Neighborhood Watch Board Members
Chief of Police: Michael Panzarella
Assistant Chief: Chad Edwards
Community Resource Officer: Sandra DeLorme
Chairman: Tom Rule
Vice-Chairman: Bob Lopes
Zone 1 Commander: Angel Hamlin
Zone 2 Commander : Kathy Yelverton
Zone 3 Commander: Carole Newsome
Zone 4 Commander: Roger Barrow
Zone 5 Commander: Tom Gill
Zone 6 Commander: IN NEED
Gated Communities: IN NEED
Citizens can access up-to-date crime information at:  If you have questions about the service, please feel free to contact the Emerald Isle Police Department at 252-354-2021 or email us at [email protected]
Crime Zone Reports
DWLR= Driving While license Revoked   DWI= Driving while Impaired   NOL= No Operator License
FTA= Failure to Appear        OFA= Order for Arrest (warrant)      CS= Controlled Substance
MVC=Motor Vehicle Crash      PVA=Public Vehicular Area (parking lot)
ZONE 1 East End Town Limits to Park Drive
  • Lost Property 2600 Block of Emerald Dr.
ZONE 2 Park Drive to Azure Drive
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Arthur Drive Citation Issued
  • Dog Running at Large 5000 block of the beach strand
  • OFA, Tammy Street (1 arrest)
ZONE 3 Azure Drive to Bogue Inlet Drive
  • Simple Affray 7900 Block of Sound Drive (parties referred to magistrate)
  • OFA (Simple Assault) Craig Drive (1 arrest)
  • OFA (Out of Onslow County), 100 Block of Bogue Inlet Drive. (1 arrest)
  • Larceny of Fishing Equipment, 100 Block of Bogue Inlet Drive
  • Larceny of Solar yard lights, 100 Block of Eastview.
ZONE 4 Bogue Inlet Drive to Islander Drive (Ocean side) and Bridge (Sound Side)
  • Breaking & Entering & Larceny out of a Motor Vehicle, 300 Block of Spell Drive
  • DWLR, OFA (DWLR & Expired Registration, Emerald Drive/Fariview (1arrest)
  • Discharge Firearm within town Limits, 9100 Block of Coast Guard Road, (accidental)
  • Larceny, 500 Block of Marina Drive
  • Possession of Cocaine, Possess Drug Paraphernalia, Fictitious Registration Plate, traffic stop Emerald Drive/Mallard (1 arrest)
  • OFA (Misdemeanor Larceny), Emerald Drive/Loon (1 arrest)
  • Assault Inflciting Serious Injury, 300 Block of Mangrove. (1 arrest)
  • DWI (.12), Brake Light Violation, 8700 Block fo Emerald Drive (1arrest)
  • Hit & Run, 8700 Emerald Drive
  • Assault on a Female. 8700 block of Emerald Drive. (victim referred to magistrate)
  • Dog Running at large, Emerald Drive near bridge
ZONE 5  Islander Drive to Spinnakers Reach
  • Damage to town Property, Pinewood Pl/Conch Court
  • Breaking & Entering & Larceny, 9100 Block of Coast Guard Rd.
  • Harassing Phone calls, 100 block of Page Place (victim referred to magistrate)
  • Identity Theft, 300 block of Cape Fear Loop.
  • Larceny, 100 block of Ocean Oaks Drive.
ZONE 6 Spinnakers Reach Subdivision to the Point
  • Trespassing, 200 block of Sandfiddler East
  • Financial Card Fraud (M) (Represent as Cardholder) 9000 Block of Bluff Road.
  • NOL, Fail to Secure Registration or Title, Possess of Marijuana and Paraphernalia, Traffic Stop Bogue Court (citations issued, vehicle towed)
  • Fraud, 11000 block of Inlet Drive.
  • Possession of Marijuana & Paraphernalia, Improper Inspection, Registration violation, No Insurance,