A Journey - One day at a time!
Pure Desire Ministries Rodney Wright to speak at The Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat!
Being a grace-filled person is not something learned in a classroom; it is a journey. Rodney Wright is a seasoned traveler—understanding the value of embracing the full and radical grace of Jesus Christ and how it changes the way we see the world.
With addiction having a holding place in his life, Rodney knows the destructive nature that sex addiction creates in marriage and ministry. Through decades of pastoral ministry, Rodney is wildly passionate about the pursuit of showing people who they are in Christ, modeling how freeing it is when we belong to a community that fully embraces our messiness with love and grace.
As a pastor, speaker, and Pure Desire board member, Rodney has embraced his life’s mission of showing all people how much they are loved by their Creator and how valuable they are in His eyes.
Don't let your shame and struggles hold you back. Let them be the road map to your recovery.
Are you ready to take that STEP into a new life. One with integrity and purity? Are you ready to learn from other leaders about groups and what works and what doesn't in recovery? Are you willing to share your story with others struggling with the same struggles? Or will you wait, and wait, for that crisis moment when His outstretched hand reaches out to pull you back into obedience?
Join men from all over the East come and worship and share their struggles. Come and listen to Rodney Wright, the amazing speaker he is, tell his amazing story! Our hope is that you will learn from Rodney and other like minded men who have struggled or who are coming to recovery for the first time.
Knowledge does NOT equal understanding. We are all here to understand our brokenness, use that for good and fellowship together!
MEN MAKE MEN! Boys make Excuses!
Are YOU protecting what you love?
Your Wife, your marriage & your family? Or are you protecting your secrets and self behaviors?

Don't wait another day! Buy your tickets NOW! Spread the word. Join us for the Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat!

Betrayal & Beyond New Group
at FBC and online
Wednesday's 9:30-11 am

New Conquer Series
at FBC and online
Tuesday's 7:00-9:00 pm

Intimacy Anorexia/Married & Alone
at FBC and online
Thursday's 6:30-8:00 pm

"The Next Step" For Men
Sexual Freedom
at FBC and online
The Recovery Zone
Patrick Carnes
Monday's 7:30-9:00 pm

Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat
November 22-24, 2019

Conquer Series Men's Group and Women's Beyond Betrayal Support Group every Tuesday, 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Faith Bible Church.
If you are out of the area you are welcome to join via online.
Tom Weaver 443-752-2795 / thomasweaver65@gmail.com
Michele Weaver 717-940-6812 / michelesue.weaver@gmail.com
Faith Bible Church, Mechanicsville, MD
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