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Welcome to the May 16, 2017  bulletin of key policy decisions and high-impact news, presented by the Embassy of India, Washington DC.
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Boost to FinTech: Mutual Fund Investment OK'd Via Digital Wallets
Indian market regulator SEBI has allowed investment in mutual funds via digital wallets. Now, any adult Indian with a digital wallet can easily invest in mutual funds. SEBI enacted this policy to encourage investment and saving among young Indian adults, a group that has a high user rate of digital wallets.

PM Modi Proposes Model Solar Cities
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for the establishment of model solar cities where power needs are fulfilled solely by solar energy, a move that will increase manufacturing of solar equipment and generate employment. PM Modi also called for greater emphasis on ethanol blending, as a way to help farmers and the environment.
India Seeks FDI in Food Processing Sector in High-Level U.S. Visit          
Pitching for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the food processing sector, India has asked U.S. companies to take advantage of liberalized foreign investment rules, ready-made infrastructure and an improving business environment in India. A high-powered team of Indian officials led by Jagdish Prasad Meena, Special Secretary in the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, promoted the sector during a two-day trip to Chicago.

Technology and Innovation Support Centers for IP Generation
In an effort to boost generation and commercialization of intellectual property, the Government and the World Intellectual Property Organization have joined hands to establish Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) in India. India will have access to the global network of more than 500 TISCs.