As you may already be aware, my name has been used in a phishing attempt with WCC members and friends for the past year. Unfortunately, these phishing attempts seem to go in waves and today a new wave has gone out. 

Therefore, if you got a text message (or email) claiming to be from me with instructions to call, text or email me back because I "need you to do something," please know this message did NOT come from me. Please do not reply to it or call the number listed, etc. Please delete it immediately.

I will only send emails to you from the domain, so if you are ever in question about an email coming from me, check the "from" address and if it says or something NOT, please immediately delete it. 
Thank you and I apologize for any confusion or concern this may have caused.

-Jay Scott

p.s. For more information about phishing, please visit these links:

Worthington Christian Church |