and recovery

PHILIPSBURG - The involvement of the World Bank with the reconstruction of St. Maarten is starting to take shape, after the World Bank's representatives - Doekle Wielinga and Edouard Ereno-Blanchet - paid a courtesy visit to interim Prime...

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Dear Reader

We can't help shake the feeling that it is going to be a while before St. Maarten sees the funds from the World Bank allocated to where it is badly needed.

In today's report on the World Bank, we read too many big words and too many acronyms. GFDDR, NRP, ECLAC, PDNA, etc. etc.. All this spells to us is B U R E A U C R A C Y and too much bureaucracy is not efficient and helps no one, certainly not the people that need it most. We hope we are wrong, but we just can't shake the feeling.

In yesterday's poll, 61,5% of the respondents indicated that St. Maarten/St. Martin never had border control at its borders between French & Dutch sides. However, our information indicate otherwise. We hear stories from the old people about guard houses at all the border crossings back in the day. These were manned by police officers. Can any of our local historians - if we have - confirm this?

Today we have published part 2 of our new dossier on " Corporate Governance and the Role of the Supervisory Board of Directors". A timely topic just as the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce installs the new board for 2018.

We also have a new feature writer, Chris Morvan, whose writings will only exclusively be available to our Yearly subscribers and Corporate Account holders. Click here for his first feature article and introduction to our readers.

In his opinion piece today, Hilbert Haar muses about the astonishing donation Jump Up Casino made to the Rotary Club and the Lions Club. Personally, this publisher is never astonished by the amount of money that circulates in St. Maarten.

That is why Government also always miraculously finds money for certain expenditures, but mysteriously there is no money for a department of judicial services.

But at least we have money for elections.

Have a great day!

The Publisher

PS: Please email your press releases, public announcements and bulletin board notices to We urge you to include a photo as often as possible. Feature Article

A newcomer's view of St Maarten/St Martin ~ By Chris Morvan ~ The island where I find myself has a split personality. It can't make up its mind if its name is Martin or Maarten. Nor is it consistent about what language it speaks. Look it up on the...

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Prime Minister Romeo Marlin welcomes World Bank team

PHILIPSBURG - On Friday January 19th, Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin welcomed a delegation of the World Bank at the Government Building. During the meeting, the Prime Minister and the head of the World Bank team, Mr. Doekle Wielinga, discussed ...

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No money: Ministry scraps Department of Judicial Services

PHILIPSBURG - The financial situation of the Ministry of Justice is "alarming" former Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman writes in a national decree dated January 12, the Friday before the interim-government was sworn in on Monday January 15....

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Minister Wuite encourages joining in construction training

PHILIPSBURG - Persons interested in becoming employed in the Building Construction sector now have a unique opportunity to follow a six (6) months training in Trinidad to become a certified tradesman. The Division for Study Financing, the...

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Minister De Weever visits St. Maarten inmates in Curacao

Great Bay, Sint. Maarten - Recently appointed Minister of Justice, Cornelius De Weever during his working visit to Curacao for the twice yearly Justice Ministerial Meeting between all the Justice Ministers of the Dutch Caribbean islands was also...

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NIA to host panel discussion TALK ART today, Tuesday

PHILIPSBURG - National institute of Arts to host panel discussion TALK ART featuring Broadway Dance Center (BDC) Alumni Eolia Ada, Giovanni Webster, Natorii Illidge, Bianca Dijkhoffz and Marine Caillet. The 5 Artist have all recently in different ...

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CORRECTION: NIA host conference on Thursday, Jan. 25th

Philipsburg - National Institute of Arts in collaboration with Armelle Six to host "How to live again, after the worst has occurred" Conference on THURSDAY, January 25, 2018. As part of the NIA's ART HEALS program, the St. Maarten community is...

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Police request assistance in connection with armed robbery

Philipsburg - The Special Unit Robbery is requesting assistance from the general public in connection with ongoing armed robbery investigation Le Grand Marche, which took place on November 1st, 2017. Attached to this press release are photos of...

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Astonishing donation

By Hilbert Haar ~ Did anybody wonder about the astonishing donation of $46,694 the Jump Up Casino made to the Rotary Club and the Lions Club? I'm not questioning the gesture - on the contrary - but I was blown away by the sheer amount and even more..

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Political Cartoon

Political satirical cartoon

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Introducing NA Candidate #16, Nicardo McQuilkin

Dear Constituents, Candidate No.16 on National Alliance! New Face, New Direction and MORE OPPORTUNITY. My Motto: Creating better opportunities and possibilities for All. It is with great honor and privilege that I take this moment to introduce...

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Take the Challenge with NA candidate #13 Jimmy Challenger

“For a second time I am asking the people of St. Maarten to Take the Challenge with me and vote for a candidate that stands behind the need for political stability on St. Maarten. As an elected Member of Parliament of St. Maarten, the two focal..."

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Morales: Recovery of Sint Maarten more than restoring...

PHILIPSBURG - "After every hurricane, there is a tendency to focus on the reconstruction of the damaged place, by restoring buildings and the infrastructure. It seems a logical way of thinking directly after a devastation," Political Candidate...

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The Motion of No Confidence

In general a Motion is a question or issue put to a vote in Parliament expressing its position on a particular topic or issue, its feelings or view, a desire or an instruction of Parliament on any particular subject. A Motion must be submitted in ...

