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St. Maarten is going to need massive financial support

Central Bank interim-President Jardim sounds the alarm: St. Maarten needs humongous financial support ~ PHILIPSBURG - St. Maarten's government needs between 86 and 104 million guilders ($48 to $58.1 million) per month to stay afloat for ...

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A nightmare scenario

By Hilbert Haar ~ For anybody who thought St. Maarten would be able to weather the corona-virus crisis on its own, José Jardim, the interim president of the Central Bank presented some sobering numbers during a press conference in Willemstad. In a...

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Be like Oblomov

By Hilbert Haar ~ Amazing the things you discover when you are locked up in your house. It's not that I'm bored but I found out that the balcony in front of my bedroom is 22 tiles long and ten tiles wide. Each tile measures twenty by twenty...

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322 persons under self-quarantine; 22 tested; 2 positive

Prime Minister Jacobs provides overview of weekend arrivals of Sint Maarten residents who returned home ~ GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) - Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said on Sunday that the country has two confirmed positive cases of...

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NAGICO encourages clients to use their online services

GREAT BAY - Given the rapid spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 in our region, the health and safety of the population is of paramount importance. With this in mind, NAGICO Insurances is encouraging our clients to make use of our online services...

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St Maarten Parliament first to pass a law via remote meeting

PHILIPSBURG - The Parliament of St. Maarten on Monday became the first Parliament body in the history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to digitally vote on a law. President of Parliament MP Rolando Brison (UP) chaired the historic meeting on...

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Recommendations for Our Challenging Times Ahead

Dear Editor, In these challenging times, we must come together to help our country of St. Maarten and her people get through yet another crisis. The impact of COVID-19 on St. Maarten likely will be far more devastating than the destructive impact ...

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Debate about total lockdown or #flattenthecurve

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) advises the countries within the Kingdom not to proceed to a complete lockdown. Despite the increase in the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the Netherlands, it is important,...

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After Social Distancing, let's talk Economic Rapprochement

Not all catastrophes produce a Renaissance. It is striking how big the problems for the private sector already are. The middle class, the backbone of the economy, is in danger of collapsing under the pressure of political measures related to...

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The Mayans already knew about 2020

by Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ Archeologist Professore Anzio de Castamilliana y Fonsata, when excavating in the Central American region of San Ramador, recently found a Mayan tablet with inscriptions. He was able to decipher them with Google Translator....

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Nobody seemed familiar with the term social distancing

The corona-virus in Kuala Lumpur: Nobody seemed familiar with the term social distancing. By Hilbert Haar ~ I briefly wondered whether it was wise to travel abroad towards the end of January. We wanted to escape the extreme heat in Siem Reap,...

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Recycling bins placed in St. Peters

ST. PETERS - Wastefactory Sint Maarten, in collaboration with the annual SXM DOET project, installed two recycling bins in the community of St. Peters. The St. Peters Emergency Organization Group (SPEOG),via a press release, would like to extend...

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No construction freeze for the Red Cross

PHILIPSBURG - Businesses and shops in Philipsburg are closed, schools in Front Street and Back Street are closed. The silence in the city is broken only by sporadic traffic and the crowing of roosters. Except for Downtown, where hammering and...

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White and Yellow Cross on Sint Maarten: 'we are prepared...

PHILIPSBURG - Caregivers of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation on Sint Maarten continue their tireless work on the island of caring for the elderly and disabled individuals, even in the face of the coronavirus. The foundation says that it ...

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The Dutch ban gatherings until June 1, mayors more power

The Netherlands has brought in a ban on all organised gatherings of more than three people until June 1 and will give mayors the power to fine people who break the rules - including those who do not keep 1.5 metres from others.

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Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know

We've collected our main articles about coronavirus in the Netherlands into one place, to make it easier for you to find the information you need. And do please feel free to share your questions, comments and ideas with us so we can continue to...

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Corona crisis: Knops looking into how to help islands

THE HAGUE - Minister Knops (Kingdom Relations) wants to look into how Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten can be helped out financially. The islands will also experience economic setbacks due to the corona outbreak. The Caribbean municipalities...

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Companies in Caribbean municipalities will also receive help

THE HAGUE - The Caribbean municipalities can also count on a financial aid package from the Dutch government. Individuals and companies who suffer a loss of income due to the corona crisis will receive a compensation.

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Hospital Sint Maarten will send patients to Curaçao ...

PHILIPSBURG - The Sint Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) has signed an agreement with the Curaçao Medical Center to treat patients who need acute emergency care but cannot be treated in the SMMC. The reason for this agreement are the border closures...

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To stop crime from escalating, should the Marines be deployed?
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Journalist Caribisch Netwerk gearresteerd tijdens avondklok

ORANJESTAD - Journalist Sharina Henriquez van Caribisch Netwerk is zondag rond half tien 's avonds op Aruba gearresteerd door de politie, omdat ze tijdens de avondklok op straat aan het werk was. Ook kreeg de journalist een boete van duizend...

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Geen bouwstop voor Rode Kruis

PHILIPSBURG - Bedrijven en winkels in Philipsburg zijn gesloten, scholen in Front Street en Back Street zijn dicht. De stilte in de stad wordt slechts verbroken door sporadisch verkeer en het gekraai van hanen. Behalve Downtown, daar klinkt...

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Behandeling strafzaken achter gesloten deuren

PHILIPSBURG - De behandeling van een groot aantal rechtszaken is uitgesteld omwille van COVID-19. Strafzaken die de komende week wel doorgang vinden, zijn niet langer openbaar. "De behandeling vindt plaats achter gesloten deuren, zonder publiek," ...

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Analyse: Nos mes/so por? Laat realisme zegevieren

'Nos mes por' (Wij kunnen het zelf) heeft jarenlang gezorgd voor maatschappelijke maar vooral politieke discussie (en verdeeldheid). Het is vooral een emotioneel debat of, zo men wil, de wens is de vader van de gedachte (=je gelooft iets omdat je ...

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