Dear Church Family,

Today I am writing to you as the current SPRC chair to let you know about an upcoming big transition. As most of you know, Donna let us know at the end of last year that God had put it on her heart to leave the pastoral ministry this summer and focus on her calling as a chaplain in prison ministry. That means that she is leaving our church as the local pastor as of July 1, 2020. 

Within the UMC, new pastors get appointed by the bishop in consultation with the Superintendent considering each church's situation. In the past, we have had some rocky transitions that have strained the health of our small church and so many of us were understandably worried that this might happen again. 

Today I would like to share some very good news with you: Last week Superintendent Dr. Blake Busick introduced our leadership team to Vicki Massman as our new pastor. Please refer to this link, for letter by Blake that was read in church this past Sunday. The leadership team unanimously felt that Vicki is a very good fit for our church and that Blake represented us well to the Bishop and we were heard. Vicki is an open, people-oriented, and vivacious person. In terms of theology, Vicki originally comes from a more conservative background, but has moved to a progressive stance now. This way she can support people on the whole spectrum of their faith journey while herself being a strong advocate for social justice including active support for the LGTBQ community. She is excited to get to know us and the ways in which we "do church" and serve our community. 

On the financial side, we are grateful that Vicki has health insurance through her husband and also does not need full-time housing in Truckee as she will live in her home in Sparks half of the week. We are currently exploring options to offer Vicki and her husband Gene a place to stay between Thursday and Sunday every week. Please consider if you know of any options, have a separate unit within your house that you could offer them, or a second home that you would be willing to open to them when you are not in Truckee.

Please continue to pray both for Donna in her transition to prison ministry and Vicki in her transition to becoming the pastor of our church. Feel free to email me, Donna, or Cathie with any questions, concerns, joys. Under Donna's leadership we have grown stronger in our love for each other and our neighbors no matter their background. At our service on Sunday, many of us expressed our deep gratitude and love for Donna. I am confident that with Vicki's help we will continue to grow in our positive role in each others' lives and the the community.

Very grateful for all of you,
Swenja Ziegler
SPRC Chair