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Guyana Consul to assist with renunciations

GREAT BAY - Guyanese who have not renounced their former nationality to obtain the Dutch passport will be able to do it through the office of the Honorary Consul to Guyana Cleveland Beresford whose office is situated on Back Street, Philipsburg....

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Dear Reader

Our travelling writer Hilbert Haar weighs in on the outcome of the Buncamper appeal case with an opinion piece entitled " Moral aspects ".

With the victory lap made along the many media outlets yesterday one would tend to forget what the court case was all about and how it all got started.

Seeing the outcome, it is obvious that moral behavior can not be policed by laws alone as these are often not sufficient to encompass all aspects of morality. For that, laws need to be adapted and human behavior needs a heavy dose of medicine called ' Integrity '.

Happy readings!


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Moral aspects

By Hilbert Haar ~ Well, well well. Hear hear. The appeals court has acquitted Maria Buncamper-Molanus and her husband Claudius of quite some charges in the so-called Eco Green-investigation. Terms like 'no crime was committed' and 'I have done...

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Codes of Conduct

A post on Facebook caught our attention today. The topic was Codes of Conduct. Apparently, this was triggered by screenshots of a chat conversation circulating on Whatsapp. For all intents and purposes, the chat conversation seems to be between a ...

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7-parts series about the Public Prosecutor's Office views on the lead times of investigations
This is a special report brought to you by outlining the views of the Public Prosecutor's Office on the statutes of limitations pertaining to the length of investigations, in particular those of politicians, other public figures and prominent citizens on St. Maarten.

The introduction to this special report can be read online via the following article:

Part 6 - Can prosecutor investigations not be done faster?

In part 5 we questioned whether it is allowed for investigations to last so long, whether the so-called "statutes of limitations" exist and are applicable and who checks and oversees this.

In this part we will discuss the question whether prosecutor investigations can not be executed any faster.

The Public Prosecutor's Office states that it strives for speed in the investigation process. This is partly dependent on the capacity of the police, which is now heavily understaffed. Fortunately, since the passing of hurricane Irma the Dutch police have been providing assistance to the local police force.

From the moment that a person can reasonably assume that a prosecution will be started against him, the so-called reasonable term starts running. From that moment on, the case would have to be completed within two years, with the exception of special circumstances. In case of appeal, this will take two years longer. Particularly in the more complex cases, it can sometimes take longer for a judgment to be issued.

The Public Prosecutor's Office says it is working on an improved registration process to gain insight into the turnaround times. The starting point is to modernize the working methods, such as working digitally in the criminal justice system, modernizing the Criminal Codes ('Wetboek van Strafvordering') and implementing various instruments such as JASAP (Justice As Soon As Possible, a variant of the ZSM method that is used in the Netherlands), 'Verkeerstorens' (5-weekly consultations) and "Get it right the first time" (aimed at scheduling and counteracting waste of court times).

According to the press officer of the Public Prosecutor's Office, these policies will be further explained in the annual plans 2018 and 2019 of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

As previously stated, policies of the Public Prosecutor's Office are also discussed in tripartite meetings between the Chief Public Prosecutor, the Chief of Police and the Minister of Justice. Ultimately, it is the Minister of Justice who is politically responsible to give account to the Parliament of St. Maarten.

In part 7 - the last part in this series, we asked whether the rules on St. Maarten when it comes to investigations are different from those in the Netherlands. Top Stories
RST says claims about phone tapping 'untrue'

PHILIPSBURG--Kingdom Detective Cooperation Team RST spokesperson Roderick Gouverneur has dismissed as untrue concerns raised by UD MP Theo Heyliger that the RST was possibly monitoring phone calls without the required permission to do so.

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Venezuelan gang responsible for Goldfinger robbery sentenced

Gendarmes on the scene of the October 22, 2014, robbery of the Goldfinger store on Rue de la République. (Photo Le Pélican) - MARIGOT -- The Court in Guadeloupe has sentenced 2 the of 3 Venezuelan gang members involved in a spectacular 2014 robbery.

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Many acquittals but Buncampers found guilty of tax fraud

PHILIPSBURG -- The Common Court of Justice has sentenced former Public Health Minister Maria Buncamper-Molanus and her husband Claudius to a 25,000-guilders fine and 240 hours of community service each for tax fraud with their bogus company Eco...

