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Theo Heyliger: 'I never accepted money from Maasdam'

PHILIPSBURG - Defendant in the Larimar case Theo Heyliger remembers that building consultant Ronald Maasdam brought stroopwafels for him from the Netherlands. But envelopes with banknotes, no, he never received them, according to Heyliger....

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Heyliger denies everything

PHILIPSBURG - Bribery-suspect Theo Heyliger denied any wrongdoing during the second day of the Larimar-trial at the Belair Community Center. The denials of the former politician and founder of the United People's party are diametrically opposed...

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"Don't pay Theo? That question did not arise." - UPDATED

PHILIPSBURG - "A deal was a deal," says Ronald Maasdam, crown witness in the Larimar case, about paying bribes to Theo Heyliger and the late Roy Marlin. For years, the Dutch building consultant delivered a newspaper several times a month, with an ...

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UP Board: Prosecutor presents no physical evidence ...

PHILIPSBURG - The board of the United People (UP) party on Monday said that despite months of creating negative and false impressions about its founder Theo Heyliger, the prosecutor's office did not present any physical evidence of wrong-doing by ...

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Larimar-trial: 3 years demand against Maasdam ...

PHILIPSBURG - The public prosecutor demanded a 3-year prison sentence on Monday against Ronald Maasdam, the 66-year old crown witness in the LARIMAR corruption trial. Maasdam implicated the late Roy Marlin and the founder of the United People's...

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Heyliger and four others stand trial in large bribery-case

PHILIPSBURG -- Starting today, Monday, March 9, five defendants are in court for one of the largest bribery scandals in St. Maarten's history. While the charges have yet to be proven, the names of the defendants have inspired the court to handle...

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WIB wins license fee dispute against Travel Planners

PHILIPSBURG - De Windward Islands Bank (WIB) has prevailed in a lengthy legal battle against travel agency Travel Planners over the payment of the 1 percent foreign exchange license fee for bank transfers to the International Air Transport...

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Court protects St. Joseph School against unexpected sale

PHILIPSBURG - The Foundation for Catholic Education in St. Maarten (SKOS) has survived an attempt by the St. Catharina Foundation to kick it off the property where the St. Joseph School is located. The Court in First Instance ruled that SKOS is...

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The future economy of the Caribbean

By Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ Many Caribbean economies find themselves already in a difficult situation with low growth, high debt, fiscal deficits, and low domestic private sector investments. Because of the current developments around the spread of the..

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Minor in custody after allegedly shooting a boy and a girl

SINT MAARTEN (SUCKER GARDEN) - On Monday evening March 9 th approximately 07.50 pm, the dispatch center received several calls concerning a shooting that took place on the Pendent Cactus drive in Sucker Garden area, police announced on Monday night.

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UPDATE: Shooting leaves one dead, one injured

Authorities conducting the investigation into the shooting on Monday night. SUCKER GARDEN--A man J.J.B. was killed and a woman A.M.S. was critically injured in a shooting at a home on Pendant Cactus Drive in Sucker Garden around 7:50pm Monday....

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Female shooting victim has been airlifted to Colombia

PHILIPSBURG:---On Monday evening March 9th approximately 07.50 pm, the dispatch center received several calls concerning a shooting that took place on the Pendent Cactus drive-in the Sucker-Garden area. In a house on the Pendant, Cactus drive the ...

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Fourth Coronavirus death confirmed in Holland

The coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands has claimed its fourth life, the national health institute RIVM said on Tuesday. Like the others, the latest victim is an elderly patient with underlying health issues, the RIVM said in its daily update.

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Identifying Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Symptoms

Health officials encourage anyone exhibiting the three primary symptoms (fever, cough and shortness of breath) to call their health care provider first. Going into a health care setting isn't always the best course of action, since you could...

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Should St. Maarten allow cruise ships that have been turned away by other islands to dock?
No. I rather be safe than sorry.
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Corona-angst heeft toerisme-economie van eilanden in greep

PHILIPSBURG/ORANJESTAD - Aruba, Curaçao en Sint-Maarten voelen al de effecten van de angst voor het coronavirus. Hotels krijgen minder boekingen en het is stiller in winkels, casino's en restaurants. Dat is vooral niet goed voor Aruba en...

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Waarom Aruba, Curaçao en Sint-Maarten slecht voorbereid

ORANJESTAD - Terwijl de overheden en gezondheidsdiensten van Aruba, Curaçao en Sint-Maarten het publiek informeren over hun aanpak tegen het coronavirus Covid-19, blijkt in de praktijk dat deze landen flink achterlopen. Dit is komt omdat de...

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