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Welcome to the August 1, 2017  bulletin of key policy decisions and high-impact news, presented by the Embassy of India, Washington DC.
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Defense Ministry Empowers Armed Forces to Cut 'Red Tape' 
The Ministry of Defense recently granted increased autonomy to India's Armed Forces. The military's top brass can now place orders, procure equipment and carry out civil works without Ministry approval in order to expedite the decision-making for modernizing airbases and defense installations' security.    

Government Launches 'Sagar Vani' Coastal Alert System
India's newly-launched "Sagar Vani" system aims to provide further protection to the country's coastal communities by issuing alerts and advisories about rising tides, dangerous waters and other threats along the coast. With access to platforms including email, radio and TV broadcasts, social media, text messages and phone calls, the system will enable stakeholders such as state fishery departments and disaster management authorities to spread alerts within their own networks.

Deadline for Filing Income Tax Returns Extended to Aug. 5 
India's Income Tax Department (ITD) extended the filing deadline for income tax returns to Aug. 5, citing technical difficulties experience by some citizens using the online system. The ITD also noted an 11.9 percent increase in advance tax payments received this year as compared to last year.