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Dear generative somatics (gs) community,

My name is Mei-ying Williams and I am the Operations Director at Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN). I'm also in my second year of gs Teacher Training, and I am a gs monthly donor!

For four years, APEN staff has worked intensively with gs. Partnership with gs has supported our staff to recognize and begin to shift individual habits that hold us back from creating the functional, effective teams and powerful organization that we want and need. Partnership with gs has helped to clarify and unify our team around our purpose, and it has offered tools and practices that have enhanced our ability to move our environmental and climate justice agenda more quickly and boldly.  

This year, we established a CORE team of eight APEN staff who are being developed by gs to lead
the rest of the staff toward our goals of
s trengthening our team culture, solidifying internal communication practices, and promoting conflict as a generative source for advancing our organizational goals. Our CORE team has had four day-long intensives with gs teachers, to build skills to be in higher coordination, and deepen our confidence and competencies to lead somatic practices with the rest of the APEN staff.

Please support gs Movement Partnerships with organizations like APEN. Contribute today .

Embodied practice benefits both our internal APEN staff spaces, as well as how we move in coalition and alliance spaces. Our campaign processes now have clearer and more defined g oals, expectations, and timeframes for deliverables. This was palpable in APEN's leadership this September. In coalition with It Takes Roots and the Climate Justice Alliance, APEN helped gather over 30,000 people to take to the streets the Saturday before Jerry Brown's Global Climate Action Summit, as a part of the Solidarity 2 Solutions week of events. More and more, I see APEN staff members leaning into their individual voices and leadership. This is felt and recognized in broader multi-racial, cross-sector coalition spaces, as well as in Sacramento.

I hope you'll join us and help sustain this work. Consider donating to generative somatics (gs) and to Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) today!

In solidarity,

Photos: 1) APEN CORE team practice session. Mei-ying is second from the left. (May 2018); 2) APEN at the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice march, the kick-off for the Solidarity 2 Solutions (Sol2Sol) week of events. Mei-ying is holding her hand in a peace sign. (September 2018). Copyright (C) Michael Kirschner, All Rights Reserved - Used with permission.