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Port St. Maarten kicks off 2018 on a High Note with 3 ships

PORT ST. MAARTEN - Port St. Maarten kicked off the New Year on a high note on Tuesday, January 2nd, with approximately 12,000 cruise passengers in port on three cruise ships. On the second day of the New Year - January 2nd, there were three ships ...

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Dear Reader

The news that Cable TV workers found themselves locked out today despite a court ruling in their favor shows the limitations all workers in a post-Irma environment can and will be facing: everlasting employment is a thing of the past.

Other than starting their own business to provide the cable tv services that Telem may be willing to make use of, a workers cooperative may be the only solution for the workers to unite themselves under and provide their expertise to the market they have been working all these years in.

According to Wikipedia, Cooperatives may be classified as either worker, consumer, producer, purchasing or housing cooperatives. With a business losing customers to the internet, Roku boxes and even its copper cables to thieves, the long term employability of the workers is out of the question.

Ignoring the effects of hurricane Irma whereby cable connections went from 6000 to 2000, Cable TV SXM was already heading the way of the dinosaurs. Only its cable network and infrastructure is of value to Telem as it seeks to expand its fiber-optic network. The writing was on the wall for all to see and the workers were well advised to adapt to the market developments way ahead of time.

For those still holding on for Telem to do the right thing, it is just a matter of time before even they have to concede that when they do get the maximum settlement possible, they will still have to move on and find new employment elsewhere or take up a whole new occupation all together.

Therefore, an idea we would like to advise many workers on St. Maarten to consider in a post-Irma era, is the concept of a ' workers cooperative'. Other than taking your own destiny into your own hands, you will always be at the mercy of the market. At least in your own business, you will have the final say about its future.

We wish the Cable TV workers, the SMCU union and Telem management much wisdom, patience and reason the coming days.

The Publisher,

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SXM Airport BIZZ AMEA Award Winner 2017

Simpson Bay - The Princess Juliana International Airport-SXM recently won the BIZZ AMEA award for 2017. The Board of Directors of the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) announced the award at a gala ceremony held at the Burj Al Arab...

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U.S. airlines reduced Caribbean capacity by 10% in December

With portions of the Caribbean still struggling to recover from massive hits by hurricanes Irma and Maria in September, U.S.-based airlines flew nearly 10% fewer seats to the region in December than they had a year earlier. Still, the factors...

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Carnival Bandclash, Roadmarch events meeting on Thursday ...

Philipsburg - The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) will host a meeting upcoming Thursday, January 4th, for all registered participants for the 2018 Bandclash and Roadmarch competitions. ~ SCDF office opens January 8 ~ The...

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Marine intercepts cocaine in Caribbean

Dutch Caribbean - The naval ship Zr.Ms. Van Speijk intercepted 1,600 kg of cocaine on New Year's Eve. The drugs were hidden on board a Tanzanian flagged merchant ship that was en route to the Dominican Republic. It was the second drug seizure...

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Private jet Turkish drug dealer auctioned for $ 700,000

WILLEMSTAD - The private jet of the Turkish drug dealer who got caught just before departure on Curaçao last year has raised 700,000 dollars at an internet auction. Who the buyer is, is not known. This was seen on the website of auction house BVA ...

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Tadzio Bervoets: "Happy New Year, Irma Survivors"

Dear Editor, This past year we felt the breath of the Earth, heavy and haunting, moaning like ancestors long forgotten. Shaking our souls and our foundations. Heaving our lives. Collapsing our dreams. We were torn by wind warmed by our Earth's...

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CoC says events of 2017 should be catalyst for rebirth

PHILIPSBURG - The anxiously awaited 2018 is upon us filled with our hope that this New Year will bring us good in all facets of our lives, Peggy Ann Brandon President of Sint Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COCI) said in a press statement ...

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Community Bulletin Board Notices & Announcements

#1. SZV will be re-opening their offices on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018. #2. The Board of the National Alliance hereby invites its membership to a Special Membership Meeting to be held on Wed, Jan. 3rd, 2018 at the Belair Community Center at 5:30pm.

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Update: Guangdong Zhenrong Energy refutes decision

WILLEMSTAD - The government of Curacao has scrapped a preliminary agreement with China's Guangdong Zhenrong Energy (GZE) to operate the island's aging Isla refinery, saying the company misrepresented itself and was unable to take on such a large...

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First blockchain license in Curacao issued

The licensee is a blockchain casino called Edgeless. Benefits that the licensed blockchain casino will enjoy in the Curacao jurisdiction offer a blueprint of the benefit and purpose of blockchain licenses in general. Benefits These benefits...

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Let's Cruise - Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean... is offering cruise vacations on the best and biggest cruise ships in the world with brand name cruises and destinations in the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean, ...

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Jumbo supermarket chain's sales top €7bn, Coop beats average

Supermarket chain Jumbo booked revenues of more than €7bn in 2017, an increase of 5% over the previous year, the family firm said on Tuesday. Automonous sales growth - from supermarkets in operation a year earlier - came out at 4.2%. The total...

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Dutch population hits 17.2 million, boosted by immigration

The official population of the Netherlands rose 100,000 last year to reach 17.2 million at the beginning of this January, the national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday. In total, some 233,000 'foreigners' - including refugees - moved to the...

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TV presenter/politician Sylvana Simons has heavyweight list

Television presenter turned politician Sylvana Simons has put together a heavyweight line-up to fight the local elections in Amsterdam. Simons, who founded fledgling party BIJ1 after quitting Denk last year, has signed up documentary maker Sunny...

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Dutch pensioners pick up the social media habit, usage soars

Some 64% of pensioners under the age of 75 say they use social media platforms such as Whatsapp, up from just 24% five years ago, national statistics office CBS said at the weekend. Social media is also becoming more popular among older pensioners.

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Cable TV Employees Locked Out...

PHILIPSBURG:--- About 15 employees that are scheduled to report to work at Cable TV office in Madame Estate found themselves locked out on Tuesday morning despite the Court’s ruling that management has to work on an integration plan...

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Lenny Priest - 2018 New Year message.

My brothers and this New Year dawns, many face it with slumped shoulders and downcast eyes because we are still feeling the shockwaves of disasters just past-both natural and manmade like physical blows.

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Dear Hilbert,

A total shock this morning. I wondered what was happening when I woke to a number of missed calls and messages urging me to "check online". I thought something bad had happened!

I appreciate the recognition and I'm humbled by it. I take my task seriously and I'm thankful that you always kept it professional in seeking information for your readers. It is an honor. 

All the best for 2018. Build on your brand. It's growing. 

Mike Advertisements
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