Volume 3 | April 15, 2020
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Staying in Touch

Hello JCA Interages Volunteers,

We hope you have had a pleasant and blessed holiday and that you found safe, new and creative ways to connect with your families, friends and congregations. We also hope that you and your loved ones are well.

We value your feedback and welcome your comments and ideas to enhance this newsletter.
VOLUNTEERS Needed to Call or Write a Homebound Senior

The JCA's Kensington Club, which serves older adults with diagnosed early stage dementia or mild cognitive impairment, along with volunteers from Sixth and I Synagogue, have launched “KC Phone Pals,” a phone reassurance program for KC members and former members of The Misler Adult Day Center who are at home, keeping social distance from friends and family. 

Volunteer Criteria for Phone Calls:
  • Be comfortable talking to people with early stage dementia
  • Commit 1 - 3 times weekly for 5 - 15 minutes
  • Have the ability to use the volunteer website SignUp.com and fill out a google form
  • Currently have or willing to get a background check (can do from home)

If you are interested in making "friendly chat" phone calls or writing letters, please contact Colleen Kemp, Director of Kensington Clubs: ckemp@accessjca.org . Please write Interages Volunteer in the subject section of your email . Colleen will provide a “Quick Start Guide” and “How and What to Say to Your Phone Pals Guide.” Several slots are available at this time. Thank you!
Let's Stay Healthy and Safe
  • Here are some helpful tips for grocery shopping during the pandemic.

  • This article by the American Red Cross may help you cope with the extreme stress you may be experiencing due COVID-19.

  • Watch this fun and informative MASH (That's right. The old TV show!) video about how to protect yourself from the Coronavirus.
Just 4 Fun
Let's Laugh

The little girl in this video has very strong opinions about marriage vs.career. Hilarious!

Let’s Enjoy

When the Colorado Symphony Orchestra couldn't come to together to play Ode to Joy , they did it digitally.

Jim Gaffigan, a comedian and contributor to the "Sunday Morning" TV program shares: Lessons from "distance learning."

The Metropolitan Opera is streaming free videos. Click here for more information.


Live Event
One World Together at Home
Saturday, April 18
(8:00 pm)

Let’s Do Something

This 10 minute moderate Barre workout focuses on lower body strength.

Here is 20 minute low intensity aerobic class for adults 50 and older.

Please check with your doctor before doing any exercise program and go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Yarmulke Face Mask
Watch this one minute video how to make a face mask using a yarmulke/kippah. No sewing required.

Let's Watch TV

Unorthodox  -Born and raised in a New York Hasidic community, Esty struggles after a fruitless first year of marriage. She runs away to Berlin and finds new freedom. (Some nudity) 

Plot Against America.  (Novel by Philip Roth) 
An alternative American history where Charles Lindbergh turns the nation toward facism, Winona Ryder, Zoe Kazan and John Turturro star in this six-part limited series. 

Independent and cable network programs often include violence, profanity, nudity and sexual acts. Please look at reviews and trailers to decide if a program is appropriate for you.
“Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who Go For It."  
Hallmark Card
There’s Power In Kindness 

It costs us absolutely nothing to be kind. Mark Twain once said, “Kindness is the virtue that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Every day, we are presented with an opportunity to be beacons of peace, love, positivity, courage, and perseverance — in the process, transmitting the energy of kindness as we navigate our digital and physical worlds.
Daily Coach - Excerpt from A Letter to Our Children on COVID-19

Montgomery County Shoppers Must Wear Face Masks

Effective Monday April 13, shoppers in Montgomery County, MD must wear face masks. Also, retailers must limit the number of people in stores at a time. For more information please click here .

Maryland Department of Health - Tracking COVID-19 Cases

The Maryland Department of Health is collecting data on COVID-19 cases by zip code and cases and deaths by a age, sex and race. For more information click here.

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