India - Partner In Growth
Welcome to the June 6, 2017  bulletin of key policy decisions and high-impact news, presented by the Embassy of India, Washington DC.
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Ease of Doing Business: Mutual Funds Can Now Register Online
To improve ease of doing business, market regulator SEBI has launched an online registration mechanism for mutual funds. The move will make it easier and faster for existing and new fund houses to complete their registration with SEBI in a cost-effective way. 

Mobile Congress in Delhi to Attract Investments 
India is set to have its first global event to attract investments in the telecom and mobile phone manufacturing sectors at the Indian Mobile Congress, set for Sept. 27-29 in Delhi. It will be modeled on the yearly World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona. India's version will be an annual event. Five thousand paid participants and 800 exhibitors are expected to attend.  
New One Rupee Note To be In Circulation Soon
New one rupee notes, colored pink-green on the front and a combination of colors on the reverse side, will be soon put into circulation. Printing of one rupee notes was discontinued in 1994 but was relaunched in 2015. 
All Indian States Agree to July 1 GST Rollout