Embrace New Habits with These New Books!
While you're likely reading this the week of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas Day, and Yule, here at the New Books Newsletter we're always looking ahead so that our subscribers can reserve things before they're released. With that in mind, we've picked five titles to help you jump start New Year's resolutions!

Don't want to think about the New Year yet, or feeling under siege by holiday themed everything? Check out our weekly giveaway and escape with some great new fiction.
Ready to embrace a cleaner home and more organized schedule in the new year?

Trust Martha to help you master all things organizing--sorting, purging, tidying, and simplifying your life--with smart solutions and inspiration. Here, she offers her best guidance, methods, and DIY projects for organizing in and around your home. Topics include room-by-room strategies (how to sort office paperwork, when to purge the garage or attic), seasonal advice (when to swap out bedding and clothing, how to put away holiday decorations), and day-by-day or week-by-week plans for projects such as de-cluttering, house cleaning, creating a filing system, overhauling the closet, and more. Martha's indispensable expertise walks you through goal-setting, principles of organizing, useful supplies, and creating systems for ongoing success. A look into Martha's own personal calendars offers a template for scheduling essential tasks. Last, plenty of strategies, how-tos, timelines, and checklists will help you stay organized all year long.

Will one of your New Year's resolutions be to communicate better with your friends and loved ones?

Despite living in a world where technology allows constant digital communication and opportunities to connect, it seems no one is really listening or even knows how. And it's making us lonelier, more isolated, and less tolerant than ever before.

In this always illuminating and often humorous deep dive, Murphy explains why we're not listening, what it's doing to us, and how we can reverse the trend. She makes accessible the psychology, neuroscience, and sociology of listening while also introducing us to some of the best listeners out there (including a CIA agent, focus group moderator, bartender, radio producer, and top furniture salesman). Equal parts cultural observation, scientific exploration, and rousing call to action that's full of practical advice,You're Not Listening is to listening what Susan Cain's Quiet was to introversion.

Read why it's time to stop talking and start listening by reserving this engaging work in hardcover, ebook, or kick off your new habit with the mp3 audiobook.
Eating healthier is a common vow to make after a holiday season full of indulgence, and Jamie Oliver has a new book that can help!

From simple suppers and family favorites, to weekend dishes for sharing with friends, this book is packed full of phenomenal food for those looking to cook healthier meals in 2020. Whether it's embracing a meat-free day or two each week, living a vegetarian lifestyle, or just wanting to try some brilliant new flavor combinations, this book ticks all the boxes.

With chapters on Soups & Sandwiches, Brunch, Pies & Bakes, Curries & Stews, Salads, Burgers & Fritters, Pasta, Rice & Noodles, and Tray Bakes there's something tasty for every occasion.

Sharing simple tips and tricks that will excite the taste buds, this book will give you the confidence to up your vegetable intake and widen your recipe repertoire, safe in the knowledge that it'll taste utterly delicious. It will also leave you feeling full, satisfied and happy - and not missing meat from your plate.

Try Jamie's ideas for more Meatless Mondays when you reserve his book in hardcover or ebook.
Is planning ahead for yourself or others on your mind in the new year?

Author of the iconic bestseller The Organized Mind writes about new insights to what happens in our brains as we age, why we should think about health span, not life span, and what you can do to make the most of your seventies, eighties, and nineties today no matter how old you are now.
Levitin looks at the developing science behind what we all can learn from those who age joyously, as well as new ideas to adapt our culture to take full advantage of older people's wisdom and experience. Throughout his exploration of what aging really means, the author imparts resilience strategies and practical, cognitive enhancing tricks.
Successful Aging inspires a powerful new approach to how readers think about our final decades. Reserve this thoughtful new book in hardcover, ebook, or mp3 audiobook.
Are you planning to explore you family history in the new year? Thinking about writing your own life story? look to this new title for inspiration!

Cassie Chambers grew up in one of the poorest counties in the nation, and through the women who raised her, she traces her own path out of and back into the Kentucky mountains. Chambers's Granny was a child bride who rose before dawn every morning to raise seven children. Her two daughters took very different paths: strong-willed Ruth--the hardest-working tobacco farmer in the county--stayed on the family farm, while spirited Wilma--the sixth child--became the first in the family to graduate from high school, then moved an hour away for college. Married at nineteen and pregnant with Cassie a few months later, Wilma beat the odds to finish school. She raised her daughter to think she could move mountains, like the ones that kept her safe but also isolated her from the larger world.

Cassie would spend much of her childhood with Granny and Ruth in the hills of Owsley County, both while Wilma was in college and after. With her "hill women" values guiding her, Cassie went on to graduate from Harvard Law.


After an accident kills Henny, the manager of the Pine Away Motel and Cabins, she watches as the three people who mean the most to her are reunited at her funeral. All three are unhappy, and Henny is devastated to know that she'll have to leave them when they need her the most. But...what if she doesn't have to leave after all? With the funeral over and the last casserole dish packed up and carted home, Henny realizes she has one last opportunity to help her friends discover the happiness they once knew. To help them move forward, Henny must look back, unpacking the memories from their last year of high school all those years before. Only then can Henny stop history from repeating itself and heal her best friends once and for all. 

This book isn't available for sale or as a library book until January, but you can win a print galley (a paperback used to promote the book before official release) of this title by emailing us within 24 hours of the New Books Newsletter email. Just put "Pine Away" in the subject line of your email to Collection.Development@fultoncountyga.gov. We'll pick a winner at random from messages received between 8:30am Monday, 12/23/19 and 8:30am Tuesday, 12/24/19. Due to the holiday, the lucky winner will not be chosen until Thursday, 12/26/19.

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