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Pastor spoof/phishing emails


An email spoof disguised as from Randy Argall has been received by several church members and staff. This is happening all over the country. First they ask you to respond - if you do, the next one is usually asking for gift cards, money, or information. This is a spoof email, also called phishing.

Sometimes these types of emails do slip through spam filters. If you receive a message from a pastor - or anyone else that seems odd, unusual, or suspicious, the best thing is to delete the email, or block the address and then delete it ( never respond or click a link). If you are unsure if the message is legitimate or fake, call the person and ask.

Please note, the ability of fraudsters to send messages that appear to be from others doesn't mean somebody's account was jeopardized--there are many ways emails and phone numbers on caller ID can be faked. And sometimes, just the name is used with a different email address.
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