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Court reopens Casablanca-investigation

PHILIPSBURG - The Common Court of Justice has reopened the investigation in the so-called Casablanca-case about the exploitation of prostitutes and depriving these women of their freedom. The Court in First Instance sentenced all suspects in this ...

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SOL employees safe for now

GREAT BAY - Although seventy five percent of SOL Limited has been sold to the Parkland Fuel Corporation which is said to be North America's fastest growing independent marketers of fuel and petroleum products, it will not affect the employees in...

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SXM Anti-Poverty Platform launched video documentary

Philipsburg, St. Maarten-Wednesday coming October 17 th, all governments and societies of the world will be observing the 2018 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The Sint Maarten Anti-Poverty Platform in observation of this day...

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Ombudsman starts Systemic Investigation regarding PJIAE ...

Philipsburg - The Ombudsman, Dr. Nilda Arduin, has started a systemic investigation at the level of the functionally responsible Minister, into the procurement process/Procurement Management Policy of Princess Juliana International Airport...

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WINAIR invests in new ground handling equipment

Philipsburg - WINAIR recently took delivery of 3 new GPU's (Ground Power Units) and 4 tugs in order to handle its own flights and those of its growing 3rd party customers in St. Maarten. WINAIR daily operates 37 Twin Otter flights and 5 ATR...

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Last letter from Luang Prabang

By Hilbert Haar ~ On a Wednesday morning, I get up at 5.45 a.m. We'll be on the road again today and I start thinking that we ought to slow down a bit. Nine countries in the not even one hundred days since we left St. Maarten at the end of June ...

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The Great (Train) Journey - part 7

By Hilbert Haar ~ Super typhoon Magnkhut has missed Hanoi and barreled into southern China, so Myriam and I feel confident traveling back up north with the intention to visit the mountainous region of Sapa. Big mistake; more about that later....

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Why Brazil's Bankers Back Jair Bolsonaro

The dramatic surge in Brazilian markets is not the only factor lifting animal spirits among senior business leaders and financiers in São Paulo this week. The prospect of right-wing congressman Jair Bolsonaro winning the presidency and...

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Countries Are Dead, So It's Time to Think Differently

OZY has spent the last nine months reporting from every country on earth for our Around the World project, and we've noticed something surprising: "Countries" don't really mean as much as they once did.

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Canada to become the largest country to legalize marijuana

Skin up. Vape away. Get busy with those cookies. Canada is set to become the largest country in the world - and only the second - to fully legalize recreational marijuana, a move that will bring cheers to the millions of Canadians who already use ...

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Newly appointed TBO's Communications Officer Introduced...

SIMPS ON BAY, St. Maarten - The Anti Corruption Task Force (TBO) of Curacao and St. Maarten has a new Communications Officer. He is Roderick Gouverneur, a former spokes person for the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard. During a media meeting Tuesday...

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Detectives in Curacao lay down their work

WILLEMSTAD - Several detectives from the police force of Curaçao laid down their work yesterday. The reason is the robbery of a large haul of drugs from their own police station. They do not feel safe in their own building. Today at 8 o'clock,...

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Girigorie: Opposition wants to capitalize on drug robbery

WILLEMSTAD - The opposition is trying to gain political capital from the drug robbery from the Rio Canario police station. This is according to the Minister of Justice Quincy Girigorie. It was about 500 kilos of cocaine that was stored in a safe. ...

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Large haul of cocaine stolen from police station Rio Canario

WILLEMSTAD - Unknown people have stolen a large haul of cocaine from the police station in Rio Canario. The drugs had previously been seized by the police. The Public Prosecution (OM) in Curaçao does not want to say exactly how much cocaine it...

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Port St. Maarten continues to bolster its Hub Position...

PORT ST. MAARTEN - Port St. Maarten Management attended the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) 48 th Annual General Meeting Conference & Exhibition (AGM). The CSA is considered the voice of the Caribbean shipping industry. The AGM was an...

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SMMC to hosts a World Bank Project Launch series

SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) - SMMC is hosting a "Project Launch" with a series of workshops which are conducted by World Bank representatives from October 15 - 17. The workshops are aimed at providing guidance in the execution of the projects that...

