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Dump under scrutiny from Prosecutor's Office

PHILIPSBURG - The disastrous situation at the landfill and the persistent fires that have put many citizens on edge has drawn the attention of the Public Prosecutor's Office. "We are looking at the situation at the dump," public prosecutor Jeroen ...

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Dear Reader

For a second night in a row, GEBE incurred another island wide blackout. Last night, the issue was a low engine cooling water pressure that caused the shutdown according a GEBE press release. We look forward to an explanation for last night's cause.

We also have another breaking news story wherein was informed last night by SMCU union leader Ludson Evers that the St. Maarten Cable TV company intends to request the dismissal of the remaining cable tv workers via a court petition in June.

Workers received notices from the court via the Marshall that Cable TV representative, Mr. Trevor Da Costa, is going to request the termination of their labor agreements. This despite the ruling from the Labor Department against a mass dismissal of the Cable TV workers, says Evers.

According to union leader Ludson Evers the board of TelEm had informed the union that the company would not be initiating any more court cases against the union or the Cable TV workers. As far as the union knows, TelEm is the owner of St. Maarten Cable TV and the union wants to know if TelEm CEO Kendall Dupersoy is aware of the actions of Mr. Da Costa.

Evers also wants to know if the board of TelEm is in agreement with this new decision to request another mass dismissal of the cable tv workers. If this is the case, then the union wants for the government - as the shareholder of TelEm - to step in and stop this abuse.

It is very difficult for the court to go against the decision of the Labor Department, however the union is already preparing rebuttles for the court cases that will be held in June upcoming.

We will be bringing you more news on this development once we are able to contact TelEM CEO Kendall Dupersory and Cable TV representative, Mr. Da Costa, for comments on this matter.

In the meantime, read our articles below in this newsletter.

Have a good read and do have a great day.

The Publisher

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Dump gets hardly attention in draft budget

PHILIPSBURG - The Ministry of Public Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (VROMI) does not spend a word on the situation at the dump in the draft 2018 budget. Under a heading that addresses the quality of life, the ministry...

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Dump management requires more money

PHILIPSBURG - MP Theo Heyliger, leader of the United Democrats, was right when he observed in a meeting of Parliament in February that the government gets what it is paying for with the management contract for the landfill. "There were two bids," ...

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A brief history of the dump

By Hilbert Haar ~ In June 2008 I wrote an article under the headline "Landfill remains until the end of 2010." It appeared in the now defunct Today newspaper. In the meantime we know better. The landfill is not going anywhere for a very long time...

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Dollars, not guilders

By Hilbert Haar ~ An alert reader pointed out to me that the price the waste-to-energy plant would charge GEBE for a Kilowatt of electricity is $0.26 and not 0.26 guilders. This is correct and I apologize for the oversight. But how does this change..

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The question nobody ever asked

By Hilbert Haar ~ The dump remains a hot item and for good reason. For decades dump fires have affected the health of citizens and for decades the government had failed to do something about it. The construction of a waste-to-energy facility has...

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SHTA Urges the Use of Sprinkler Systems on the Dump to...

PHILIPSBURG - In investigating the situation at the Sanitary Landfill on Pond Island a.k.a. The Dump, the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) has been informed that there are several water pumps currently in working condition at...

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To write or not to write.... about the dump fire again

Last week Saturday, Carnival Fascination cruise ship was informed about the smoke from the dump by the port authorities and advised not to make a call at the port of St. Maarten. Despite this the captain decided, after assessing the situation, to ...

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The Unprofessionals

by Chris Morvan Lack of professionalism is not something anyone likes to be accused of, but it confronts us in all walks of life, not just here but everywhere. I'm talking about taxi drivers who can't put your luggage in the back because they've...

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King Verse and Kenyo are winners in Soca Rumble 2018

Great Bay - At the conclusion of two rounds of solid entertainment in the Festival Village last evening. Kenyo Baly emerged as the undisputed winner in the Groovy Category with a total of 442 points while the 1st runner up spot went to Da Lion with..

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King Verse and Kenyo are winners in Soca Rumble 2018

In the Power category, King Verse maintained his winning ways after he secured a total of 423 points and for the second time of the evening, Da Lion emerged as the 1st runner up with 398 points. The prize for the most creative performance went...

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Teen Times Youth Extravaganza/Talent Showdown ...

POND ISLAND - On Monday, April 23, Teen Times Youth Extravaganza/Talent Showdown drew an estimated 1600 young people to Carnival Village, the Teen Times said in a statement on Monday night. "More was entering the Village to support their peers...

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CPS provides advice to avoid dehydration for Jouvert...

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) - Dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluid than you take in. Carnival Jouvert Morning Jump-Up is scheduled for April 27, with the Carnival Grand Parades to follow on April 30 and May 1, the Collective Prevention...

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Preventive searches during Carnival

The Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) in cooperation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten, will carry out preventive searches during the 2018 Carnival season.

