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Prime Minister Jacobs: "Shops will reopen on Thursday"

PHILIPSBURG - As of Thursday April 16th, Government will allow more residents to access grocery stores and supermarkets within their neighborhoods. Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs (NA) announced the easing measure on Easter Monday during a live...

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Samuel: System not designed for deliveries

PHILIPSBURG - Minister of Education Drs. Rodolphe Samuel was called out on social media as owner of Marguerita Grocery in Middle Region to deliver free bread to the community in support of those who need food and could not get via the announced...

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Richardson: "I can't let the men and women of service down."

PHILIPSBURG - Justice Minister Anna Richardson expressed her thanks this morning to the St. Maarten Medical Center medical team and all first responders. "I want to thank you for your sacrifice," said the minister, who has designated the nearby...

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Cruise ships barred from sailing US waters until July

PHILIPSBURG - The US government keeps cruise ships out of US controlled waters for at least 100 days, counting from March 14th, when the first No Sail Order was issued. There are still more than 100 cruise ships at sea, with 90.000 crew members....

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What's next?

There is a meme on social media depicting COVID-19 as a tsunami wave while behind that wave is a bigger tsunami wave with the name "Recession". We think this an appropriate way of how we see things developing right now. Because, as we keep looking...

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Jimmy Challenger: Use our downtime to plan Economic Reforms

"On an annual basis our country confronts the hurricane season, some of which have brought disastrous damage to our shores, including Hurricane Irma in 2017. As a result of these super storms, our economic activities come to almost a complete...

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A People In Solidarity - Part 2

All over the world this pandemic is showing the inequalities present in communities; social and economic inequalities. It is also exposing governments and leaders and quickly separating the wheat from the chaff. However, with many people focused...

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SMMC releases its COVID-19 response video

CAY HILL - In keeping the general public of St. Maarten and surrounding islands informed about the hospital's response to the COVID-19 pandemic so far, St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) released a 2- minute video today via SMMC's social media...

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Sint Maarten: Intense testing to be done in 'hot spots'

Authorities have identified some coronavirus COVID-19 "hot spots" in the country as a result of contact tracing conducted particularly with the last sets of positive cases that are were not under Collective Prevention Services (CPS) monitoring...

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Committee exasperated about lack of progress at the prison

PHILIPSBURG - The justice ministry does not have a grip on the detention facilities in St. Maarten. "The ministry has not freed up capacity for it and it is functioning badly. That hinders the prison management because the authority over...

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Progress Committee: justice ministry is not in control

PHILIPSBURG - The Progress Committee writes in its 36th report that the situation at the prison still leaves much to be desired - to put it mildly. The report covers the last quarter of 2019, though the committee executed its inspection tour in...

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UPDATED: COVID-19 cases increase to two, 70 in quarantine

SABA (THE BOTTOM) - There are now two confirmed COVID-19 cases on the island of Saba and the number persons under quarantine has grown to 70. The Government of Saba has also released information related to the various processes that have been put ...

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Lockdown announcement causes panic buying in Saba

Seemingly within moments of Island Governor Jonathan Johnson announcing a mandatory two-week lock-down in response to Saba's first confirmed case of coronavirus COVID-19, many persons descended on the only remaining grocery store to buy groceries ...

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Dutch official coronavirus death toll has risen by 86

The Dutch official coronavirus death toll rose by 86 overnight, according to the Monday update from the public health institute RIVM. This takes the official number of people who have died from coronavirus to 2,823, the RIVM said.

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Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know

We've collected our main articles about coronavirus in the Netherlands into one place, to make it easier for you to find the information you need. And do please feel free to share your questions, comments and ideas with us so we can continue to...

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Help for Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten..

THE HAGUE - The inhabitants of all the six Caribbean islands can count on an extra 42 intensive care beds and other forms of medical support from the Netherlands, writes minister Raymond Knops (Kingdom Relations) in a letter Tuesday to...

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Supermarkets on Sint Maarten delivering during lockdown

PHILIPSBURG - Supermarkets on Sint Maarten will be allowed to deliver groceries 'in emergency case' starting on Tuesday. This was announced by prime minister Silveria Jacobs on Monday evening. Individuals with financial problems can ask the...

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Caribbean youth encourage unity during corona crisis

THE HAGUE - Gilberto Morishaw was feeling down. Due to the corona measures, he no longer has a new job. He can't finish his thesis either. So he decided to put all his energy into connecting and supporting the Caribbean community through his...

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Bonaire Starts 'Drive-Thru' Covid Testing

After the Easter weekend the Public Health Department of the OLB starts, in association with Fundashon Mariadal, testing by means of a 'COVID drive-thru'. Thus far tests were only taken from the patient at home, but with this new method Bonaire...

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Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman onderweg

Van onze correspondent Den Helder - Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman is gisteren vanuit Den Helder vertrokken naar het Caribisch gebied. Defensie zet het ondersteuningsschip in om de autoriteiten op de eilanden direct te kunnen ondersteunen in de...

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Coronavirus nu ook op Saba: Vrees voor meer gevallen

THE BOTTOM - Op Saba is de eerste persoon positief getest op coronavirus. De patiënt heeft milde klachten. De persoon is de afgelopen weken niet op reis geweest en dus op het eiland zelf besmet geraakt. Dit betekent volgens de medische experts in ...

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Curaçao garandeert dat inwoners geen honger lijden...

DEN HAAG - Inwoners hoeven volgens regeringsvertegenwoordiger Anthony Begina niet bang te zijn dat ze de komende maanden niet kunnen eten op Curaçao. "Daar zorgt de overheid voor", zegt de gevolmachtigde minister. Het eiland kent al voor de...

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Coronamaatregelen op Curaçao verlengd...

WILLEMSTAD - De coronamaatregelen op Curaçao zijn met twee weken verlengd. Een klap voor ondernemers, maar volgens epidemioloog Izzy Gerstenbluth 'nodig om de curve te vernietigen'. Dat is het beleid op Curaçao, want Curaçao heeft niet de ruimte...

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