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Welcome to the November 16, 2017  bulletin of key policy decisions and high-impact news, presented by the Embassy of India, Washington DC.
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PM Modi's ASEAN Opening Statement

"India's Act East Policy is shaped around the ASEAN, and its centrality in the regional security architecture of the Indo-Pacific region is evident," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at last week's ASEAN-India Summit. "We have individually strived very hard to fight terrorism and violent extremism. It is time that we jointly address this challenge by intensifying cooperation in this crucial area."

PM Modi Meets with Trump at ASEAN Summit
Prime Minister Modi met with President Trump at the ASEAN-India Summit, where the two leaders discussed regional security and other issues. "Wherever President Trump has traveled in recent days and wherever he had an opportunity to speak on India, he has spoken optimistically and highly," Modi said.

PM Modi OKs $14 Billion for Rural Roads

Prime Minister Modi is planning to spend an additional $14 billion to provide road connectivity in India's remote villages by March 2020. The money will come from a highly praised Government road-building program that has reduced poverty and allowed businesses to deliver their products faster. 

Govt. Launches New ETF