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A Message from AMTA-NJ Board President - Earline Fair-Edwards
LEADERSHIP IS EVERYTHING floral-arrangement.jpg
Leadership is everything.  Now is the time for all of us to come together and make a difference.  The AMTA NJ Chapter has a vision to empower one another.  Let us not only make a difference in our profession overall, but let us give back what we have learned and share it with one another.  This is what makes massage therapy a world class leader.   Give and share what you do best. 
Seasons Greeting to all of my fellow massage therapists and our advertisers!  
The year 2018 has been like no other year.  There were many opportunities and challenges we all faced that have made us stronger so that we can conquer any obstacle that lies ahead.  The year 2018 has been an extraordinary year for all of us whether it be good or bad.  As a chapter, we are facing another brand new year where we will take one challenge at a time - challenges that will make us bigger and better than the year before.  This is what makes our profession unique.  We are at the cornerstone of something that will make other professions take notice and realized that massage therapy is part of the bigger picture.  Let us go forward into the new year with enthusiasm, New Jersey Chapter therapists!  Let us walk this walk and face each new challenge together.
May our chapter and its members continue to grow and prosper in 2019.  May we continue to overcome adversity with grace ad style.
Save The Date! 
2019 AMTA-NJ ChapterSpring Retreat/Annual Meeting 
May 3-5, 2019 is our Spring Retreat.  Our presenter/educator will be Joe Muscolino.  We are offering a complementary yoga class to members attending on the evening of May 3rd.  We will have self-care vendors on hand during the retreat as well.   Our annual meeting will be held on Sunday. May 5th.
2019 Massage Therapy Foundation Fundraiser
AMTA-NJ Chapter volunteer Robin Miccio will be hosting a 2019 Massage Therapy Fundraiser.  The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) has provided us with tremendous support in bringing forth new research that has been scientifically supported with viable statistics and research that has proven massage therapy to be a forerunner and a complimentary method in healing that is beneficial to all professions.
Calling all Community Service Massage Team members (CSMT)!
If you still want to be part of this diverse group, please send an  email to
Here is a brief synopsis of what your fellow AMTA-NJ Chapter members have been doing! 
The following members have donated their time and energy in serving our profession.
There are two outstanding articles that were published by the Massage Therapy Foundaton.  The articles were written by members of our chapter. The first article titled ' Self Massage of the Knee' by Dr. Dottie Atkins, AMTA-NJ Chapter Board Member, was rated 17th amongst the top 25 research articles read in the 10 years of International Journal of Massage and Bodywork's history. [See link below to read article in its entirety]: 
AMTA-NJ Chapter Board Secretary and Massage Therapy Foundation Writing Group Member Kelly Skellinger had her first co-authored MTF article titled ' A Stress and Anxiety Study - Pairing Japanese Amna Massage and Reiki'  published in Massage Today in September 2018.   [See link below to read article in is entirety]:
The AMTA-NJ  Sports Team has been on a roll this year.  We are proud of the work Sports Team Chair Marty Fitzgerald and his team have done this year.  We look forward to their participation in 2019! Thank you, Marty!  
AMTA-NJ Membership Chair Erin Clyne is taking the role of membership chair to another level!   Erin has an impressive resume and the work she has done thus far in supporting and encouraging our members to participate  will take our chapter  far in the year ahead.  Thank you, Erin! 
Last but not least, please read the Government Relations article in this newsletter.  Government Relations Chair Cynthia Sinicropi-Philibosian has gone above and beyond this year in her new role.  We extend our sincere apprecition and gratitude to her and her team.  Thank you, Cynthia!

Volunteers Needed  

The AMTA-NJ Board is presently looking for a Newsletter Editor, Education Chair, Hospitality Chair, Community Service Massage Chair, and Event Planner.  Job descriptions will be posted on our website.   If you are interested in any of these positions, please send a copy of your resume to
Education News:
Recap of Fall 2018 Education Offerings + Upcoming 2019 Spring Retreat/State Annual Meeting 
In 2018, the AMTA-NJ Chapter Board offered Continuing Education Credits in Ethics - free of charge to our membership.  CPR was also  offered to our members and lunch was provided free of charge.  

The class was taught by massage therapy educator and former AMTA-NJ Chapter Financial. Administrator Adrienne Asta. 
Adrienne has since resigned from her position to pursue an exciting new massage therapy career opportunity in Phoenix, Arizona.  As a Chapter, we wish Adrienne all of the best in her new endeavor! 
Upcoming 2019 Spring/Retreat/State Annual Meeting
Keep watch for details regarding our upcoming course offered by Joe Muscolino, to be held on  May 3 - 5, 2019!  Yoga will be offered on the evening of Friday, May 3rd for the early birds arriving the night before.
Joe will be teaching and illustrating Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) of the Neck which will account for 16 CEU's and will be offered at the Radisson Hotel in Piscataway, NJ.  Mark your calendars! This class will certainly fill up fast.  Class details and open registration links will be included in our next newsletter and on our website as the date approaches.
Thank you, 
Angie Wilkinson, LMT-NJ, BCTMB
Board Member/Event Planner
Government Relations News:
As we celebrate and reflect on our achievements of the past year, the Government Relations Committee is grateful to have had the support of the Chapter Board of Directors and National Government Relations to help us attend the 2018 NJ League of Municipalities Conference recently held in November.  

The intent of attending as an exhibitor was to provide FAQ's regarding the existing State license regulations, to the attendees of the conference who are mostly elected officials and municipal staff and employees.  We also gave complimentary chair massage to a little more than 100 people and free chocolates too!   Additionally our booth had available copies of articles and research done by our own NJ members, as well as articles found at  

The reason for having attended this event is in reply to members who reach out to Chapter Government Relations regarding ordinances in their home districts that conflict with the State Regulations and encumber their ability to practice.  

With the help of some dedicated member volunteers, this event was really successful!  We hope to have made a difference towards the progress of our profession on behalf of you the member. 

Please reach out to us if you have questions, concerns or problems regarding licensure, via email and we will do our best to help you.  

Regards of the Season,
Cynthia Sinicropi-Philibosian,  LMBT
Government Relations Chair

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