Infinite Possibilities
Embodied Balance
Enolia Foti, Natalie Martin, Teresa Martinez 

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox we have an enhanced opportunity to bring balance to the dual aspects of ourselves. The Solar Eclipse on August 21st opened a powerful portal to new frequencies on the planet that we are all still integrating. The invitation is to leave old patterns of separation behind as we attune to these new frequencies. As we bring balance to all of our aspects - heart and mind, light and shadow, soul and personality, masculine and feminine, human and divine - we unify and embody our True Essence.  Now, more than ever, we can express our Soul Purpose through our personality and human body, feet on the ground, on planet earth, 
for the benefit of all. 

Enolia, Natalie, Teresa, are honored and excited to unify our Passion, Gifts, Medicine and Love to share with you in this powerful Sacred Circle. 

EMBODIED BALANCE  is a loving container for the freedom of the past and limitations, alignment to Divine Design, balancing of dualities, and to assist each participant to a new level of Integration and Wholeness.

Join us in this profound journey of Sound Vibrational Resonance, Guided Meditation, Healing, Light Activations, and 
Integration for Embodied Balance.  

 September 21st
6:00 - 9:00pm
29 Ravenscroft Dr, Asheville, NC
Exchange $55

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The Mystic Goddesses

Enolia Foti
Enolia is passionate on sharing the ancient practices and teachings through modern empowerment. Enolia is a Modern Day Medicine Woman. Her, Orator has received the spirit name Changing Times Woman from her Ojibwe Elder. She walks the path set before her to Teach, Counsel, Heal and Empower. Enolia is a graduate of Alberto Villoldo's Four Winds Light Body School where she received the 13 Rites of the Munay-ki from the Q'eros Indians of Peru. Enolia provides empowerment workshops globally.

Natalie Martin
Natalie is devoted to the awakening of humanity at this time of accelerated growth on the planet, and bringing harmony to the balance of masculine and feminine energies in the world. She is a Sacred Sexual Priestess of the Magdalene Lineage and The Sisterhood of the Rose, an Energy Worker, and a Midwife of the New Paradigm.

Teresa Martinez
Teresa loves to share her passion, wisdom and guidance in Wellness and Spirituality.  She embodies Love and the Goddess Spirit of the Divine Feminine.  She teaches and practices Esoteric and Energy Medicine (Soul Focused Esoteric Healing, Akashic Record Consultation, Quantum Touch) and blends many holistic arts.  She hosts and assist in spiritual workshops and retreats internationally and loves gathering of the Goddess in Sacred Circles. She is dedicated to Spiritual Development & Ascension for the WE and the Evolution of Mother Earth. 

Embodied Balance
29 Ravenscroft Dr, Asheville, North Carolina
Thursday, September 21, 2017
Exchange $55

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