Start Down the Road with Alan Page: Ideas on Embedded Testers
Alan Page says independent test teams are fading in favor of testers embedded into the development team, and developers own large portions of automation. Don't miss the chance to hear his conclusions about these trends, and to talk about the implications with Page at the conference.

Take a look at At-a-Glance, where you will find more speakers who share Page's concerns about where QA is headed.
Workshops! We've Got 'em!
Why consider accessibility in your software?
Studies show that roughly 15% of the world's population has some form of disability. That's over 1 billion people. If you're not creating experiences and products with accessibility in mind, you're not reaching a huge chunk of the population.

Amelia Abreu, founder of UX Night School, leads the hands-on workshop Understanding and Implementing Accessibility covering design, accessibility testing tools and other topics such as 508 standards compliance.

Who needs mind maps? 
Mind maps are a useful tool for condensing lots of information in a compact, holistic view. This helps:
  • Project managers present their ideas clearly
  • Collaborative teams working on projects
  • Consultants trying to visualize clients’ situations
  • Entrepreneurs create a dynamic business plan
  • Marketers exploring avenues of promotion

Jennifer Bonine of TapQA leads this dynamic workshop Use Mind Maps to Increase Team Velocity and Communication. After this workshop you will take away a working tool to improve velocity in your sprints, development cycles, and planning sessions.