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" The council declined to consider “ Trustworthy Servants of the People of God ” and referred the document to the ELCA Domestic Mission unit for further review and redrafting. This document is intended to replace “ Vision and Expectations ,” which outlines expectations the church has for rostered ministers. In their recommendation the council stated that further consideration of the document should involve a process that includes diverse voices from across the church."
From a Lay Leader's Desk
" If Christians refuse to learn about other faiths because they are worried that those traditions will rub off on them, or dilute their Christianity—shouldn’t they be just as optimistic that their Christianity will inspire those they engage? "

Bishop's Election Lenten Devotionals | Holy Week
Bishop's Election  Lenten Devotionals
Electing a bishop is one of the most important responsibilities in the life of a synod. Although a voting process is used to elect a bishop,  it is first and foremost a call process .

We invite you to use these  Lenten Devotionals  created by members of our  Synod Council,  to seek the  guidance of the Holy Spirit, through prayer or thoughtful discussion .

Trauma-Informed Care: Understanding and Addressing the Needs of Unaccompanied Children
Led by the Refugee Trauma and Resilience Center in Boston and in collaboration with the UCLA-Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network presents this webinar series designed to cover the impact of trauma on children during all phases of their migration journey. Nationally recognized speakers from NCTSN are joined by experts from the Irving Harris Foundation’s Professional Development Network to provide best practices for culturally responsive and trauma-informed provision of services. Learn more, here.
Dear Christian Education Teacher:
We are inviting the little ones from our congregations to share their talents with us! During our 2019 Synod Assembly, we will curate an art exhibition related to our theme, " Care for Creation," and we would love to feature art from our kids. 

If you can coordinate a " Care for Creation" art class as part of your lessons and would like to share the final artworks during our assembly, please send them to the synod office by May 1. To learn more about the specs of the art pieces, please click here
Congregational Capital Improvement Challenge Grant
For 2019 Congregational Capital Improvement Challenge Grant consideration, all annual reports are to be submitted by Tuesday, April 30, 2019 .

Three annual reports are due each year from Congregations/Ministers:
  • 2019 Mission Support Commitment. Click here for the form. Email completed report to annualreports@mnys.org. (Note "2019 Mission Support Commitment" in the subject line.)
  • Congregational Report for the Year Ending December 31, 2018 – Form A & C (Parochial Report). This report is completed online; click here for the ELCA website link.
  • Report for Minister of Word and Sacrament. Click here for the ELCA website link. Email completed report to annualreports@mnys.org.

If you want to confirm that reports have been submitted, please email annualreports@mnys.org. Include your congregation’s name and city, and the pastor(s) name.

The 2019 Congregational Capital Improvement Challenge Grant Application became available on April 1 . The application submission deadline is Monday, June 3, 2019, 5:00 pm.
From the Anti-Racism Committee
" In the past month of news, the Virginia state government has been in turmoil over several scandals, including the governor and attorney general of the state admitting to dressing in blackface in their youth . Though both men have apologized for their past use of this horrible and racist American practice, I found it particularly troubling that a poll released at this time revealed this is hardly a condemned practice in this country. "

Do you have a passion for helping…

  • Communicate an inclusive faith?
  • Vibrant congregations?
  • Welcoming the stranger?
  • Confront racism in our church?
  • Provide wise counsel in managing finances?
  • All of the above?

The Metropolitan New York Synod has opportunities for you to serve more people, increase our impact, and deliver God’s Work, Our Hands to the Metro New York area.