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The Smell of Poison

This month marks the yet another occasion that the smoke emissions, from the sanitary landfill, easily penetrated into the Government Administration Building and posed a wide series of health hazards to civil servants and clients alike. The...

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Local fundraisers help sustain the island during rebuilding

PHILIPSBURG - Small fundraisers are desperately needed in Sint Maarten to help the island get back on its feet after hurricane Irma. It's been little more than a year since the category 5 hurricane ravaged the island. Rebuilding has been a slow...

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Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunrise contributes to Teachers...

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunrise contributed to the St. Maarten Early Childhood Development Association World Teachers Day (SECDA) Celebration. SECDA organized a retreat for the teachers of all registered...

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Minister Johnson congratulates Levenstone and Gibs

POND ISLAND, Sint Maarten - The Coast Guard Substation in Sint Maarten will have a new head as of December 1, namely Jocelyn Roberto Levenstone. Levenstone worked with the Coast Guard in the past and is currently Chief of Security at Port St....

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Mongui Maduro Library open on Saturday October 20

WILLEMSTAD - On Saturday, October 20, the Mongui Maduro library located in Rooi Catootje will be open to the public. By popular request, this library is now also open on every third Saturday of the Month from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. The Mongui...

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Curaçao flooded by refugees: 'crisis unacceptable'

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao is currently being flooded with refugees from Venezuela, but there is a total lack of help on the island. "The situation is worrisome and unacceptable," says Tineke Ceelen, director of Refugee Foundation. "It is outrageous...

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New strategic partner for UTS soon

WILLEMSTAD - The public company United Telecommunication Services (UTS) expects to have a strategic partner in the short term and will, therefore, be paying a 14.175 million guilder dividend to the government this month. The company announced...

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CPA in General Council of CSA

WILLEMSTAD, PANAMA CITY - During the 48th edition of the annual conference of the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA), which took place in Panama last week, Milaika Capella-Ras, representing the Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA), was installed as a...

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Surinam Airways must end mid-Atlantic route and focus on ...

PARAMARIBO - Surinam Airways (SLM) cannot compete with KLM on the Paramaribo-Amsterdam route, and hence the company needs to get rid of its A340-300 and outsource the route as a joint venture, focusing instead on where SLM can have a competitive...

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The dark side of Curacao transitioning to a different age

The cockhorse of the Prime Minister of Curacao, Mister Eugene Ruggenaath is that Curacao is experiencing a transition. The transition is becoming today's buzz word on the run. But this process has its sharp edges and ugly faces. In recent years...

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EU: For the time being no new sanctions against Venezuela

LUXEMBURG - The European Union is not taking any new sanctions against Venezuela for the time being. The foreign ministers decided this at a meeting in Luxembourg. "But there is no question of a softening of the existing sanctions", emphasized EU ...

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"Local Population Should Determine Future of Bonaire"

Kralendijk- Social worker Edwina Molina is of the opinion that the original population of Bonaire should determine the future of the island. Molina points out that there is much dismay among the original population, when it comes to...

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Fake USD 100,- banknotes in circulation on Sint Eustatius

The Police department has received several complains on fake USD 100,- banknotes in circulation on Sint Eustatius. These banknotes have been used to pay at several stores and establishments. The use of fake currency is prohibited and...

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Weather Forecast: Tuesday to Thursday

DATE ISSUED: Monday, October 15, 2018 @ 18:00 LST (22:00 UTC) VALID UNTIL: Tuesday evening (18:00 LST) October 16, 2018 Tonight: Partly cloudy to cloudy and breezy with isolated showers and possible isolated thunderstorms. Tuesday morning through ...

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SMILE Program Details Announced: November 2-3

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA), in conjunction with ORCO Bank, Global Resourcing, the Chamber of Commerce and 360° of Innovation, proudly presents the program for the upcoming innovative...

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NAGICO Dubs Oct. as Customer & Community Appreciation Month

They have a line-up of meaningful activities focused on their customers and the community at large and they are excited to share the news. The company had planned an extravagant Customer Appreciation day last year, but unfortunately this had to...

