India - Partner In Growth
Welcome to the May 1, 2017  bulletin of key policy decisions and high-impact news, presented by the Embassy of India, Washington DC.
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NITI Aayog Releases 3-Year Action Plan
Working with Indian States, Government think-tank NITI Aayog released a three-year action plan covering economic transformation of the agriculture, industries and services sectors; rural, urban and regional development; transport, digital and energy infrastructure; human and social development and initiatives to achieve sustainable growth. 

IT Minister: Apple Is Welcome to Make in India
Noting that 72 global telecom firms have started production in India over the past two years, India's IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "I would soon be meeting the top officials of the U.S.-based firm [Apple] to discuss its plans to make mobile phones in India." 
Govt. Approves Six FDI Proposal
Based on the recommendations of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, the Government approved six foreign direct investment (FDI) proposals on April 24, and recommended one proposal for the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, thereby clearing most of the pending proposals in the drugs and pharmaceutical sector.