There are five synod committees implementing our Strategic Plan.  To see if you may be right for one of these committees, please fill out this form.
Campus of Princeton Theological Seminary
April 23 - 26

Join other youth leaders, directors, and pastors for a 4-day youth ministry conference, to reinforce the faith of those who believe that lives and communities can be transformed when theological reflection meets practical application. For more information, click   here.
Seafarers International House, Manhattan
Thursday, April 25, 6:00 PM - 10:00 pm

An invitation to join the major fundraiser that supports the Port Mission, which serves about 27,000 seafarers each year. Cocktail reception, dinner, entertainment, silent auction, and dessert. To purchase your tickets, click here. Donations are welcome.
Good Shepherd, Pearl River
Saturday, April 27
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Pinecrest ELCA Summer Camp for young adults is hosting this evening event and welcome you and your community to join. The activity will help Pinecrest to support young people to join the 2019 summer session. For information about the camp send an email. For more information about Pinecrest, click here
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Bellerose
Friday, May 3 - Saturday, May 4
8:00 pm - 11:00 am

Please come and "walk together in unity” as we journey through the Stations of the Cross on the "Shepherd's Walk,” which encompasses 18 miles of walking, stopping every 1.2 miles for meditation. This is an opportunity to step closer to feel the suffering of Jesus. For more information, click here.
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Parkchester
Saturday, May 4
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

You are invited to a celebration fundraiser of Blessings & Life's Thankfulness through classical music, Some Jazz, Laughter & Dinner. This Gala features several performances by Barbara Purdy's Cabaret Jazz Combo (Jazz, Love Ballads, Classic Pop), comedy and more. Get tickets online, in person, or by phone. For more information, click here.
Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church, Albany
Wednesday, May 29
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

All are invited to attend the NY State Council of Churches Fourth Annual Awards and Fundraising Dinner. A reception with a cash bar, dinner and awards presentations. This year, The Reverend Aaron Baughman, Pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Port Jervis, will receive the Excellence in Ecumenicism Award. To purchase tickets, click here.
ELCA World Hunger Domestic Hunger Grants accompany congregations and their partners from across the ELCA as they address local issues, such as food-insecurity, housing, job training and more, as part of a comprehensive approach that focuses on root causes to break the cycle of hunger and poverty for good. These programs bring not only care for today but also give hope for tomorrow. Grants are provided for 3 years, with a maximum award of $10,000 per year. Applications must be submitted by June 17, 2019. To learn more about the criteria and application process, click here.
Bay Lake Camp, Minnesota
July 28 - August 2

Organized by the Naming Project, this is a faith-filled camp for LGBTQIA+ teens who want to explore faith, identity, and community. The camp will welcome teenagers 14-18 years old, of any sexual orientation or gender identity, interested in understanding their own spiritual journey, while canoeing, swimming, hiking, singing, and doing arts and crafts. For more information, click here.
PARSONAGE AVAILABLE: Nassau County—more information here
TEACHER FOR TANZANIA: Metropolitan New York Synod—more information here

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TODAY! APRIL 13 : ANTI-RACISM Committee Meeting—more information here
TODAY! APRIL 13 : STRATEGIC PLAN All Committees Meeting—more information here
 TODAY! APRIL 13 : CLAIMED Committee Meeting—more information here
TODAY! APRIL 13 : GATHERED Committee Meeting—more information here
APRIL 27 : Synod Council Meeting—more information here

The family and friends of S. Dcn. Barbara Faraca, who died in Christ on April 1, 2019.
The Rev. Winston Bone, who died in Christ on October 24, 2018. For information about the MNYS Memorial Service, click here.
Our work toward shaping a more inclusive church that welcomes and affirms all of God's people, specifically our  LGBTQIA+  brothers, sisters, and siblings 
• The asylum seekers who are waiting to be processed at our southern border
 Refugees and immigrants, and those who come to their aid
 Those affected by violence in their schools, workplaces, and homes 
 The unity of this church and its mission
 Peace in our world
 Peace in our nation
 The care of God's Creation 
 ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission, Taylor Walker and Tony Yang, serving in Hungary and Serbia
ELCA missionaries Scott Kaluzny and Katie Narum Miyamoto, ESL teachers serving in Japan
MNYS missionary Melanie Nelson, and her husband David Kingery, serving in Bukoba, Tanzania
  Bishop Abraham D. Allende, the staff, and the people of the Northeastern Ohio Synod