We’re in for a rough ride – no question about it. The new majority in Parliament is going to send the William Marlin government home on Wednesday afternoon. Marlin will most likely move to dissolve the Parliament and then Governor Holiday will find himself in a familiar situation: a repeat of the constitutional drama that unfolded in 2015 when the Marcel Gumbs government reacted to a motion of no confidence with a decision to dissolve the Parliament.

All this is something St. Maarten does not need in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. If there is one moment in time when politicians could show that they are really there for the people – and not for themselves – it is now. In other words: if you lose your majority in Parliament, just go home and come back to fight another day.

Do not burden this little country of ours with endless political moves and countermoves. Nobody is interested.

The government played a game of bluff poker with the Kingdom – and it lost.
Jeez, these things happen.

The conditions the Kingdom demanded in exchange for financial aid for the reconstruction remain – in our opinion – nonsensical. But at the end of the day, the country has to figure out what is more important: an endless fight about its autonomous rights, or decisive action to unlock the sorely needed financial aid for reconstruction.