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Tariffs on products imported from China continue to escalate with animal feed ingredients being no exception. Most of our competitors' manufacture or source raw material from China, including TBCC which is currently being tariffed 10%.

Old Bridge Chemicals' Emerald-C copper carbonate-based feed ingredient is Made In The USA at our FAMI-QS, HACCP and AFIA certified safe feed/safe food facility. With comparable performance at a lower cost versus the leading, chloride-based TBCC product, Emerald-C is proven to provide top performance, without paying top dollar!

Tariffs are just one of many reasons to switch to Emerald-C. Here's more:

  • Chloride-free and OMRI-listed, Emerald-C is proven to enhance animal health and performance. The free-flowing, green powder is ideally suited for humid environments. Extremely easy to handle and blend, Emerald-C is non-hydroscopic and insoluble in water.

  • Emerald-C offers the simplest and most concentrated form of copper available with greater bioavailability than copper sulfate. It is highly stable and non-reactive with vitamins and other essential premix ingredients. As a bound copper, Emerald-C becomes active in the digestive system, where it counts!

  • The African Swine Fever (ASF) is highly prevalent in China and Europe --- and VERY contagious. Please be extremely cautious about bringing any foreign material into the USA. Better yet, take no chances, and sample Emerald-C today!

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