Volume 6, Issue 2
February 2021
Dear Clients and Friends,

Our team has been focused on answering the following questions to better build the EmergeCounsel and TotalTM brand.

A) What are the key aspects of our brand and how can we best convey it?
B) Does what we are trying to convey as our brand match our client’s experience?
C) How do we differentiate our brand from competitors?
D) How can we protect that differentiation?

As a law firm focused on protecting trademark, intellectual property, and other business assets, we are always focused on D. However, the holistic New Year’s brand exercise opened up our own eyes on the equal importance of Questions A - D.

Some books that helped us in the exercise include:

  • A.Reis, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding (1st Ed.) (Harper Collins, 1998)
  • K.L. Hammond, Branding: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, & Brand Development (Amazon 2017)
Our best,
Steven Weigler, Sarah Dewar, Amy O'Hara and Amber VandenHout
Article of the Month
Trademark Searches

Everything matters in a trademark search including the software employed, who is conducting the search, and how they interpret the results. Every company considers cutting corners to save money but they shouldn’t when it comes to the search.

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