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Corporate Governance & The Role of the Supervisory Board of Directors (Part 2)
For our upcoming feature length article about the Supervisory Board of Directors (SBD), we posed the following questions to several experts on Corporate Governance:

  1. What are the specific roles of the SBD?
  2. Can the SBD give the CEO instructions? Can the SBD only advise? Or give guidelines?
  3. Is it normal for SBD members to be in a company on a daily basis, sitting in the CEO's office and giving the staff instructions?
  4. When or under what circumstances can a SBD take over the management of a company?
  5. Politics being what it is on a small island like St. Maarten, how do you view the role of the members of the SBD who has to ultimately answer to their political masters who appointed them to the SBD?
  6. When or under what circumstances can the SBD be held liable for the results of the company?

In answer to question 2 whether the SBD can give the CEO instructions; or if the SBD can only advise or give give guidelines, Miguel Goede had this to say:

The CEO is the organ who is in the driver’s seat of the company. The CEO is responsible and decides what route he is going to take. He does so based on the plans he presented and discussed with the SBD. Once the plans have been approved, the SBD monitors the execution and once a year discusses the performance of the CEO. The SBD cannot give instructions to the CEO. The CEO is accountable and can be brought for the court for his actions.

This is part 2 of this 6-part series on Corporate Governance and the Role of the Supervisory Board of Directors (SBD). In our next part tomorrow, we will answer the questions whether Is it normal for the SBD members to be in a company on a daily basis, sitting in the CEO's office and giving the staff instructions? Dutch Caribbean News
Dutch Minister Grapperhaus visits Court of Justice

Willemstad - The Dutch Minister of Justice and Security Prof. mr. Ferdinand Grapperhaus has paid a courtesy visit to the Common Court of Justice. Here he was received by President of the Court, mr. Eunice Saleh, accompanied by director of...

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Chamber of Commerce Saba and St. Eustatius gets help

THE BOTTOM - State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops, responded to a letter of further financial assistance from the Chamber of Commerce Saba & Statia. Post-Hurricane Irma, the business community on Saba and St....

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Curaçao's Carnival has a new queen

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao has a new Carnival queen: Christine Dania. She was elected to become this year's Reina di Karnaval last Saturday. Little by little this year's carnival is getting its shape. Today is also the first day of the Tumba Festival....

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Premier Rhuggenaath: "It's time to ask ourselves why...

WILLEMSTAD - Now that Venezuela still does not allow any maritime or air traffic to the ABC islands, according to the Prime Minister of Curaçao, Eugene Rhuggenaath it is time to ask the question again why the South American country took the...

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Illegally received goods from Venezuela will be returned

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - The countries of the Kingdom are willing to return goods illegally imported from Venezuela to Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire. This is what the Dutch Minister Halbe Zijlstra of Foreign Affairs said in a letter sent to the...

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Yes - 38.5%
No - 61.5%                     

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Will St. Maarten ever be able to make use of the Recovery Funds in full?
No Column
Hub-spoke airlift in the Caribbean

by Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ A hub-spoke distribution network is a system of connections arranged like a wheel in which all traffic moves along spokes connected to the hub at the center. Since we are dealing with airlift, we are obviously talking about...

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Permit holders claim they are being forced from Mullet Bay

MULLET BAY, Sint Maarten - After years of harassment, bullying and sabotage David and Leopold York of DALEO's Snack are calling for a stop to the underhanded tactics displayed by the owner of Mullet Bay Beach Resort and its representative...

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Let's Cruise - Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean... is offering cruise vacations on the best and biggest cruise ships in the world with brand name cruises and destinations in the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean, ...

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Bulletin Board Notices & Announcements

PUBLIC NOTICE January 22, 2018 NV GEBE regrets to inform the general public that the Electricity supply to PETERS HILL (Guavaberry, part of Coco Plum Road and surrounding area) will be interrupted on Wednesday January 24, 2018 from 9:00 am until...

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Chamber of Commerce St. Maarten presents new board members

Philipsburg - The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce (COCI) and Industry would like to welcome its newest members to the Board of Directors. Small Business sector: The names are Annuska Friday-Illis, Bertaux Simon Fleming & Nikhil Kukreja. Large...

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Bonaire Chamber of Commerce installs new Board

Kralendijk- The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bonaire (the Chamber) has elected a new chairman and vice-chairman in its first board meeting of the year 2018. Huub de Groot was elected once again as president of the Board while Mr. H. J.L....

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SFC funds additional $370.000 in post Irma relief...

PHILIPSBURG - Post Irma, 'Samenwerkende Fondsen voor het Caribisch deel van het Koninkrijk' (SFC) made a substantial donation of €500.000,- for immedi...

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CIBC FirstCaribbean appoints new Chief Information Officer

SINT MAARTEN/BARBADOS - Regional bank CIBC FirstCaribbean recently announced the appointment of Esan Peters as Chief Information Officer and Managing Director, Technology & Operations, with effect from 1st February 2018. The former St. Leonard's...

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Finance Committee of Parliament to meet Banker's Association

The Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 10.00 am in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelminastraat #1 in Philipsburg. The Bankers Association will be present.

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Permanent Committee of Kingdom Affairs meeting today

The CKAIR Committee meeting which was scheduled for October 26, 2017 will take place on Tuesday at 09.00 am in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelminastraat #1 in Philipsburg. The agenda points to be discussed are: Approval...

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EPIC restarts free educational program for 2018

PHILIPSBURG:--- Environment Protection of the Caribbean (EPIC) Foundation has restarted its free educational program for the new year 2018. This means more interactive and educational presentations for school students of all ages and diverse...

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SXM Daily News - 22 Jan 2018
SXM Daily News January 22, 2018

SXM Daily News January 22, 2018

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