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SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Social & Health Insurances SZV will launch its AOV Pension Status Survey on Monday October 15 th. Residents of Dutch Sint Maarten who are currently receiving AOV pension payments from SZV have an obligation to...

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NAGICO launches the Hurricane Xtra Policy

PHILIPSBURG (Monday, July 23, 2018) - Today, NAGICO Insurances unveiled a new insurance product called the NAGICO Hurricane Xtra Policy. It's designed as a supplemental coverage to insure uncovered expenses that may arise following a hurricane as ...

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St. Dominic High School Organizes Information Evening on Wed

REWARD - The St. Dominic High School will have an information evening on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme on Wednesday October 17 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Interested students in Form 4 and the examination classes along with...

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Countdown to October 30 Career & Study Fair 2018

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The St. Maarten Career & Study Fair Committee is pleased to announce that they will be hosting their annual Career & Study Fair on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Last year the Committee was forced to cancel the Career...

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Review LuminAID Packlite Max, a Solar Powered Phone Charger

ST. JOHN'S ESTATE - The Wizards, specializing in computer repairs and onsite services, is now the official reseller for an environmentally-friendly product that has a very unusual feature: A solar powered LED lantern that is a phone charger as...

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New Activities for All Ages at Migratory Bird Festival

SINT MAARTEN/ST. MARTIN (FRENCH QUARTER) - Despite the rain, over 150 guests of all ages found fun new ways to learn about birds at the Migratory Bird Festival on Saturday. Created by an all-volunteer team from the Les Fruits de Mer association,...

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EPIC to Host Full Moon Kayak with Halloween theme

SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY) - In anticipation of Halloween, Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) foundation will host a "Spooktacular" kaya...

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Should a referendum about the introduction of a new currency be held?
Yes - Regional News
RSS policing deployment to St Kitts raises questions...

By Caribbean News Now BASSETERRE, St Kitts - A belated acknowledgment by St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris that his government had "invited" the Barbados-based Regional Security System (RSS) to deploy forces to the Federation...

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FOR SALE: Blue 2018 Suzuki Baleno

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We have a professional mechanic available to take care of all the bodywork that needs to be done on your car, jeep, van or bus. Good deals on auto parts also available.

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Jamaican "Mastermind" in Lottery Scam Jailed in US

NORTH DAKOTA, United States, Tuesday October 16, 2018 - A Jamaican man who authorities say masterminded a lottery scam that defrauded at least 95 Americans from at least five states out of more than US$5.8 million, was yesterday sentenced to six...

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Let's Cruise - Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean... is offering cruise vacations on the best and biggest cruise ships in the world with brand name cruises and destinations in the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean, ...

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Trade Unionists Blasts Government's Layoff Plan ...

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Tuesday October 16, 2018 - With most of the 955 central government workers who will be laid off in Barbados over the coming weeks being female, the largest public sector trade union is describing the pending layoffs as an...

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Cohen & Klein

Comprehensive training programs

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Caribbean Border Interagency Group authorities seize $30M

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - US Coast Guard and Caribbean Border Interagency Group (CBIG) law enforcement authorities seized 2,324 pounds of cocaine, worth an estimated $30 million, following the interdiction of a go-fast vessel on Saturday off...

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Dutch finance minister may cancel Saudi conference...

Finance minister Wopke Hoekstra will cancel his planned appearance at a conference in Riyadh next week if it transpires that Saudia Arabia had a role in the 'disappearance' of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, broadcaster NOS said on Tuesday. Hoekstra...

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Dutch government definitely not scrapping dividend tax

The abolition of the dividend tax will definitely not happen, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced after a coalition meeting on Monday evening. The government and the coalition parties reconsidered and decided to definitively reverse the most...

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Top prosecutor resigns after employee complaints

Charles van der Voort, the Chief Public Prosecutor in Zeeland-West-Brabant, is resigning as of November 15th. At the Public Prosecutor's office there has long been complaints about a poor working atmosphere and a lack of transparency, NOS...

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Netherlands to hold major climate summit in 2020

The Netherlands will hold a major climate summit, comparable to the one in Paris almost three years ago, in 2020, Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management announced at the presentation of a new global climate...

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SXM Daily News - 16 Oct 2018
TVCarib Informer

TVCarib Inforrmer Daily News Show

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