Embracing Higher Standards
Our work in local government puts us under the microscope. Society and the media place higher expectations on us than those in other trades and professions, and we expect more from our fellow public servants–elected or staff. Elevated expectations are rooted in the monopoly power of government: if you move to a home or apartment, you take the government it comes with. Plus, our work is funded with taxpayer money–money businesses and residents redirect to public agencies to solve social challenges and shared problems that only government is best positioned to address. Generally, every person has a stake/interest/concern in government–at all levels.
We should be proud of this higher standard. It can feel unfair at times, but it also shows us a pathway to be more than policy wonks. We have the chance to be an example to our communities or elected peers. It is an opportunity to demonstrate good leadership from a platform closest to the people: local government.

Elevated expectations are not a burden; they are an opportunity to rise to a higher standard for our communities and demonstrate how to be the best of humanity. When we demonstrate responsible leadership, thoughtful decision-making and act as good citizens, we make our communities better places. Hold yourself and your peers to a high standard. Now more than ever, our communities and social circles need it.

Choose What You See On Facebook
In this video and article, Business Analyst Saara Lampwalla provides a helpful guide for 'beating' Facebook's pesky algorithm and ensuring your community sees your agency's updates.

Client Highlight: City of Industry
Since its incorporation in 1957, the City of Industry has devoted itself to the development of light manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities. It encompasses approximately 12.5 square miles in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles County.

Industry recently engaged Tripepi Smith for support with business outreach and market research.

Spring/Summer Conference Plans
The Tripepi Smith team can frequently be found on the local government conference circuit. Come find us at the following events this spring and summer!

  • LoCC Mayors and Council Members Executive Forum (Newport Beach, CA)
  • MMASC Summer Session (Fullerton, CA)
  • WCMA Summer Conference (Kennewick, WA)
Service Spotlight: Digital Advertising
Digital advertising can help your agency reach its community where they already spend time: online. After all, Facebook and Instagram reap more than 3 billion monthly users combined and people search Google 3.5 billion times a day!

With certifications in Facebook Blueprint, Google Adwords and Google Analytics, and as a certified Google Partner, our team knows where, when and how to publicize your agency’s information so your content is omnipresent on the web.

Talent On Tap
Melanie James
Melanie is a business analyst and graphic designer for Tripepi Smith. After studying anthropology at California State University, Long Beach, Melanie earned her Digital Arts Degree from Golden West College in Huntington Beach. Her experience lies in website design, graphic design, WordPress CMS and video production.

Melanie offers her expertise to Tripepi Smith clients, including Rowland Water District, City of Tracy, the Santa Clara County Fire Department, Renne Public Law Group, City of Murrieta, City of Saratoga, Climatec, California Contract Cities Association, Pivot Charter Schools, City of Duarte and more.
Click/tap here or the video to the right to learn more about Melanie.

In this interview, Melanie shares the reason she joined #TeamTS and one of her favorite projects to date.

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