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Dancing with Nature 

June 2018 Issue 6 Vol 8
News, Life and the Art Culture in the Smoky Mountains

I recently returned from NW Florida for five days of "camp", a family tradition in its 37th year. Kicking off "camp" is an overnight canoe trip on the Chipola River which requires rental of 11 canoes for 24 campers. We had the luxury of not having to haul camping equipment in the canoes, especially since the rentals are smaller than the earlier days Old Towne wide bottoms. The river canoe tradition began 48 years ago as the family herd embarked on this same Chipola River on a five-day canoe trip, having never even camped out for one night. With heavy, canvas tents and everything to sustain us for those HOT NWFL days/nights we paddled onto a journey that would eventually evolve into rivers all over FL. In the following years we pushed muddy bodies through needlepoint grass, endured sun poisoning, persevered through lack of current with endless paddling having only a syrupy, orange drink to quench the thirst. My father's theory was that if you suffer on a "vacation" you will appreciate going back to work. But these memories, to this day, are the ones we talk ~ and laugh ~ about. The extended trips continued for many years, as my now adult children remember multiple nights on the river. But now, it's a different day. We are down to a single night, individual water bottles, lightweight, almost pop up tents on a guaranteed camp spot, and availability of cell service. Our faithful leader has passed (his last trip was in a back brace; no whining allowed in that household!) but my son Jim has embraced the helm. We have a new generation of enthusiasts; three 5-year olds on this trip. The new herd anticipates this trip all year long .... as well as myself.
All this to say, embrace those family traditions wherever they take you because time is escaping us. Hopefully you have a mountain excursion tradition planned for this summer that includes a trip to Waynesville because we have exciting plans for you. The gallery is filled with artwork waiting for you to experience.
July in Waynesville is guaranteed to be fun filled starting with Sarah Sneeden demonstrating at Art After Dark, a festive 4th of July celebration, Folkmoot International Festival, and Street Dances scheduled every other Friday evening. All the storefronts are filled; the street is thriving. Mark your calendar to be here!
On the canoe trip, there was a light discussion to rebirth the extended canoe trip on the 50th anniversary trip and would I go. My answer ~ YES! ~ but I want my "stuff" hauled to each campsite .... and while I am dreaming, tent pitched and glass of wine waiting as I step out of the canoe with my sunburned, bug bitten self, shoulders aching ~ but I will be arriving with a giant SMILE because I am in the woods, my passion. This is the same scenario I would be willing to do the AT.... well, portions. Any takers?
Embrace the journey.  
May you walk in beauty ~   

Art After Dark
Sarah Sneeden

Oil painter Sarah Sneeden will be demonstrating at Twigs and Leaves Gallery during Art After Dark Friday, July 6th, 6-9PM. A delight to meet, Sarah's sunny personality transitions onto her canvases as she paints local scenes. 

Friday evening, as you stroll through the gallery's 140+ primarily regional artists, enjoy piano music by Phyllis Byran and delight in the savory hors d'eurves. 
  Spotlight Artist
Dan Binkley 
Since seventh grade wood shop I have always had a love for the natural beauty of wood and the endless variety of things made from wood. I have made amateur efforts at remodeling an old house, refinishing furniture and other similar projects.

But carving wood with knives and chisels to create pieces of art that are both practical and beautiful... Now that's what I love.
One of the neat things about wood art is that no two pieces are exactly alike because of the variations of species of wood or even sections of the same log. Consequently, everything is always new and exciting.
As a retired photographer I have long had an appreciation for creative art. Working with wood is just another exciting medium for me.
In pursuit of knowledge and skill I have been heavily influenced by the work of several excellent wood carvers: Mary May, David F. Fisher, Drew Langsner, Ben Orford and many others.



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Events on the Street
  Join us for these upcoming events:   
STARS & STRIPES Celebration
July 4th 11am-3pm 
Live music venues, entertainment. Shops & restaurants open all day.
"KIDS on MAIN"  
Patriotic Children's Parade,
(All Kids Welcome; must sign-up, 10am at Courthouse lawn)  
Ice cream for parade participants,
First Baptist Church.
Mountain Street Dance
July 13th 6:30-9pm 
Old - fashioned  
mountain hoe down, clogging
& square dancing, live mountain music, demos & instruction, audience participation. Historic Courthouse lawn.
Folkmoot USA Parade of Nations
July 21st 10am-11am 
 International dancers & musicians parade down Main Street to Opening Ceremonies on Historic Courthouse lawn 10 AM  

International Festival Day
July 28th 10am-5pm  
A Folkmoot Festival tradition on Main Street. Folkmoot will host artisans, food vendors and our international groups on Main Street of Waynesville.
Folkmoot, a word meaning "meeting of the people," provides communities all over Western North Carolina the opportunity to build a deeper sense of connection, mutual respect and shared purpose by experiencing other cultures. 

Art After Dark 
Featured Artist - Don Haywood 
August 3rd 
Look for the WGA group flag representing the Waynesville Gallery Association members who are participating.  
We look forward to spending time with you!   
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