😮 What does The Shadow know?

For her special day, our own ACTS Groundhog barks, chirps and speaks, helping us feed people in need. Find out how! (only 27 sec). To view: Click/press the button or photo.
Everything in Department 5 is Half Off!
Look for the Department 5 tag on merchandise in our store, Feb 2-6.
by Ginny

I have been working at ACTS for about seven years, filled with interesting days, marvelous people and incredible happenings. It is amazing to see the variety of things donated. I have unpacked everything from a crossbow to a violin and purchased many items myself.  Sometimes I think, "Oh no! My kids will have to clean out my house some day." Never a dull moment! 

One time the entire donation looked like someone emptied their dirty laundry basket. Another time the merchandise was new, with price tags still attached. As I said, never dull. I also enjoy the other volunteers with whom I work. Great people, inspiring manager and an excellent ACTS reputation are reasons I work here. 

To volunteer at ACTS, call Carol at (231) 267-3002 to discuss our rewarding opportunities.
Receiving hours now match our store hours.

Tuesday-Friday: 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm
Our convenient, covered Receiving area is ready to take your quality donated merchandise. Bring it!
Older readers might recognize the groundhog graphic as an homage to the 1930s radio show and comic book, The Shadow.

Younger readers perhaps realize that the Department 5 heading is reflective of the modern-day graphic novel, The Department of Truth.
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