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Modular Instrument Cases 

Check out our line of desktop instrument cases and desktop cabinets in various sizes.  
Sunbelt Supply LLC Expands Distribution Offering

Sunbelt is now offering more of Pixus' components for electronics enclosures and embedded systems.

The Embedded Architecture Industry Swap


Are the open standard embedded system architectures switching their traditional markets?  Let's take AdvancedTCA, originally geared for Telecom Central Office applications.  Many believe it is starting to take off again in Mil/Aero systems.  Its well known that the Navy's CANES program has been moving to AdvancedTCA.  There are also a few other key programs for airborne reconnaissance and shipboard communications systems that have switched to the architecture.  With excellent cooling and high speeds (to 40GbE signals in the specification across the backplane), the architecture still has strong legs.  Pixus offers 3U, 5U, 6U SlotSaver, and 13U AdvancedTCA high chassis platforms standard and has several creative design innovations.   


On the other hand, OpenVPX which has traditionally been nearly exclusively Mil/Aero has generated interest in Physics, Test/Measurement, and other applications.  With Pixus' low-cost manufacturing and creative solutions, we are helping to break the cost-barrier for the architecture to fit in new markets.  Traditionally, the cost of the architecture has been too high.  But, working with key partners Pixus has offerings from backplanes to chassis platforms to integrated solutions that bend the cost-curve.   


Finally, MicroTCA which was originally designed for Telecom systems has been very successful the past few years in Mil/Aero.  Contact Pixus to see our specialty MicroTCA systems, including versions with a cavity in the rear of the chassis for RF or other devices.  

New Products/Features


New 4U OpenVPX Chassis Platform  




The new Pixus 4U OpenVPX Chassis Platform allows 3U backplanes from 2-18 slots.  The system has rear I/O and bottom-to-top cooling.  For front-to-rear cooling, 5U chassis versions are also available. 


Component Corner
Pixus to Shift Business Units for Rittal Brand Components
Pixus is shifting its Business Units to simplify the offering and ease navigation to find products on the Web site.  The segments will be "Rackmount & Rugged Enclosures" which will include backplane-based system platforms and "Cases, Subracks, and Rittal Brand Components" which will include all of the Rittal components as well as instrumentation cases, etc.  The move will make it easier for those searching for Rittal's components to locate the products.  Tune in next month to learn more about Pixus expanded integration options for Rackmount & Rugged Enclosures.   The new Web site structure will launch by Jan 1.