In accordance with the Firearm Ordinance, at predetermined locations, vehicles, bags and clothing of individuals will be searched for firearms.

This measure is being taken in consideration of the high number of illegal firearms in circulation on the island and past statistics which point out an increase in robberies before and during the Carnival season.

The Public Prosecutors Office Sint Maarten and KPSM are mindful that such a measure will impose on the privacy of residents and visitors. However it is in the interest of the general public and tourist visiting the island to heighten safety and security during the upcoming festive season. Headline News
NA Leader MP Jacobs calls for postponement of Budget debate

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - In a letter dated Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, National Alliance Faction Leader, Member of Parliament, Silveria Jacobs, submitted a letter to the President of Parliament, Sarah Wescot-Williams, firstly thanking the...

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NV GEBE Apologizes for Blackout. Low Engine Cooling...

SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) - In a press release from NV GEBE on Tuesday evening, the company apologizes to the community of St. Maarten, who were inconvenienced and affected during the country-wide blackout that occurred on April 23, 2018, at around ...

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Humanitas-chairman apologizes for insulting Antilleans

THE HAGUE - The chairman of the Humanitas Foundation, Gijsbert van Herk, apologized last week in an email for his statements about Antillean employees of the Rotterdam-based nursing home De Leeuwenhoek, Natasja Gibbs reports on Caribisch Netwerk. ...

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Central Committee meeting of Parliament about Recovery Plan

The Central Committee meeting is scheduled for 14.00 hrs. in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelminastraat #1 in Philipsburg. The Prime Minister / Minister of General Affairs will be present.

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Central Committee Session on Thursday about 2018 budget

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The first country budget under the stewardship of Minister of Finance Michael Ferrier post-Hurricane Irma which was recently approved by the Council of Ministers, will be handled in a Central Committee session of the...

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SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - CIBC FirstCaribbean has partnered with the Maho Group in its reconstruction and upgrading of its properties. Sonesta Ocean Point Resort and Sonesta Maho Beach Resort sustained severe damages from hurricane Irma last...

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WIB's Jump in 2018

PHILIPSBURG - The Windward Islands Bank Ltd. (WIB), for the past years, has done their part to add to the Carnival celebration with its annual Block Parties, which is now re-branded as "Jump In", according to a press release from WIB on Monday.

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COCI: Trinidad & Tobago invites business participation...

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - ExporTT Limited, the National Export Facilitation Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago is hosting an Inward Buyer's Mission in Trinidad & Tobago this summer, July 5 th & 6 th, 2018 at the Centre of Excellence in...

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FOR SALE: Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet with Coin Pocket

Handmade RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Bifold Wallets with Coin Pocket Designer Engraved Fashion with Card Pockets for Billfolds Cash (Dark Brown) By Rustic Town ~ Great Gift for Men ~ Available for US$70. Email to order.

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BP: Free Tax Court representation for Sint Maarten...

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Benjamin & Parker (BP) after having its annual meeting with the Sint Maarten (SXM) associates in which several market conditions were disclosed, and the change necessary to secure business continuity was brought...

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Ministry of Education receives new vehicles

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - On Tuesday, April 24 th the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport received three vehicles from Motorworld made possible with funds donated from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Minister...

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COM recognizes the work of its administrative staff...

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - The Council of Ministers (COM) acknowledges National Administrative Professionals' Day, formally known as Secretaries Day or better known as Admin Day, which is observed on the Wednesday of the last full week in April ...

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Heyliger requests US $50M from recovery fund as airport loan

PHILIPSBURG - Allocate a US $50-million loan from the Hurricane Irma recovery funds to Princess Juliana International Airport to jolt the rebuilding of the terminal building and related facilities to save its hub function in the north-eastern...

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Man shot to death Tuesday afternoon

DUTCH QUARTER - On Tuesday April 24 th at approximately 3.45 p.m. police patrols, paramedics, detectives and forensic investigators were directed to Gibbs drive in Dutch Quarter where a shooting was reported. On the scene the investigating...

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Two 17-year old suspects may be responsible for armed...

th, and which led to an intense search for the two suspects by police on that same afternoon in the hills of Middle Region, and which also lead to the arrest of two 17 year old male suspects, are stating that based on the information they have...

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Two more persons arrested with false traveling documents

SIMPSON BAY - The Alpha Team operating at the Princes Juliana International Airport, on Saturday April 21 st at approximately 6.00 p.m., arrested a female identified with initials M.H. and a male identified with initials M.C.

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Man arrested for selling about 500 Latin Night false tickets

POND ISLAND - Police have arrested a man suspected of selling false entry-tickets to the "Latin Night" scheduled to be held on Wednesday April 25 th at the Festival Village. The suspect was arrested in Cole Bay on Monday April 23 rd.

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Venezuela vote rivals launch campaigns with gifts,...

CARACAS - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro kicked off his presidential campaign giving away trash trucks and tractors while challenger Henri Falcon laid out plans to de-politicize state oil company PDVSA and dollarize an ailing economy....

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Trinidad government explains deportations of Venezuelans

PORT OF SPAIN - After the United Nations System in Trinidad and Tobago said it is concerned after authorities announced they had facilitated the return to Venezuela of scores of Venezuelan nationals, including asylum seekers, who had been in...

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Mexico paves the commercial ground for its companies in NL

THE HAGUE - The president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, today strengthened commercial ties with the Netherlands in a meeting with the business community of this country, which highlighted the willingness of both partners to increase cooperation...

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As a young country with its many political challenges, there is a need to understand the various mechanisms and tools available in a democracy laid down in our Constitution. The past seven and a half years have proven that certain provisions of...

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Dutch FIOD looks for black money at a bank in the Caribbean

THE HAGUE - From hundreds of Dutch customers of a bank in the Caribbean is suspected that they have deposited black money there. The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) has started a criminal investigation through a tweet but...

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European Parliament wants more help for Dutch ABC islands

BRUSSELS - The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, wants the European Commission to give more support to Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. The islands are currently being flooded with refugees from Venezuela. According to the chairman ...

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Pre-trial case 'Dubnium' on May 3; former MFK Minister...

WILLEMSTAD - On Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 1.30 pm, a pre-trial session will take place in the "Dubnium" case. It concerns the investigation into the purchase of so-called surgical face masks for the benefit of the Stichting Bureau...

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Hurricane Pass Application Process Starts April 16

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) - The application process for the annual Hurricane Passes for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season which starts June 1 and runs throu...

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GEBE temporarily closes Reverse Osmosis Water Tank at...

PHILIPSBURG - NV GEBE in a press release indicated that the (RO) Reverse Osmosis Water Tank located on Soualiga Boulevard in front of the Festival Village will be out of use as of April 16 for approximately 3 weeks. The closure of this tank is...

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Be aware of Sexually Transmitted Infections

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) - The Collective Preventive Service's (CPS) calendar of health observances, focuses on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) during the month of April, reminds and encourages the community to take a proactive approach to...

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PHILIPSBURG - Social & Health Insurances SZV has introduced several online services in 2017, including the Employer Portal where companies can submit their ZV/OV declarations digitally. Employers are obligated by law to submit and pay their ZV/OV ...

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Drug Traffickers in Region Put on Notice Following Drugbust

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Tuesday April 24, 2018 - Two smugglers, 491.5 kilogrammes of cocaine and 9.2 kilogrammes of heroin worth an estimated wholesale value of US$13.3 million were held by the US Coast Guard in the Caribbean Sea off Puerto Rico,...

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Let's Cruise - Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean... is offering cruise vacations on the best and biggest cruise ships in the world with brand name cruises and destinations in the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean, ...

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Trinidad Authorities Investigate Asylum Racket

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Tuesday April 24, 2018 - Immigration officials in Trinidad and Tobago are probing reports that foreigners arriving in the country are being charged a fee to facilitate a claim for asylum, even though they are not entering ...

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Floating dry docks arrive on Saturday

WILLEMSTAD - Saturday is an exciting day for the shipping sector in Curaçao. If everything goes according to plan, two new floating docks will enter the Saint Anna Bay. These are enormous levels and will capture the attention of everyone in the...

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'More awareness about father's rights'

WILLEMSTAD - Child protection Curacao wants men to have a better understanding of what their rights are when it comes to their child. This is according to social worker Dyaline Sampeur-Poussin. 60.9 percent of the men who spoke to the Child...

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Weather Forecast: Wednesday to Friday

DATE ISSUED: Tuesday April 24, 2018 @ 18:00 LST (22:00 UTC) VALID UNTIL: Wednesday evening (18:00 LST) April 25, 2018 Tonight through Wednesday evening: Partly cloudy, becoming cloudy at times with isolated showers possible. Forecast High: 29°C / ...

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'Hidden costs' of royal family make it most expensive in EU

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS - A report that was two years in the making shows that the royal family is a much heavier burden on the public purse than is officially acknowledged, according to the Dutch republican society Republikeins Genootschap.

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First time Dutch cyclists deaths outstrip motorists

The number of cyclists killed on the Dutch roads has outstripped the number of people killed in cars for the first time, the national statistics office CBS said on Wednesday. In total, 613 people were killed in traffic accidents last year, a drop ...

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Primary school teachers get older

Teachers at Dutch primary schools are getting older and one in five now is over the age of 55, national statistics agency CBS said on Wednesday. That means the number of teachers some 10 years away from retirement has almost doubled in the past...

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Banks, credit card firms join forces for new payment system

Just one day after public transport smart card company Translink pulled the plug on an experiment allowing passenger to pay to travel by mobile phone, another scheme is in the pipeline, the AD said on Wednesday.

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SXM Daily News - 24 Apr 2018
SXM Daily News April 24, 2018


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